I. Prophet Paul Cain – The Man

Paul Cain - The Man
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Paul Cain
“Prophet” Paul Cain

“Prophet” Paul Cain died Tuesday (February 12, 2019) at the ripe old age of 89.

True to form, all of his fellow prophets and prophetesses from the far reaches of Charismania were quick to post memories and adulations of their fallen comrade.

I guess it should come as no surprise that I’m rather appalled by the whole scenario, but it’s not because of Paul’s less-than-righteous behavior in the past – although that in itself IS appalling.

I’m disgusted because I know that this death will be used to further propagate a movement and a mindset that is altogether deceptive in nature and, because it involves the death of a beloved prophetic icon, it will not be looked upon with the scrutiny it deserves.

This deliberate blinding of the sheep is happening even as I write this series.

Now, I’ve written post-mortem commentary on certain false prophets/teachers before.

After I wrote these posts, quite a few people – especially diehard fans of and those deeply connected to the deceased – thought that I was condemning, insensitive, and heartless.

I’m sure that I appeared to many as a munchkin from the Wizard of Oz, dancing around and singing “Ding Dong! The witch is dead!”

But trust me, nothing could be further from the truth.

If my only purpose for writing this type of post is to dance on someone’s grave, then those who write to me saying, “Dude, get a life!” would be justified in doing so.

Recognizing a “Prophet’s” Behavioral Pattern

You have to understand, there is a reason I take advantage of these times when a false prophet has died. It is not an effort to further besmirch an already tarnished reputation, but to curb the deception that I know is sure to follow.

Unfortunately, that curbing of the deception usually involves addressing some of the deceased’s flaws and past sins.

This is largely unavoidable. But my aim is to shine a light on the manipulative tactics used by the modern day “prophet,” not to accuse those who cannot defend themselves.

Having said that, we must realize from the outset that false prophets and teachers have behavioral patterns – most notably in the way that they handle the death of their peers – that need to be recognized, noted and remembered or they will get away with deceiving the masses (including you) again.

False prophets use intimidation to keep you quiet.

Keeping you quiet
photo by Pixabay

To quickly counter any opposition, false prophets will work hard to keep the alert among the flock silent by bringing up all of the verses in the Bible that warn against “speaking ill against a brother,” while conveniently leaving out all of the verses about judging sin and exposing evil.

Somehow, they forget that the same guy who said: “Judge not” (Matthew 7:1) also called people “hypocrites” and “whitewashed tombs.” (Luke 23:27)

Of course, they will endorse that judgment has a place in the church . . . just as long as it’s not YOU who is doing the judging. That privilege has always been reserved for those who have proven themselves faithful to the prophetic ideology for an extended period of time.

If false prophets can keep you subdued by making you feel condemned for voicing your concerns – all under a twisted perception of “walking in love” – then those who are completely under their thumbs will never hear, or even consider, an alternative point of view and they will continue to walk oblivious and subservient to their corrupted influences.

And by extension, if the acolytes continue to walk in lockstep with their teachers and convince others to do the same, the empire grows and becomes self-replicating.

Having said all that, I am going to be providing ample evidence that Paul Cain was not the wonderful prophet that everyone considered him to be. Most of this information was intentionally hidden from the public until after his death.

But as you read this series, please don’t make the mistake of thinking that my sole purpose is to air a postmortem laundry list of Paul’s sins so that everyone will think that he was this awful dude.

That would be petty and spineless.

The whole reason for this series is to show you how the prophetic movement uses our own short-sighted human nature and ignorance of Scripture against us to build a self-sustaining empire, in spite of their claims to the contrary.

Are you ready? Here we go.

Paul Cain Before the Prophetic Movement

Paul Cain’s past is colorful, to say the least.

Ministering in the big tents in the same style as Billy Graham, Oral Roberts, and Jack Coe until the late ’50s, Paul dropped out of public ministry, claiming to be disillusioned by the excesses of some of his contemporaries.

Although Paul would reappear alongside the prophetic bigwigs from the mid-’80’s onward, he was hardly inactive in the interim.

Remembering Paul in a recent Elijah List post, Jeff Jansen stated:

Paul also served as a consultant to Central Intelligence Agency – Paranormal Division, a consultant to the FBI, and was a presidential consultant and special envoy for 3 presidents. Paul ministered to many national and international leaders and during the Clinton Administration, Paul went to Iraq to meet with Saddam Hussein. He also met with many spiritual key church and denominational leaders. [1]

I have to admit, when I read this little snippet, the “conspiracy theorist” inside me perked up and I decided that I would dig a little deeper.

A blurb in the back of the book “Paul Cain – A Prophet in the Hall of Kings” reads as follows:

He is Dr. Paul Cain. Evangelist and public speaker for over sixty years. Former Senior Diplomatic Advisor for the Washington Federal News Service, consultant to CIA/DIA Intelligence agency – Paranormal Division, consultant to the FBI – National Center for Intelligence and Counter-Terrorism and Presidential Consultant and Special Envoy for three presidents.

This book, Paul Cain, a Prophet in the Hall of Kings is not a full-scale biography, though it does sketch a personality portrait with some key moments in his life. Instead, this book mostly focuses on foreign policy, with an emphasis on the Iraq of Saddam Hussein’s era, and the Middle East. Readers will be taken inside the meetings that he had with foreign diplomats, several presidents, their staff, key advisers and close friends.

While still in his mother’s womb, an angel appeared to his mother with a message from the Lord: “The fruit of your womb is a male child. Name him Troas Paul. He will preach the gospel as the Apostle Paul of old . . . and he will prophesy to Kings and Presidents.” All of this came to pass exactly as it was told, and is continuing to unfold even now . . .

In 1985, while the Central Intelligence Agency’s (CIA) Project STAR GATE was in full swing, Dr. Cain was contracted as a “remote viewer” by George H.W. Bush’s administration. For two terms President Clinton tasked him to travel to Iraq on several top-secret missions of national urgency. Unknown to Dr. Cain, President Clinton or Saddam Hussein, decisions they made would set in motion a chain of events that would topple Middle Eastern leaders, send a wave of Islamic fundamentalist terrorism coursing towards America, and set in motion the “End of Days . . .” You MUST find out what Saddam meant when he told Dr. Cain, “President Clinton is the hope of Iraq, and the hope of the world.” [2]

There is enough information in this little blurb to make researchers and conspiracy theorists froth at the mouth, but I cannot go down this path right now and stay on track. So if any of you want to grab that torch and run with it, please do . . . and please email me your findings!

Since coming out of the haze of the prophetic movement, I’ve had a deep conviction that it was not a “move of God” or even a “move of God gone bad,” but something much more sinister . . . something planned, but I haven’t had the chance to dig that deep yet.

Let’s move on to Paul Cain’s involvement in the prophetic movement.

Paul Cain and the Kansas City Prophets

The influence of Paul Cain on the modern day “prophetic movement” cannot be understated and it is quite extensive. He, along with Bob Jones and Mike Bickle, played an integral role in the establishment of what became known as “the Kansas City prophets.”

Being a part of the Kansas City prophets, as well as having (what they perceived as) a “prophetic gifting” earned him the love and respect of his followers who had deep ties to Vineyard Christian Fellowship, International House of Prayer and Morningstar, to name but a few.

In fact, he is considered by most modern-day prophets to be one of the founders (or “fathers”) of this movement.

God.TV even went so far as to refer to him as one of “God’s generals.” [3]

The Nameless/Faceless Generation

Paul is very well-known for his famous “stadium speech,” in which he sets forth the idea of a “faceless generation,” which later became known as the “nameless-faceless generation.”

From this idea of a “nameless-faceless generation,” which heralds in THE “great revival” (which cannot be found anywhere in Scripture) emerged the ethos behind the TheCall, Azusa Street and Awaken the Dawn conferences.

In these conferences, there are constant references to the “nameless-faceless generation” who will go about doing the “great works of the Kingdom.”

Awaken the Dawn
photo by Pixabay

In their minds, they are the chosen conduits through which abundant signs, wonders, and miracles will be performed, providing to the world the indisputable “proof” that “the Kingdom of Heaven is here!”

But no matter how many conferences are held, this promise of a “nameless/faceless generation” continues to elude the hopeful. Undaunted, they trudge on, motivated and manipulated by the false prophets who continuously remind them of Paul Cain’s prophecy, and that they ARE that generation.

Paul Cain’s “struggle” is well documented.

By now, everyone who is familiar with Paul Cain knows that he “struggled” with homosexuality and alcoholism. This is well-documented and confessed to by Paul Cain himself, making the claim indisputable.

I know that what I’m about to share with you will be perceived by many as “rubbing it in” or, as I stated above, “dancing on Paul Cain’s grave” and I suppose that there is nothing I can do about that.

These people have their minds made up.

No matter what is stated, no matter what facts are brought out, (in their view) Paul Cain was a great prophet and a “father” to the prophetic movement, therefore he MUST be honored as such.

If you speak to the contrary, in their minds, you are obviously bitter and want to sow discord. By all means, their idols must remain on the altars of their hearts.

I find this to be indicative of everyone I’ve ever met who is involved in the prophetic movement, although they vehemently protest.

But this series is not for the brainwashed Elijah List faithful (although I’m sure they would learn something if they would just exhale, take a step back and consider the facts); this series is for those of you who are not willing to be deluded.

This series is for those of you who have no problem putting your personal preferences aside in your quest for truth.

The Heart of Deception
photo by Pixabay

When the Narrative and the Truth Don’t Match

I say all this because there has been a certain narrative put forth about Paul Cain and his dealings with homosexuality and alcoholism. The details that have been made public up until the present day have been cherry-picked to paint Paul Cain in the best possible light, so as not to rock the prophetic boat and keep certain empires afloat.

Up until February of 2019, I was in the same boat as all of you.

Like you, all I knew about the situation with Paul Cain was what Charisma, the Elijah List, and Morningstar determined that I should know.

But the release of recent information this month (Feb. 2019) tells a much more contradictory and disingenuous tale.

After hearing this information, I listed out the dates of critical events in the Paul Cain debacle, analyzing what is now public information, versus what we were told about Paul Cain’s “struggle” with homosexuality and alcohol – and I’m really glad I did because it put a whole new light on what was (and is) really going on behind the scenes.

When you see the order of events listed out in front of you, it becomes obvious that this was a planned suppression of the truth.

Stay tuned. The details are coming in the next post.


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Series: Prophet Paul Cain - The Cover-Up

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  1. I thank you again Kevin for exposing the false prophets. My heart aches with the deception of the church in the Prosperity and Faith Movements including the Prophetic Movements. It grieves my heart to see all of the people that are being deceived. The spirits in the people that are in it will fight you so strongly when you try and talk to them. Only God can open their minds. I cannot believe how the Homosexuals have convinced themselves in believing they are ok. I am not condemning them but they are in such deception that they are Christians. They of course by confession can be forgiven and repent just as we have to with our sins. Thanks Kevin. Vi LaFond

  2. I’m glad that you did this, Kevin. It’s difficult for people who have put so much of their hearts into a movement or paradigm or a person or group of people. I’m guilty of all. I was just like every other wide-eyed christian that left what many thought of as a very boring denomination for one that brought goosebumps. It was easy to be one of those people who just couldn’t wait to get to the next meeting to see if someone might “prophecy to me.” I hate saying it, but it’s true. And I was encouraged by all my up-and-coming prophetic friends to do so. If I got into a froth over the next meeting, I was sure to draw the prophetic to myself. Thinking back about it makes me feel very shallow, selfish, immature and stupid. Guilt – I’ve got a few years behind me so that’s not a problem now but I had to repent about a hundred times before I got it through my thick head that this is nothing new to Yashua!
    Thanks again. I’ll be watching for the next post.

  3. Thank you, Kevin. I can only hope that expose’s like these will at least cause some readers to question what they are being fed as “prophetic”. I listened to the Stadium Prophecy that you posted and at one time I would have been so sure that what Paul Cain said was true but my ears have been circumcised since…I hear many use the Name but take to them self the fame…

    Revelation 19:10
    “And I fell at his feet to worship him. And he said unto me, See thou do it not: I am thy fellowservant, and of thy brethren that have the testimony of Jesus: worship God: for the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.”

  4. Interesting about the title ‘Awaken the Dawn’, have you read the ‘Protocols of the illuminated suns of the golden dawn ‘ ?
    They are on steemit.com, under posts by c-change .

  5. What an adventure it is as we see Immanuels’ warnings and prophecy coming to pass before our very eyes in the perilous days in which we now find ourselves.
    HalleluYah !!

  6. infiltration goes deep and has been going strong especially since 1920’s.
    The church today is largely run by mind control victims who become willing in their work at some point…

  7. Absolutely love this! Saved the emails so I could hear all sections!
    I’m praying that others will be enlightened and finally understand all this craziness of these people!
    Again, continue your quest to inform all the false teachers I’m here to learn more so I might be able to share with others that are into Bickke, Elijah List, etc. God bless!

  8. I had gotten away from this site but am going back and rereading your posts, especially as it pertains to the Torah and Gentiles, and cannot find where you have updated since the end of 2018 on this subject. If you have written more please let me know where I can find them, as I want to learn more. Thank you so much for all your hard work in trying to get through the quagmire of what is presently called ‘Christianity’.

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