Paul Cain - The Man

I. Prophet Paul Cain – The Man

Prophetic voices like Rick Joyner, Mike Bickle, the Elijah List and other Charismatic influences are scrambling to use the death of Paul Cain, one of the “fathers” of the prophetic movement and confessed homosexual, to further a deceptive mindset and worm their way into your walk with the Most High.

But you don’t have to be another victim. Your quest for the truth starts here.

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Paul Cain - The Myth

II. Prophet Paul Cain – The Myth

From 2004-2019, we were led to believe a certain narrative about Paul Cain and his “struggles” with homosexuality and alcohol. Although this narrative is only half of the story, we can still learn valuable lessons about the modern-day prophet and why they would be willing to keep you in the dark for 15 years.

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Paul Cain - The Monster

III. Prophet Paul Cain – The Monster

While Paul Cain was being passed off as a “fallen hero” to his followers between the years 2004-2019, an entirely different scenario was taking place behind the scenes. It wasn’t until after his death that the truth started to emerge.

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Paul Cain - The MakeOver

IV. Prophet Paul Cain – The Makeover

After confessing to having knowledge of Paul Cain’s predatorial tendencies for the past 15 years, Rick Joyner attempts to salvage Paul’s reputation as a prophet, as well as his own reputation, by appealing to commonly taught misunderstandings of spiritual gifts and spiritual father figures.

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Paul Cain - the Method

V. Prophet Paul Cain – The Method

Considering all of the evidence of the Paul Cain cover-up, it is easy to see how lies and manipulation of the Word of God play a huge part in fooling the masses. But some of the blame lies in our inability to think for ourselves and look past our own unsustainable doctrine. This “gap” in our reasoning allows for the modern-day prophet to come in and build an empire at the expense of our willful ignorance.

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VI. Prophet Paul Cain – The Madness

Unfortunately, this tale of perversion and pretense is not confined to the late “prophet,” Paul Cain. There are many self-appointed “spokesmen for God” out there who are acting as enablers or participants in the most grievous types of sin. And our leaders open wide the door of the churches so that these wolves can feed off of you: body, soul and spirit.

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