1. DDavis

    Encyclopedia Britannica explains it this way:
    ” Python, in Greek mythology, a huge serpent that was killed by the god Apollo at Delphi either because it would not let him found his oracle, being accustomed itself to giving oracles, or because it had persecuted Apollo’s mother, Leto, during her pregnancy. In the earliest account, the Homeric Hymn to Apollo, the serpent is nameless and female, but later it is male, as in Euripides’ Iphigenia Among the Taurians, and named Python (found first in the account of the 4th-century-BC historian Ephorus; Pytho was the old name for Delphi). Python was traditionally the child of Gaea (Earth) who had an oracle at Delphi “.
    Basically it was a hug serpent that constricts but let’s face it what tempted eve In the garden? ..a serpent…but who is the Serpent ? Satan. What does Satan do, he twists everything God ever intended for good. The Cure …:”seek first the kingdom of GOD and HIS righteousness. LOVE GOD FIRST WITH ALL YOUR HEART MIND AND SOUL…
    I used to wake up to visions of huge snakes slithering through the floor of the bedroom. Once I knew it to be witchcraft and divination, then I knew the only authority that can break that is the power of Jesus and the name of Jesus. But don’t kid yourself, you truly have to have a deep and personal relationship and belief in Jesus and trust in HIS resurrection power and blood to defeat this thing. You know why it annoyed Paul, Spirit recognizes Spirit and it was mocking him. But when he cast it out, he ticked off a lot of people who turned on him. ( Acts 16:16-24)It’s territorial in nature., referenced by you in Alexander the Great and Nero. But by God grace and love Paul overcame not by might but by God’s HOLY SPIRIT! Thank you for clarifying all else but I will disagree on one point, I do believe it was a large snake that constricts. But everything else you wrote I whole heartedly agree. The other thing I agree with you, if you notice how Paul dealt with it. He didn’t go into a whole big deliverance speech. He just knew that he came by the Ultimate authority of Jesus Christ and it didn’t . He knew
    the only true authority and power is in Jesus, all else is under HIS feet. Thank you for your research and Godly and sound approach.

  2. Joanne Lane

    Kevin, you have definitely got my attention. I once read The Elijah List. That was 12-15 years ago. Then I stopped because for me, it held no substance. I preferred The Word and what the Holy Spirit would reveal to me, not what man revealed to me.

    Let’s see what you have on this interesting python spirit. I like Truth!

  3. John Kaeb

    I must have imposed my comment on some other about moderation, however that happened. I am simply waiting for the next part of this study

  4. ellyp

    When I are pictures of Bill Johnson I see a snake. Can’t describe it exactly but it’s a slimy thing. I never heard of a “Python” spirit until now. With the heavy kundalini influence, I figured it must come from that.

    Conversely, Kim Clement is more confusing to me. It is *super hard* for me to look at picures of him. I see mega sliminess but there is another ickier element. I am not surprised to read from you how perverse his teaching was. I never heard of him until your articles.

    What I believe is happening with all this focus on a Jezebel spirit or a Python spirit or whatever else is out there is that Satan is keeping the focus on him. When I read LeClare’s info on Jezebel Spirit, I do feel she gets a lot correct. It stumped me for awhile because I learned later from you that she is clearly a wolf. I spent a lot of time praying about that and gradually Yahweh began to show me that Satan knows very well what he is talking about and that is why LeClare gets so much correct. What isn’t correct is she makes the topic exciting. People spend so much time focusing on what these spirits are and it leads them gently away from the Word because occult stuff has an intoxicating lure for people.

    I caution you as you approach this topic to be careful of the line between informing us vs. “entertaining” us. Satan loves it when we focus more on his schemes than on Jesus. I am sure it is tough to walk that line when trying to write articles exposing these people and their harmful doctrines. They sure do a lot that makes us what to slap our foreheads!

    Anyway, just my two cents, for what it’s worth.

  5. Lisa

    Omigosh… wait 1-2 weeks?!?! May your keystrokes be swift and the edits few. 😀 Thanks so much for writing this! Timing could not be more perfect.

  6. Evelyn

    It’s about time that this false spirit becomes exposed and now we can shed some light on the misconceptions on it.
    Thanks Kevin

  7. Kay

    I love all your writings. Can’t wait to hear this TRUTH!
    I wish you were on NYSTV more. I will have to request
    It! Love my new Truth in TORAH family!! I was the biggest
    Charismaniac out there, thanking YAH everyday
    For opening my eyes. Now praying for my family
    And friends to come out of Babylon.

  8. Wayne


    I do remember a teaching from the late 80’s on this. I remembered that it had some to do with the snake cult (Pythios?) where people would go a seek a vision and a snake would manifest to them and show them what to do (if I remember right it had something to do with false prophesying). That was decades ago, but Reagan is no longer president and Apple is no longer a startup– sigh

  9. Carolyn Raham

    Dear Kevin,
    Some years ago I observed a woman slithering along the floor during a prayer and deliverance session until the deliverance minister, who had an awesome ability to discern and see spirits, called out a python spirit and she was set free.
    I do understand what you are saying, however, that today’s usage of the term “Python” spirit and it’s so called manifestations been used inappropriately. Thanks for your article.

  10. Ray

    I came across this doctrine in the late 80’s when my wife and I were assistant pastors and involved with a deliverance ministry with another couple.

    We were using the term Python Spirit in our sessions with individuals in the prayer room.

    At that time we didn’t know much about what the heck we were doing and it didn’t take long to realize that we were off in our super high spiritual understanding of deliverance.

    You began to realize that there is nothing new under the sun.

    Then we brought this false thing up here to Oregon…so glad that our eyes got opened to truth.

    And thank you for bringing this out. I’ve learned even more about this doctrine.

    Can’t wait for the next installment.

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