Prophetic Masquerade

False prophets look like sheep

False Prophets Look like Sheep

Today’s wolves have no clue that they are wolves! They each look down at the wool clothes that cover their bodies and they think within themselves “I’m a sheep!” – but inwardly, they are full of covetousness and excess.

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False prophets always draw a crowd

False Prophets Always Draw a Crowd

If I see a prophet with a large following, red flags go off in my head right away. Usually, when a prophet is surrounded by many people, it is because the people like what they hear.

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False prophets speak presumptuously

False Prophets Speak Presumptuously

If we combine all of the information from both the Word of God and our own dictionary, we can safely conclude that a presumptuous prophet is a person who boldly speaks a “word from God” that does not come to pass. This lack-of-fulfillment nullifies the validity of their claims of hearing from God accurately, and places them in the category of “the rebellious.” Unfortunately, what the Bible and our own common sense will tell us often takes a back seat to man-made reasoning and absurd rationalization.

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False prophets mimic the spirit

False Prophets Mimic the Spirit of God

False prophets and their followers love to convince those watching that the Holy Spirit is moving upon them by putting on an outward show of jerks, quakes, nonsensical phrases and other odd “spiritual manifestations.”

Sometimes, the show is an outright lie – they are completely faking it. At other times, an actual spirit is pulling the strings. And sometimes it’s a little of both. Trying to discern just what is going on can be pretty difficult.

This article will attempt to lend some clarity to this phenomenon.

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Dreams and visions

False Prophets Have False Dreams and Visions (part 1)

Have you ever sat and listened silently to a prophet or prophetess expound upon what seemed to be the latest of an endless series of dreams or visions? Were you tempted to question the veracity of their encounter(s), only to be silenced by echoes of “touch not God’s anointed” coursing through your mind? Believe me, I have. Let me tell you what God’s Word has to say about false prophets and their dreams and visions.

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False prophets have dreams and visions

False Prophets Have False Dreams and Visions (part 2)

How can we tell if a dream or vision is from God? Are there any scriptures in the Word that we can go to for verification? In this post, we will apply scriptural criteria to real life examples and test if the dreams and visions are really from God or are the result of “another spirit.”

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False Prophet Original Thought

False Prophets Won’t Have an Original Thought

Taking on the nature of their father, the false prophets will arrogantly claim to be enlightened ministers of the Gospel. They want you to think that they are people who have tapped into the spiritual resources of the heavenly realm, but no matter how hard they try, authentic prophecy always seems elude them.

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False prophets and the Unwitting Wolf

False Prophets, Fruit and the Unwitting Wolf

False prophets at the End of the Age are people who probably have the best intentions. They may genuinely believe that they are doing God’s will and have the signs and wonders to back up their claims! But when it’s all said and done, the miraculous signs and wonders are not God’s “Seal of Approval” on their lives and ministries.

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1 Corinthians 14 prophecy

New Testament Prophecy – Understanding 1 Corinthians 14

1 Corinthians 14 is the “go to” chapter of the bible that dispensationalists use to explain the differences in prophecy between the Old and New Testament. This errant theology flies in the face of our Unchangeable God and plays right into the ethos of the false prophet. Let’s take a closer look at this overused, and much abused, chapter.

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