1. Joey

    Appreciate that you continue to expose the truth about ‘church’ origins. Thanks again, but thought this piece seemed to end abruptly. I was expecting that you would mention the sun worship practices, etc that were adopted by the church fathers. Or are they included in ‘to be continued’ episode? There are a number of informative You Tubes that depict the pagan symbols and practices adopted by the church fathers such as: The Pagan “Catholic Church” Exposed and DC Shrine of the Immaculate Conception Goddess Worshop Exposed. But there are plenty of other resources on the subject that google searches provided. Considering other pagan practices/beliefs, some time ago I was prompted to research the Catholic belief regarding communion of transubstantiation – I was more flasbergasted by the practice than before when I read the most prideful, arrogant remarks by many early popes who claimed that it is the priest who has authority OVER Christ to ‘call Him down off His throne in Heaven to come and infuse Himself in the bread and wine.’ So the hireling priest and duped followers believe that the priest has the POWER to pulldown Christ from heaven! Utterly stunning deception! Talk about believing a lie and children of the Father of Lies. Chilling! It is noteworthy though that many early church fathers did NOT believe in transubstantiation and explained the symbolic use of communion bread and wine as Jesus explained. Sadly, however, transubstantiation has become an entrenched false doctrine promoted by the false teacher popes. Hope these remarks aren’t too much digression from you topic.

    • Yes, these will be mentioned in the next post. I plan on only spending a paragraph or two on each one … even though much more could probably be said. Nonetheless I have to stick with the flow… Y’know?

  2. G. K.

    I have said for many years that you can never fight any spirit with the same spirit, and that one of the most powerful verses in the Bible is Romans 16:20..” The God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet”
    You van only have victory where there is peace.
    You can ” war in the spirit” all you want, you can speak your authority till your face turns blue, but unless you have peace in that area you will never overcome there. Wars are never won without someone surrendering. In the spiritual realm our victory is dependant on our surrender…not to the enemy, but to Jesus. It’s then that he can take over, fight the battle and wins the victory on our behalf. There is so much unessesary wounding and maiming in the Body today, because WE want to do battle (because, let’s face it, it looks cool and spiritual). Inevitably it is done in the wrong spirit and wrong motivation, and,because the demons know they don’t have to listen, all He’ll literally breaks out, and we wonder why!
    Blessings and Peace.

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