1. that’s an important point and well made. Is the light getting brighter among believers that Torah has not been done away with? I think we have work to do, reconciling Christianity with its roots in Judaism, and openly and humbly discuss messianic concepts with the Jews, without evangelizing them!!

  2. Jim Fncham

    Kevin: Good for you! Very astute comments. May I suggest the concept that I teach is the concept that we must all be in “Covenant” with the Creator. The pattern I see as to “How” is that we as members of the “Dark side”, His “Mercy (as opposed to Grace)”is that we are to pursue knowledge of the “instructions of His Kingdom” which we know as Torah. We find this, obviously to you and me, in His “Word” the bible. The bible is available to a majority of “world”. To come into Covenant with him we must follow His Instructions, how to live (in my definitions this means how to be Hebrew) in His Kingdom. Those who gather the “knowledge” must assimilate the knowledge into Understanding. Only with “understanding” can we then “Do” what those who are worthy to be called “Children of Elohim” must do. As you say, the true “gift” is that we can change sides. His “Mercy” covers us while we are obtaining the knowlege and assimilating to understanding and doing. Only then can on claim “Grace”. Grace relates to the Hebrew letter “Chet” which is the “fence or enclosure” in which “His Children” live and are protected. Having His Grace means we have entered into the “Miskan”, through the gate in the Miskan fence. We have “washed” our souls by burning our Unbeleif in the flames of the “Alter of Sacrifice” and washed ourselves in the “Laver”. From there we become a part of the “Minorah” which to me is His inclusivw family where He is the central figure who rules and reins. From there we eat the bread from the “show bread” table and offer righteous prayers and the “Table of Incense”. We then and only then are His Covenant People.

    I applaud you for your testimony and only hope my testimony can enhance yours. Brothers are to teach one another. I look forward to reading more of your conceptual applications.

    Jim Fincham

  3. Elayn

    I’ve now read so many of your teachings it’s been a few hours.
    Every one has me thinking and rethinking. I basically agree with everything I’ve read. My family does not. It used to bother me because they disagreed with me. But now I see it’s much bigger and much more important. My prayer for the ‘christian’ family members are changing as well as my prayers for my completely unbelieving family.
    I need to read more of your blogs……like all of them.
    Todah achi! (Thank you brother)

  4. Natalie

    Hi Kevin! I recently found your site and wanted to thank you for your work. You’ve helped me sort through done things I’ve been wrestling with for a while.

    I did want to offer one suggestion, if I may, and you can do with it what you will. I come from a family of EXTREMELY hard-headed Christians. I’d like to share posts like this, but I know they will see the line “Christians are looking for a hand out” and they will close the page. The same, since your article on salvation has “Christian Salvation” in the title, they would be under the impression you are attacking Christians directly, and not just addressing a specific doctrine.

    Now, of course, I realize their stubbornness is not your problem. And honestly, for them specifically, I’m not sure they’d read anything I sent them anyway. I just thought you might want to consider how you address Christians in your post so as to not offend them from the get go. I hope I made sense 🙂

    Thanks again for torah insight!

  5. Dianne Plourde

    This was very good and concise. It is a terrible thing how cheap the church has made ‘grace’. This had affected my own life …. and still tries to at times. Thanks for the emphasis you always have. I always look forward to your posts.

  6. Carrie

    Awesome post! I’m sending it on to a few friends. One way of looking at grace is to break out a concordance and substitute “favor” anywhere the word “grace” is found in scripture. Once you’ve accomplished this, then read all the scriptures which contain the word “favor” and substitute with these verses with the synonym “grace”. I have done this and have found that God’s grace/favor is earned. It is only a free gift when we first cry out to YHWH to “switch sides” from the Kingdom of Darkness to the Kingdom of Light. From there on, we must earn His favor. Check it out! It’ll blow your mind! (This comment is addressed to your viewers, not you, dear author! 😀 As I’m sure you’ve already studied this…)

  7. wandakate

    It seems they want this new “HYPER GRACE” gospel and they already have the “FEEL GOOD GOSPEL” and they have the “TICKLE MY ITCHING EARS” gospel. They “love” all the gospel messages except the one that give them the truth and the facts. Just tell us what we want to hear and make us feel good. Just tell us that we’re going to be outta here before that awful antichrist comes with his mark of the beast. Just tell us there is an escape route please. We don’t want to suffer like JESUS suffered for us. We don’t want to be persecuted like ALL of the other Christians through out the centuries. All of the disciples were martyred for their faith except one, but that was them, not us. We should be able to escape ALL the things that are supposed to happen, you would think we would.
    OKAY, that is today’s church, they are spoiled, full of selfishness and greed. They are pacified and privileged, they have it all. GOD have mercy on them. They are arrogant and disobedient as well…

  8. Samual Yoder

    No one is born a sinner. Every one is born with the potential to sin, rebel, transgress the law. But up until they know what that law is they can not really break what they know not. Does YHWH hold a 4 or even a 6, 7 year old accountable for transgressing his law? No! Why not? Because a 4 year old does not have the knowledge, maturity, mentality to know what they do is right or wrong in their actions & behavior.

    I was 62 years old when YHWH finally opened my eyes to the truth of his word. I was “saved” according to the Baptist Church at age 12. What happened between age 12 & age 62? Nothing! I had ears but I heard not, I had eyes but I saw not.

    I heard a sermon by Michael Rood 2 years ago. That sermon all of a sudden made sense, then when I read scripture everything I read made sense! I was seeing in scripture principles I’ve never saw before, scripture I’ve read thousands of time all of a sudden took on a different new meaning. What happened?

    My blindness was removed. Not by anything I asked for, because I did not ask for it. I was happily going on my way thinking I was “saved” and knew the truth. It was YHWH’s grace, his unmerited favor that at age 62 hearing a sermon by Michael Rood that he would open my eyes & ears of understanding so that I might chose to come to the knowledge of the truth and believe and be “saved”.

    YHWH opens our eyes not us, not our self.

    For 50 years I did not see the truth in scripture. Once he opened my eyes I see it everywhere in scripture. It amazes me how I did not see it before. How it was hidden from me, sealed away from my eyes until 50 years later.

    I thank YHWH for showing me his grace, for without it I would have died in my sin.

    Grace is unmerited favor. Showing mercy to us when he does not have to. It has nothing to do with keeping the commands/commandments. It has everything to do with taking someone who is his enemy, someone who is rebelling against him and loving him anyway and showing that rebellious enemy the truth that they need to know to get into a right relationship with him.
    Justification & sanctification comes AFTER his grace is applied to a person. But without that grace first being applied, that person will have absolutely no interest in YHWH, Yahshua, or the scriptures. They will have eyes tha cannot see and ears that cannot hear.

  9. Tony Dinkins

    If you are dead in your trespasses and sin, where does the effort come from to respond to his grace? Doesn’t he have to bring you back to life , (regeneration) in order for you to respond? Do you think that you could respond to an unseen God without faith, (his gift) and do you think anyone who was given faith to respond to a loving God would simply say, “No thanks, not interested in eternal life”? That is a stretch. How powerful do you think humans are?

    • seventeen

      you are right – no one comes to the Son unless the Father draws him – thankfully, He has drawn us but many will not be drawn. – have you prayed and prayed for people and they are dead to the word? they cannot hear – Is. 6 has the answer – HE HAS CLOSED THE EARS AND EYES –

    • So the question is “How does the Father draw people?” …. He does so by calling them.

      Romans 10:14
      How then shall they call on Him in whom they have not believed? And how shall they believe in Him of whom they have not heard? And how shall they hear without a preacher?

      What is the message contained in the Call? — “Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.”

      It’s His Kindness that leads us to repentance, but WE repent. Repentance is something YOU do by forsaking your own ways and choosing to follow His Way.

      The premise of the analogy still stands. The King, in His Kindness, put forth the Call … the people in the kingdom of darkness responded.

      Tony, humans are not God, but they were made only a little lower than the angels (or elohim). Our choice determines our destiny. God doesn’t want us to serve Him as automatons … that’s not serving Him in love.

      • Nina

        Thanks for another article that puts into words what I sometimes struggle to express. For so many Christians their concept of grace starts and stops at the cross. Yes that Grace cant be earned, but after we’ve accepted the free gift Eph 2:8-9, we have to do ‘works of repentance’ [FROM SIN] i.e. the ‘good works’ Paul says we need to do, Eph2:10. Yeshua said “many are called [invited] but few are chosen”. Can we continue to sin because we’ve received grace? In Rom 6 Paul says NO. As people who’ve accepted the call/invitation, we need to GROW UP. The free gift of Grace is for sinners, lets move on and walk in Grace as we try NOT to sin anymore. Of course we won’t be perfect, that’s why we need Grace. I don’t believe Grace covers willful sin, so where does that leave the MAJORITY who’ve accepted the call? “many are called [invited] but few are chosen”.

  10. betsy

    Thanks for the simple analogy. It is a clear way to simply explain that which is true, but often diluted. The scriptures were also helpful and are useful to me.

  11. seventeen

    in my last post, i mentioned that when you are following the Master, HIS grace kicks in – let me give you an example:

    suppose i have not celebrated the holiday that is coming up at the end of the year for quite a few years – i have been taught that it is not worshiping Our Master but the world. i was a big part of it at one time.

    now i am in a situation where the holiday will be forced upon me by family and environment where i live – i have given it thought – “what will i do? how will i handle it when i know it is wrong? will i compromise and go along with those closest and dearest to me?”

    it is one of those things that we are taught not to be concerned about – “Let not your heart be troubled” or “be anxious for nothing” “do not worry” ” be not afraid”

    i am not to get on a platform and tell everyone how wrong it is – He didn’t do that – He just went quietly away and conversed with His Father.

    i put it all aside and HIS GRACE will kick in and take care of the situation – i am to say what the Spirit puts in my mouth at the time – we just quietly take it one step at a time as HE gives it to us. His grace is sufficient for us.

  12. seventeen

    as you stated: “there is a war going on” remember jacob had to wrestle with the angel to become israel. it changed his own life.

    for me, it came when i was asked to give up “my church” i thought “my church” was His church. my church also included all the religious culture that i had picked up along the way. everyone has their own collection of the religious culture that they have been a part of.

    when i look back on what i had been deceived by, it is difficult to believe that i actually followed the crowd in some of those ventures.
    it has been years of trials and HIS teaching that have pulled most of the man made stuff out of me. i learned that only can i rely on HIM and HIS word.

    i try to communicate with those that i use to associate with and thought they were great — i find i have nothing in common with them. difficult to believe that those i loved and worshiped with are not a part of me any longer.

    we let go of a lot to FOLLOW HIM just as the diciples did – they left it all –

    i am not beginning to tell you that i am there yet but i can tell you that what i left behind is well worth leaving behind. no fear! HIS presence makes up for it all –

    i can also tell you that HIS GRACE really kicks in when you are following HIM.

  13. Anindita

    Dear Brother Kevin,
    I do read every artcle of your carefully and almost I do agree to all that you have mentioned so far.
    However in your last mail where you had given a ref. to the doctrine of grace by Steve Berkson, I did go through that to a great extant, but I somehow feel that there is some error in their teaching.

    with regards

  14. O.J. Swanson

    I was saved by grace Eph 2. I live by grace. it is important to not presume on God. The apostle Paul is our great example. Christ is our only salvation.

    • Re-read the reference you gave me, you’re presuming that it is talking about “living by grace.” Ephesians 2 says nothing about living by grace, it refers to the act of salvation by grace. The passage that you gave actually reinforces my point … now that we are saved, we act out that faith by deeds of obedience. Apostle Paul was a great example … but Jesus was better.

  15. Rich Kelley


    I agree the book of Romans has many fine teachings, and if studied without the preconceived notion that “original sin” is correct, there is tons of light there.

    There is lots of information out there that refute many of the teachings of St. Augustine of the Catholic Church. Original sin is but one of them. I’ll leave you to discover them on your own.


  16. Rich Kelley

    “When you are born, you are automatically on the losing side, the kingdom of darkness. Your sin nature rules over your every move and you are an enemy of the Kingdom of Light.”

    I know this post is about grace and I agree with what you are saying. Everywhere I go grace means you can do what ever you want and nothing will become of it as long as you know how to say Jesus. The above quoted statement sounds like mans doctrine of original sin, which as you can tell by the way I phrase it is something man has contrived. We are born into a sinful world, one that is sinning, but God didn’t create you or me a sinner, that is something we learned along the way by our up bringing and developed fleshly desires. If we would have been raised to cultivate more of the spiritual side of our beings perhaps things might be a little different. The institutional churches have used it is not my fault from the beginning, yet God and later His Son have the message to repent. If we can repent we can not do the sin in the first place. Christ a man is our example and hope because He did it. We are told to be holy not so God can laugh at us because we have a “sinful nature” and will never be able to do what He says. Just the thoughts that come to mind.


    • Linda

      Hi Rich,

      Actually, Scripture does teach that we are born under judgement and with a sin nature. In Romans 5: 18 – 19 it says, “Therefore, as through one man’s offense judgment came to all men, resulting in condemnation, even so through one Man’s righteous act the free gift came to all men, resulting in justification of life. For as by one man’s disobedience many were made sinners, so also by one Man’s obedience many will be made righteous.” Also in Romans 3, Paul states that all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. The whole book of Romans is an excellent study on this actually.

      Surely if we are born without sin at least one person in mankind’s long history would have lived a sinless life (besides Yeshua). It’s that sin nature that we’re born with.


      • Samual Yoder

        We are born with the potential to sin. Yes everyone transgresses Yahweh’s Laws. One man’s disobedience brought death to mankind (1st Adam). One man’s obedience brought life to mankind (2nd Adam). Because of Adam we are born to die NOT born to sin. Are we now, since Messiah has risen from the dead born to live? No! Just as we are born with the potential to sin because of the 1st Adam. Since the 2nd Adam obeyed we are now born with the potential to life. Back then it was chose life by keeping the Law or chose death by transgressing the Law, their choice. Today it is the same, what changed? Nothing. No matter how you slice and dice it we still have to keep the commandments if we want life. Faith in Messiah alone is not going to cut it. We must have faith in Messiah AND obey. We can’t obey to get life, so he gives us that ability to obey him if we repent and want that life: that is grace, giving us that ability to repent & obey when he does not have to. Is this no so?

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