Have We Not Prophesied in Your Name?

Discerning the Soft Core False Prophet

I. Discerning the Soft Core False Prophet

Because false prophets like Bill Johnson, Graham Cooke, Rick Joyner and Kris Vallotton seem to be spiritual and have a knowledge of the Word of God, seekers of truth have a very hard time seeing them as wolves. I frequently receive emails from people asking me what I think about these guys and others like them. This series is my answer to those questions.

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When God's Character is at Stake

II. When God’s Character is at Stake

The more insidious false prophets establish a false authority by claiming that they hear from the Creator. This false claim strengthens their credibility among their listeners . . . then the damage occurs.

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Aiding Abetting Antichrist

III. Aiding and Abetting the Antichrist

Most false prophets are unwitting accomplices to a diabolical plan. As they continue to churn out support for a false image of the Messiah, they have no idea that they and their listeners are actually assisting Lucifer in his plan to deceive the world.

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Carching the Little Foxes

IV. Catching the Little Foxes

The Old Testament prophets knew there would come a day when the likes of Bill Johnson, Kris Vallotton, Graham Cooke and Rick Joyner would come and deceive many! They likened these prophetic imposters to “little foxes” who destroy the fruit of the vine. If we compare these foxes to the false prophets of our day, we will see that absolutely nothing has changed! It’s the same game. Check out the final installation in the “Haven’t We Prophesied In Your Name?” series!

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