Prophetic Masquerade – the Introduction

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Prophetic Masquerade - Intro

“Kevin, you may not be a false prophet, but you’re contributing to his ministry, so you will share the same punishment.”

Those painful words spoken by a friend echoed through my head as I stepped out into the parking lot. I had just completed my final day as the webmaster for (arguably) the most popular prophetic web ministry of the 00’s. A mix of emotions washed over me. Relief … sorrow … and most of all … regret.

For seven years, I was unable to be a caring father to my little children and a strong, godly husband to my wife. I had verbally and emotionally abused my family, putting them through the ringer because I was so stressed and angry.

For seven years, I had worked for a ministry/business under the delusion that I was helping people, when I was actually contributing to their demise.

For seven years, I watched as this ministry grew from 30,000 subscribers and around 10 employees to over 130,000 subscribers and around 50 employees.

I watched the money come in. I saw the corruption.

And I held a lot of guilt.

I realized that I was only obeying orders from my boss, but when the rubber met the road, I was the one who created the emails, I was the one who trimmed the images, I was the one who hit the “Publish” button.

I was the one who distributed false prophecy to the world.

Now, on an international scale, this same false prophetic ministry is viewed by hundreds of thousands as “The Source” to go to if you want to find the latest word from the Creator.

And I contributed to this deception.

As I opened the door to my car, I knew that I would eventually need to do something to make it right, so I embarked on this crazy journey with Jesus, using the Word as my guide.

I spent the next seven years studying prophets and prophecy in the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. You can find a lot of information on my web site,

This book is the culmination of my studies.

Why be so Critical of the Prophetic Movement?

When Your Understanding of the Bible is Turned on Its Head
photo by Pexels

People often ask me why I am so convinced that the modern day prophetic movement is a false and/or deceptive movement. The simple answer is that there is an overwhelming amount of Scripture to support this viewpoint. If I were to willfully ignore the abundance of scriptural evidence supplied in God’s Word (as so many often do), then I would be committing a grievous sin.

Many believers have been taught that discerning a prophet has to be complicated. I don’t see it that way. If you compare the words and characteristics of a “prophet” to the Word of God, the matter becomes quite simple. You just have to be willing to accept what the Word of God says is the truth – and that’s not always easy to do in today’s politically correct, have-it-your-way society.

Approximately 30% of the Word of God is comprised of real prophecies written by men who were true prophets of the Most High. If you add in the multitude of Scriptures scattered throughout the rest of the Bible referencing prophets, prophecies and false prophets, the percentage gets much, much higher.

I believe that God did this intentionally, to assist us in our discernment in these Last Days.

God Does not Want You to be Deceived

The Messiah told us:

Mark 13:22-23 (also see Matthew 24:24)
For false christs and false prophets will rise and show signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect. But take heed; see, I have told you all things beforehand.

Believe me, friends, it is not God’s will for you to be among those deceived by these false prophets and the clever words they say.

In this book, I will give you an abundance of Scripture that YOU can use as a reference to help you discern those who call themselves prophets/prophetesses but are actually deceived, or outright liars. I didn’t compose this list with ill-will towards anyone in the modern day prophetic movement. In fact, many people who are caught up in this false movement are genuine, sincere people, who do “many wonderful works.” Nevertheless, when you compare their words and characteristics to what the Word of God says, they are identical to false prophets.

The Image of a False Prophet

As you read through this book, seriously consider the Scriptures that I will be highlighting and re-create the image of a false prophet as your mind is being renewed according to the Word. It is vital that you let your man-made doctrines, personal biases and human reasoning submit to the authority of the Word. The wolves among the sheep will become evident when you do so.

The Word says to let a matter be established by “two or three witnesses.”

By the time you are done reading this book, you will have at least 10 witnesses from Scripture to help you test the alleged prophet. You will also have ironclad proof that 99% of the modern-day prophets are not who they claim to be.

I want to stress that it is not the will of God for us to be deceived.

At the same time, it is up to us to do our due diligence and “study to show ourselves approved.” We are going to dig deep into Scripture and study the characteristics of a false prophet. After you read these posts, ask yourself,

“Are the ‘prophets’ I listen to true, or are they false?”

Remember, this is a True/False answer. Contrary to what you may have been taught, there is no “gray area” with God’s Word.

Give Others this Information!

Finally, I want to encourage you to give (or loan) this book to your friends after you are done reading it. This book will greatly benefit the following groups of people:

  • Those who question the modern day prophetic movement
  • Those who call themselves prophets and/or are involved in the prophetic movement
  • Those who are drawn to the “show” of the prophetic movement
  • Those who want to stay aligned with the Word and not be deceived in these Final Days

If you know anyone that falls into any of these groups, please share this information!

As we approach the end, it is VITAL that we remain on the path laid out for us in His Word.

One mistake can have eternal consequences.

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Series: Prophetic Masquerade

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11 replies on “Prophetic Masquerade – the Introduction”

  1. I personally believe that your past is OVER! It’s all done now. GOD in all of His wisdom and mercy has certainly forgiven you. He came to seek and to save those who are lost. You were younger then and just learning, making mistakes, and it’s hard to know what’s “right” when you’re so young and just learning the ropes.

    Take a deep breath now and relax, GOD has it all under control. Don’t fret about the past, look forward to the future. Your future will surely be better than the past was b/c GOD has His plan laid out for your life Kevin. Chill out, it’s going to be okay.


  2. Once your eyes are open to the truth, you have to do as Paul advises, “forgetting those things which are behind I press forward.” We all, all of us was at one time mixed in with false teachers. Our eyes were opened to the truth and we separated ourselves from them. I don’t see how discernment is so complex an issue. Be as a Berean and check out what people say, teach, prophecy about with what the scriptures say and you can’t go wrong. Heed our Master’s warning “take heed that no man deceive you”. Don’t just listen to what teachers, preacher’s say, and nod your head in agreement because it sounds so “spiritual”, so “righteous” it creates a warm, feel good feeling in you. That is the 1st warning sign that you’d better get your nose in the scripture, check out what they are saying that is making you get so emotional, some of them are pretty slick talkers, so yes, always check them out against the scriptures. If you don’t you’ll be deceived.

  3. I too was young and innocent, totally trusting and believing in the 70’s and 80’s, until many of these prophetic ministries begin to fall apart, and even the “prophets” themselves began to fall apart (ever notice how many of them have nervous breakdowns?), and I had an eye-opening reality hit me right in my trusting little heart that “these guys are phonies”!!
    That’s when I turned 180 degrees and began trusting no body who “had a word from God”. To this day, I am extremely suspicious and untrusting of anyone who calls him or herself a prophet, and to this day I do not know a true prophet of God outside the pages of scriptures. I do believe there are those who have the gift of discernment and can discern and interpret the signs of the times…to a degree…, but real and true prophetic utterances, I don’t think so. The names we could name here who have been labelled “prophet”, to the man/woman, have been wrong numerous times and yet people still seek them out for the latest prophetic word! NOTE: A real prophet doesn’t even believe he is one; as a rule he is very humble, is usually alone and spends his life in the Word and communing with The Spirit. Rarely, RARELY, does a genuine prophet call himself “prophet”; does not seek publicity or notoriety.
    We are to first seek the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness……not a man/woman who almost always want to be paid for their “first hand knowledge of what God is saying”.
    God had told us (by His Own Word) what’s coming. We need to dig it out. God will confirm it by His Word and by witnesses.

  4. Kevin,

    I wish that I could get a former friend/roommate to read this book as she claims to be a prophetess who claims to flow back and forth in the 9 gifts of the Holy Spirit. In the 7 months that we lived together (with her grown daughter as well; which is a story all unto itself) she laid hands on me when I was sick and to my surprise I was NOT healed at all! She claims it was because I didn’t have enough faith! In those 7 months I didn’t witness any healing, miracles or anything remotely related to God’s will in someones life. After we parted ways (which was not amicable) I have heard from mutual friends that she asks for money to help her pay bills because she broke 5 bones in her arm and can’t work and has had to turn down and cancel preaching and ministry assignments due to the inability to use her arm and hand. What a bunch of you-know-what! That was my first but not last encounter with someone who claims to be a prophet/prophetess. I continue to pray for my former friend and her daughter. Your book really opened my eyes to what truly constitutes a false prophet and with the Lord’s guiding has really enabled me to get true discernment. I could probably write a book about the false prophets/teachers that I have encountered since I was saved, but alas God has not lead me down that path, yet haha! The enemy is out there to kill, steal and destroy people because he knows that there is much deceit out there and that is how he gets us away from the word of God, especially in these last days.

    Keep up the great work!

    God bless you and your family!

  5. Can I please add that if you or anyone you know what apart or participated in any false signs and laying on of hands or prayers … please seek deliverance. As many have had demonic influences post Bethel/IHOP/Fire revivals meetings

  6. Hello Kevin, I’m new to the website & your book. You know how God works. He often leads us to things we need to be aware of or studying. Well, false prophecies & prophets seems to be something he wants me to be knowledgable about. I’m so grateful. I just purchased your book on Amazon right before you said you had it available for free on line. That’s okay. I would have purchased it anyhow because from what I’ve read, it’s very important information to have especially these days. I did see the link to start reading the book but it leads to the introduction only. I’m anxious to start reading the book & was going to start there. Does the link still work? Also, hope my subscription submission worked. If not, please subscribe me to your page. Thank you…

    1. Hi Darlene!
      Thanks for the affirmation! The link SHOULD work … and thank you for telling me that there is no navigation! For some reason, it must have gotten deleted. I’ve reloaded it in the right hand column, just hit refresh (or F5) and you should see it. It also looks like I need to do some reformatting, LOL. I checked out your subscription and it looks like you are subscribed!

      BTW: There are plenty more posts on prophets/prophecy here: So check it out when you have time!

      All the best, Kevin

  7. Hey Kevin, wanted to let you know that I did purchase the book and finished it today. Want to thank you for the time you took to put it together. It’s one of the most important books I have right now. Also, want to apologize for commenting that I couldn’t find the book on your website. Well, I did find it in it’s entirety along with all of your blog posts in the archive section. I spoke way too soon. Anyhow, keep up the good work. It’s helped me beyond what I could share in words. Also, I just watched one of your videos on YT. You mentioned a lot of comments are left by middle aged women and you stated that’s not a bad thing. You could say I probably fit into that category but I also feel a deep sincere need towards the youth. It’s been that way for quite a few years. I just don’t know where to start. I don’t belong to an organized church or denomination so my outreach isn’t very far. Do you have suggestions? I’ve been praying about it. Again, thanks!

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