1. John Kaeb

    Passover and unleavened bread, what a wonderful time to teach our children and grandchildren of deliverance from the slavery of sin,

  2. Bryan H

    “He remembers you, Jacob… and He’s coming”
    Great encouragement to help us finish the race Brother.


  3. Charles

    I am sure there are many people who do not know what the Feast of Unleavean Bread is about. The requirement of eating matzo for the 7 days is a requirement that Adonai made, those not doing so are to be cut off from the people of Israel, i.e. cut off from God’s Torah. This applies not only to Jews, but to all those foreigners who are grafted in as well.

    • Bonnie

      May this week of celebration bless you Kevin and all of your family. So grateful we are out of the dead season. Shalom!

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