• Bill Hamon is a total false prophet. In fact, he is a mentor to many of the false prophets out today, including Steve Shultz of the Elijah List. For more info, have your wife read my “Prophetic Masquerade” series for free (or you can buy the book, if you prefer). There’s enough Scripture to firmly back up my claims. All the best!

      Book: https://www.honorofkings.org/biblical-false-prophet/
      Read Free online: https://www.honorofkings.org/prophetic-masquerade-introduction/

      • melechhaolam

        The people should be taught how to increase their LIFE and Strength in The LORD so that they will be able to discern what is true and what is false. It is the same spirit of control of the people by a few “higher than the laity” that seeks to monitor everything that is delivered to the people (“their underlings”). They don’t teach the people that Their Father will teach them as His Children and encourage them to seek Him.

        The “control of the laity” principle which has its “christian roots” in roman catholicism sees the people as their flock that they are responsible for. The ONLY Person responsible for people is The LORD. Those who minister in His Name follow Him and have no business controlling others and taking personal responsibility to see that the “prophecies” delivered line up with what they believe or accept by a democratic vote. What if the Will of Father is to have a wrong “prophecy” delivered so that He can teach someone something? We should follow Him and the greatest reality is when His Sons can speak to Him and check with Him what He thinks about things!

        The Word is Awesome because it is as a Vessel of YEHOVAH. In Judaism – the Divar HaShem. It is also awesome to be able to ask, “Father what do you think of such and such…” and hear Him answer.

        Let us encourage ourselves and others to become The Stronger “Word” by feeding on His Word- The LORD said that man shall live by every Word that proceeds from The Mouth of The LORD – see Matthew 4:4. Each person as spirit beings are a word – depending on whether he or she chooses LIFE or death. The greater the number of people who choose LIFE in a place and exhibit the Fruits of LIFE the greater the Presence of Father and What He Is in that community or place.

    • melechhaolam

      A true prophet is not always despised. It depends on the heart of those who are receiving the Word or to who it is addressed. Consider Jonah – he was not rejected or despised. The response of the people of Nineveh was humility and they changed a negative result.

      There are people who recognize True Prophets and will come to them believing The LORD will give them guidance. The LORD’s Wisdom in manifestation can be a Great Blessing to such folk.

      • Touche’ … perhaps I should have clarified that a true prophet will always be despised among an unrepentant people – which includes the majority, who long to have their itching ears scratched. Yeshua himself said “Woe when men speak well of you, for so did the people to the false prophets.” — this is a major clue as to where today’s “prophets” stand.

  1. Layla

    You are one of the few Christians who preach that the law has not been abolished and I agree with you (because Matthew 5 17-20 is quite easy to understand). Yet I find it difficult to see which ones of the 613 commandments to observe as animal sacrifices have obviously ceased with Christ’s death. Also I have met many Messianic Jews and Hebrew Christians wearing tassels. I don’t want to cherry pick the Bible I just want to know the truth. Could you please help me and tell me what commandments to follow?

    • In a nutshell, I would say “obey any commands you CAN follow.” We’ve been trained to look at the number “613” and think “Wow! That’s a ton of commands!” but the U.S. has imposed literally thousands upon us and we don’t bat an eye at it. Of the 613 commands, only a portion of them apply to any individual person. Some apply to women, some apply to priests, some apply to leadership, etc. Once you take out the ones that don’t apply to you, the number of commands to follow is pretty small. The point of contention for most is that they hit upon certain areas that people don’t like to give up… diet, Sabbath and holidays — those are areas people (especially christians) don’t like to give up. I hope this helps.

  2. Woody Bailey

    Kevin, I read through at least part of your 7 part story about the Elijah list and I believe it was in part 1 you mention going to a conference where a Larry Randolph was one of the prophets. My wife was given one of his books to read which is titled; “User Friendly Prophecy.” I thought that was a strange way to describe prophecy. It’s something like software? You can use it? Well, yes you can use that gift but I thought that was a strange way to put it. Also it puzzled me that he claimed that he “loves Jesus with all his heart.” Does that strike you as being almost arrogant? Have you ever read any of the great men of God make that claim. I believe the closer you get to Jesus the more aware you are of your incompleteness but the more grateful that in Him you are complete.

    Just some thoughts to share with you.

    In Christ our Saviour,
    Woody Bailey

    • The phrase “I love Jesus with all my heart” is usually spoken through passion or the emotion of the moment. I’ve said it many times, but looking back, I think I just meant that I loved Him the best that I knew how. You’re right though, as you grow in your Walk with God, you realize (in increasing measure) just how far you have go to Truly “love Him with all your heart”. Maybe we should keep a tighter reign on our words, eh?

      I’d encourage you to read the whole “Working for the Elijah List” story though!

  3. Digrieze

    Excellent study Mr. Kleint. As you’ve shown well when you dig into the Word this false teaching that “Old Testament” and “New Testament” prophets are different falls apart. On the other hand, considering how many of the leaders of these modern “prophetic” groups have been caught in “improprieties”, I doubt they want a REAL prophet around. Keep it up, we need more up to this standard of teaching. digrieze

  4. Nia

    Great word! Comfort doesn’t cause you to grow, but to stay in the same place and rot. If we won’t follow the example of Jesus and the prophets whats the point?? We should take the bible for what it is and not keep making excuses about what it means “symbolically”.

    Remember how history repeated itself in the bible, no one liked or agreed with the prophets until they were dead. Then they’d say things like “well that was Elijah, not you” or “that was Moses, not you or me”… Let’s not be one of those people who went down on the wrong side of history. 🙂

  5. Thomas Smith

    I was recently asked to start mentoring under several individuals that have a prophetic prayer ministry in our church. I was invited because of the gift given me by the Holy Spirit of recalling scripture in it proper contact and usage being applicable to specific circumstances. The very first thing I was told when I attended the hour-long ministry before our Sunday morning service was that I needed to have everything I was led to say screened before telling it to the person(s) we would be prophesying to. I was told that we didn’t want to cause harm or sound judgmental in our prophetic messages. The article written sounds just like what I was told to do ~ make ’em feel good. I am gregarious and forthright with the Word of God and while I often pray that someone else delivers the message, if no one does I will stand and be obedient to what God’s Spirit brings to mind. At this moment I question my involvement in such a ministry especially after after Ezk 13: 6-9. Thank you so very much. God’s timing on this one.

    • Kevin Kleint

      Praise God Thomas! It looks like God is showing you direction! Stick with the Word, my friend …. don’t be afraid of their faces … set your face like flint … Immovable! We’re supposed to have GODLY mentors, people that pattern themselves after the Word, NOT the Fear or the Whim of Man. Be strong!

    • RM

      Hold on a second…all that these ministry leaders are trying to do is to “test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world.” (1 John 4:1) HOWEVER, unfortunately their testing standards are not biblical, but rather are based upon pleasing the hearts of men. Also, 1 Thessalonians 5:19: “Do not put out the Spirit’s fire, do not treat prophecies with contempt. Test everything. Hold on to the good. Avoid every kind of evil.”

      The act of “screening” is certainly biblical, but the screening must test for the Spirit in any prophetic message before it is given rather than testing to see if it would offend the receiver of the prophesy.

      Testing a message in the Spirit also weeds out the “prophetic” nuts who claim to have heard from God. Take Harold Camping, for example. Did anyone ever screen his doomsday prophecy? Apparently not, and the result of it was many people either selling all of their possessions or committing suicide. This may be somewhat of an extreme case, and I’m definitely not saying that you would ever prophesy something like that. You’d be surprised, though, as to what people would proclaim as God’s spoken truth.

      But then we come to your case, where your leaders toss out any prophesy that mentions repentance because that sort of nonsense certainly couldn’t have come from the mouth of God. Sarcasm implied. It is impossible to discern God-spoken prophecy from the human mind because the key is the Spirit. In John 16:13, Jesus says to his disciples: “But when he, the Spirit of truth, comes, he will guide you into all truth. He will not speak on his own; he will speak only what he hears, and he will tell you what is yet to come.” And that’s who is supposed to conduct the screening–the Spirit. Well that’s my input on it. God bless.

      • Kevin Kleint

        I’m not sure about … “It is impossible to discern God-spoken prophecy from the human mind because the key is the Spirit.”

        You can always compare the prophecy with the Word. If it doesn’t line up, it doesn’t come from God. You don’t necessarily need the Spirit to see that.

        If I was to say …. “I prophesy that the world is going to come together in peace and harmony!” …. you could immediately toss that out as false, because it goes against the Word. You wouldn’t really need the Spirit to discern that, you would just need to remember what the Word says. Other than that, you’re right on!

        • Kevin Kleint

          I made a mistake, RM. I thought that you were responding to the article, not Thomas Smith’s comment. Nonetheless, I think (hope) that the response was applicable.

          If I read Thomas’ situation right, these leaders really do seem to be wanting to reinforce their power base, and keep any possible “corrective” words silenced. At least, that has been the pattern I’ve noticed in the Body of Christ.

          I totally support someone being mentored by an individual who has a proven track record in following the Word, but only if the mentor is encouraging the “mentored” to speak the Word of God fearlessly and “without mixture”. Hope this makes more sense?

        • RM

          Yeah, of course, every prophecy must line up with the Word. What I meant by “It is impossible to discern…” was that a person who knows neither the Word, much less the Spirit, might do something drastic in response to a false prophecy due to that lack of knowledge of the Truth or gift of discernment.

          And yes I agree that there is an unfortunate habit of promoting sin by stifling rebuke in some churches. However, in Thomas’s case, the prophetic group leaders are probably responsible for anything that happens as a result of a prophetic word, whether the effect is encouraging and life-changing or absolutely disastrous. From what Thomas says, the leaders are being much too cautious in filtering prophesies and have restricted the full view of God’s love through rebuke, or maybe have even stopped the strange-sounding things that God reveals. Which is a sad thing indeed.

    • melechhaolam

      A very good study subject is the “true prophet” in terms of being able to create a reality (true prophecy) – Bilaam (Balam/Baalam in English translations). Historically bilaam was a highly recognized “prophet.”

      He was decreed evil but he was a true prophet and that is why his words were controlled by Father. Today the Blessings he proclaimed over Israel are core to Judaism’s beliefs in the Moshiach (Messiah).

      I have found that people who don’t honor Father can have the gift of “prophecy” and they know how or are able to access the spirit realm and proclaim an encouragement about a present situation or Wisdom about a future situation. I had the experience of having a “pastor” preach a word that still helps me regarding The LORD’s care for a close relative. Yet, I also saw demons on the same “pastor” who was blatant in his abuse of the sheep. It was troubling and one day, I said LORD that is enough. I did not return to that place but heard that they lost their place to have worship services etc. a few months later.

      Matthew 7 does not tell us that the “mighty works” the rejected ministers did in The Name of The LORD did not bless the person who was at the receiving end of those works.

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