1. Eberhard Fuchs

    Dear Kevin,

    thanks for helping to find the way back to the origins of our faith.

    But – I couldn´t find David being the author of Psalm 119.

    By the way: About half of the 150 Psalms are written by David as well as half of the volume of the book of Psalms.

  2. Paul

    Thank you for your articles. This psalms ties in with Ps 1. Don’t walk to the counsel of the ungodly, don’t stand in the path of sinners and do not inhabit the seat of the scoffersl, a progression downwards

  3. Donald Smith

    Were the Church Fathers a product of the Catholic Church?
    I”ve never read their commentaries.

  4. Donald Smith

    I really appreciate your teaching and my prayer is that you’ve gotten it right because I want to make it into glory.
    I do study and research and make application, my concerns with so many teachers and so many are saying like yourself they know the truth. I don’t listen to everyone but it like the same thread run through with many of them saying they have the truth and to listen to them.
    I just want to make sure I”m pleasing the Lord and at the end, he’ll say well done thou good and faithful servant…

    making sure I”m not being deceived again.

    again thank you for your teaching,,

    • Any honest teacher will encourage their readers/listeners to find these things out on their own. I’m just an uneducated guy who connects the dots and shows you his findings. I have just connected enough dots to arrive at a conclusion that makes more sense than what they teach in the mainstream church.

  5. Janet

    Is it ok to bless a non-Torah believer by saying May Yehovah bless you and keep you, etc.? I don’t understand how He can “bless” them if they have rejected Yehovah and everything He stands for in His Word. Thanks for your response. Appreciate you and your teachings so much!

  6. Dorrie

    AMEIN, Kevin! I grow SO weary being told that I’m “under the Law” … if only there was a way to reach Christians who don’t understand that WITHIN the Law, there is freedom & peace!

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