1. Lyn

    Now in 2020 the Pope is definitely trying to “unite” all religions – but not in a good way as believers in the Lord Jesus Christ understand. He is working to begin the one world religion as part of the beast system.

  2. I don’t want to get into any of these, but recently I started feeling those presenceof this Kin Clement around me as tho’ it’s real bc I was beginning to pick up his prophetic words here and there on Youtube. Yesterday, I devoted one of prophetic videos and watched bith the music and prophecies. I got distracted by his goid prophecies when he started putting catholics, protestants, evangelicals together. God asked us ti come out of them. I stopped and turned it.
    I started feeling hus oresence strongly…that is a familiar spirit. I felt the excitement that pple felt about his prophesies. I kept praying and rejecting whatever demons I picked thru thus. Then whetger I was asleep or awake, but I was meditating on the word when I saw myself in the restroom…a small restroom. Inwas by the doorm Two tall women wearing sth Thai looked like whites were at the rith cirner between the bath tib and the wash hand basin. Kim was bending or kneeling by the commode as though speaking or manipulating the waters in the toilet. In fact, I could say I was conscious bc I was still meditating on the word of God and while this scene came up, I was able to interpret it immediately. I recognized tge two women who stoid there as the ladies of the toilet. Recentlt, I have beenn listening to testimonies from Peniel Ngonde channel on Youtube about satanic operations. It was there that I learnt about tge ladies of tge toilet. I used to wonder why pple often rush to toilet whenever I talk with them on phone 9r try yo contact them. Next they are in the toilet and they spend long time there. So, now I know. Kim was in the toilet manipulating toilet waters while these ladies who look like women in their 50’s stood next to him.
    Now, it was as though this battle was not over yet. I conyinued battling this vision thst did not want to go away, by tgr Blood of Jesus. This led to a bad dream when I eventually slept.
    I will warn pple to stay away with all these false excitement prophecies that don’t line with the word of God.
    The LORD Jesus emphasized that we will kniw false prophets by their fruits. False prophets have self promotion spirit around them that make womeb want to fall for them. True prophets carry the testimony of Jesus Christ with fear and trembling. Kim Clement was not a true prophet based on my expetuences and my vision.
    I used to see him on TBN with some TBN preachers. I never listenef to them once bc eachvtine I looked at his face, I picked falsehood. Why did I suddenly picked interest in his prophecy with false charms that go with it. Kim prophesied Donald Trump, Kim prophesied Donald Trump…. Is Trump truly Cyrus. He is not. Let necstop here. Pple stay away from false prophets.

  3. Jordan

    This is true, I have been listening to some of Kims prophecies and some have come true, but even so something about him may not exactly be right idk and at this point Im just gonna get my own word from the Word of God SHALOM BROTHER!

  4. Kim

    my thoughts are this you must be thorough in your meditation on this because God said the man had kneeled at the cross and he will bring Catholics and Protestants together which is happening because many catholic are fleeing their church also nowhere in that quote did God say that Pope Francis is saved or anything even close to that so I see all of that could come true because of the fact that Francis kneels at the cross as a Jesuit ( an enemy infiltrator, a lying actor). He truly seems to be fulfilling an anti christ position but the spirit of God works through even the antichrist so that Jesus can come back. These things must come to pass. I just did not ever see God (Kim Clement) say this was a true man of God who is saved. God’s spirit may be working thru Francis and everything could still be true while at the same time the pope is the enemy.

    • Jordan Auffhammer

      I completely agree with you brother, I believe that Pope Francis is the false prophet. But I agree that God even has to use the False Prophet to divide the Catholic church. Some to join the New World religion of the antichrist and others to unify with true Christians. Again this is also happening in the Protestant church, God is separating his sheep to be appointed to him and the goats that shall fall under the antichrist.

    • CAPQ

      It is not anyone’s place to say who is and who is not saved. That would be a grave sin of putting oneself equal to God.

      • Stop And Think

        You are correct to not equal yourself to God, however, testing the works of someone that calls himself ‘profit’ is not equaling yourself to God. We are to always test those who try to convince us to listen to ‘their’ own private pathway to God.

        The only way to God is through His Son, Jesus… not by listening to someone that could not get an audience to listen to him without playing music that supposedly compliments a mood the speaker wants the audience to feel as he throws out sentence upon sentence of ‘generalizations’ that could turn out fifty-fifty either way.

        Anyone can say they ‘know God’ but for someone to self proclaim to be a ‘profit’ is presumptuous at the least.

        We are warned about this in the Scriptures. You might want to look it up. I did and I’m glad I did. Now I know how the Devil works and will not be fooled by him in this fashion… ever. When in doubt, consult the WORD OF GOD.

        Even the Devil quoted scripture to Jesus while he was in the desert those forty days.
        Look it up. Jesus resisted him and the Devil figured he would trick Jesus into worshiping him by quoting scripture. What Jesus said to him shut the evil one up for a long time. Don’t believe me? Go look it up for yourselves.

        Yes, God’s word says there will be profits in the end times, but He also warned us of ‘false profits’ as well. (I’m not going to do your homework for you. Look these things up for yourselves so that you will know about false profits in the future. This way you will not be ‘taken’ by someone claiming to have a direct prophetic line to God.)

        It is certainly beneficial to learn the difference between a prophet and a false profit. All answers are in that beautifully written book called the Bible. May you find the answers you need, not the answers that make you feel all fuzzy inside.

        Your soul depends upon it.

        Holy Holy Holy is the Lord God Almighty! He who was, He who is, and He who is to come! He is was the first, He will be the last, even after the Heavens and the Earth is gone, The Almighty One will reign supreme forever!

        Peace to all.

  5. Rene Donladson

    It makes no sense that Trey Smith who makes God in a Nutshell on youtube would support this man. But he supports Trump and states Clement propheseid Trump’s presidency. I think Trey Smith has alterior motives

  6. Stace

    Pope francis in the 70s is being accused of supported and approving the argentina junta he fully supported 30 000 people died and a few of his own priests who disagreed with him the pope was responsible for trafficking the victims children not to mention all the child abuse victims recently disgusting piece of work…. i refuse this word soooooo wrong

  7. Surii

    Don’t think that pope was chosen by God for one moment. That’s a false statement made by clement. None of his procephies ever really came to pass. Hopefully GOD had mercy in his soul, bc clement made a mockery of GOD like pope has n doing of God, Jesus n the Bible. Pope is a False Prophet, Jesuit priest n devil worshipper.

    • Jordan

      keep in mind that throughout the whole entire bible God has used even Satan to get his will done, he will even use unbelievers, listen that these things may come true even God will use the antichrist and the false prophet to allow his kingdom to come. If God didn’t use them he would not allow their kingdom to ever become alive. But he allows this to show his love for the people who will die from martyrdom. Try to see both sides, yes look at the darkness and gloom in this world that is important but also see the light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we are to be a light in the darkness. Shalom!

  8. Øyvind Jarsve

    What did the Church say about Paul turning around and receiving Christ? Did they believe him? Do you say that God cant use Pope Francis like He used Paul? Is it God that is not great enough for you to do such thing?

    After a time the Christians came to trust Paul too. Would you?

    • B

      That was the main deception. Paul faked vision from Jesus to infiltrate into Christian groups, and twisted and added more lies and nonsense into Bible, directly opposite with Jesus teachings.

      Regarding the two competing apostles, Peter and Paul: the Catholic Church traces the beginnings of its church to Peter, while Protestants trace their beginnings back to Paul of Tarsus, an educated Jew living in the Hellenistic world — in the Diaspora. Paul’s gospel is not based upon the real life and teachings of Jesus, but on the death of Jesus and Paul’s purported vision on the Damascus road. Paul is a being of Darkness and can never represent Jesus’ teachings in any way.

      • YaKova

        To B. So the Catholic Church traces it’s roots to a man and you say the Protestants trace their roots back to a man. Real followers of the Saviour, real believers of God trace their roots back to Yeshua/Jesus.

        You make me laugh implying that you can’t trust Paul cause he is a Hellenistic or Hellenised Jew.as part of your argument to support the Catholic. I laugh loudly because the Roman Catholic Church is based upon Roman Hellenisation principles as it arose from within that culture and uses the ‘allegorical’ application where ever it can. It also never supported Hebrew written gospels which the discovery of the dead sea scrolls have proven to be the case and it solely based it’s canon of scripture on the Greek translations. The Roman Catholic Church also changed the times and seasons of the Old Testament to a Hellenistic/Roman approach of the calendar. It was the Roman Catholic Church that called Pesach/Passover Easter synchronising it with a foreign god festival.

        If you read the whole Old Testament you will see that Paul bases his teaching on the full counsel of God as revealed in the Old Testament. He introduces no new ideas rather connects the whole message together through the revelation of the Word made flesh – The Aleph Tav, The Memra. Grace by faith as the agency of God’s salvation for mankind can be seen clearly through out the Old Testament. Habakkuk said the righteous shall live by faith. It is also a principle found in the other writings of the Patriarchs of Israel. We can demonstrate this by looking at ‘The Moadim’ – the appointed times, which are the festivals God decreed for Israel to worship at the Temple. Rather than saying these feasts were the agency of salvation they actually point to the method and plan of God for salvation. They all point to what God would do on earth through His Son, they clearly show that the only sacrifice that is eternal and has eternal consequences is the Lamb of God being slain for us. The Moadim of Tabernacles clearly shows that God will dwell on earth with Mankind. The days of awe – which end in Yom Kippur show us the need for repentance etc.

        Thinking on that further, the whole act of Abraham taking Isaac to offer him to God clearly shows a ‘foreshadowing’ of God’s intent to sacrifice His own son, for Abraham tells Isaac that God will provide for himself a lamb for the sacrifice. So we see Abraham looks forward in faith for God to make the provision.

        Finally what I find most comical is that you reject the books of the Bible which don’t fit into your paradigm as if you were God and were choosing the canon of the Word of God. God is more than able, via the agency of the Holy Spirit to make sure His Word is kept for us. Your vision of God is so lacking that you look to the agency of man for your inspiration and guidance rather than having faith that God is more than able to accomplish everything that needs to be done.

      • Jordan

        Ok woah there buddy, Paul said that Jesús Christs resurrection was greater than his death, so please dont go on about him being a false convert

  9. Lori

    I don’t understand why this is so heretic? As a born again Catholic, I can go to all different churches of worship, and we all have more in common than we have differences. We need to see the commonalities in our faith. God wants us all to be One in spirit. I have followed Kim for years and find his prophecies to be true. I think because there is a great prejudice against the Catholic Church that this seems hard to fathom , but Catholics and other Christians having been worshiping side by side beautifully for a longtime.

  10. Anon

    Protestants have their place in the world and are much preferable to new agers and atheists but do not posess the fullness of the truth. Everyone was catholic before and will be catholic again. Kim is not the only person to have prophesied this so have many saints. And everyone is catholic after they die. Christianity is not a feel good kumbaya free for all like protestant offshoots tend to be. Christ created 1 true church. Peace be with you.

  11. Oz

    Kim Clement is a false prophet 100%. The Bible is clear. Watch Pastor Charles Lawson he is blessed by God and is the best you can watch online. My parents loved Kim Clement, Benny Hinn, Jesse Duplaints, Kenneth Copeland and many more. I grew up and found out who all the false prophets were and it is sick. Read the Bible and research anyone who says we are little gods or anything of the sort. One false prediction equals false prophet.

  12. Carol A. Weyler

    I played piano for some of the bigger churches, in and around Houston, Texas….I am 60 now. I live for the Lord. I’ve written and performed worship and praise songs. I can tell you now, as I did then. The “Toronto Blessing” destroyed many churches. It is based on a little knowledge of scripture and appealing to emotion. Every pastor that tried to assimilate that mess into ministry has fallen down or out. I tried to sound the alarm but was called disobedient to pastoral authority, and thrown out of the building. Also sexual sin and perversion follows these cults every time. Was a victim of that strategy as well. Got emails from Elijah List too. But I’ll say this. ANYBODY with small perusal of the BIBLICAL PROPHECY, that can play an instrument, is a bit charismatic….can amass a bunch of groupies….and do exactly what KIM CLEMENT DID. THE GREAT FALLING AWAY is here, folks. Do NOT be deceived. FAITH….is a blind walk. It will never appeal to our five senses….it wasn’t designed to. Glory to God and Jesus Christ forevermore….Maranatha.

  13. Mary


    • LOL… Ladies and gentlemen, this is a prime example of what happens when you expose idolatry. People rise up in a pseudo-demonic religious fervor, choosing to ignore the solid evidence … anything to keep the idol firmly positioned on the altar of their minds!

      • John the Baptist the 2nd

        The exposing of souls’ idols , certainly does bring out the ‘ all caps’ in them. I don’t sense the love that Mary talks about. Only vehemence, anger and hate. Hmmmmm.

  14. Sally Hallman

    When Kim Clement says that Jesus never said that we must be BORN again. WRONG and your alarm bells should go off if you are a serious Christian, on contrary John 3 Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God. Amen
    Sorry guys Kim Clement was a false prophet.

    • Teresa Correia

      I read and found it very strange, frankly, after what I read I came to some doubts … Kim Clement did say that? It is that I do not agree with what I read, it goes against what the Bible says, I start thinking … what I think is good after all may not be as good as this … In the case the election of Trump … I start To ponder, or is wrong now or always was and I was deceived, I find no coherence and truth. Now I have read your comment and doubts have increased, Kim Clement said that it is not necessary to be born again … If I said at the beginning to think that something is really wrong …

  15. bruce

    So its interesting that so many things that Kim has foretold has come true. if you listen to Kim, he is clear that he does not interpret what he is given, but he is just a messenger. God can do anything with anyone he wants.. If he wants to turn a corrupt church into his instrument he can. Just think of Paul, did he not stone Steven. Did God not take his biggest enemy and make him one of his greatest lights. Can God not take a bad pope and have a conversion to do something great. Kim foretold that there would be many conversions such as Paul’s. Maybe the pope will be one. If Kim is a true prophet and you lead people astray, are you not worse. Where has your authority been granted? Only god knows Kim’s heart and your heart. Why should I trust you more than Kim. How many prophecy’s have you given that have come true? Just because you do not like the message, does not mean it is not true. As I said, God can do anything with anyone he that he selects. Donald Trump being president is proof of that.

    • Sure God can use whoever He wants, but He gave us a standard to judge prophets by and you will not find one place in the Word where He tells us to use any another standard.

      Deuteronomy 13:1-4
      If there arise among you a prophet, or a dreamer of dreams, and giveth thee a sign or a wonder, and the sign or the wonder come to pass, whereof he spake unto thee, saying, Let us go after other gods, which thou hast not known, and let us serve them; Thou shalt not hearken unto the words of that prophet, or that dreamer of dreams: for the LORD your God proveth you, to know whether ye love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul. Ye shall walk after the LORD your God, and fear him, and keep his commandments, and obey his voice, and ye shall serve him, and cleave unto him.

      Kim Clement’s predictions only had vague fulfillments, just like Nostradamus, but (regardless of whether he was 100% spot on, or completely off) he never steered anyone to God’s commandments… ever. He just knew how to work a crowd, thereby steering them AWAY from God.

      And as far as the pope goes, by his very title He proclaims himself as the embodiment of God. Such a person is destined for the pit, along with those who follow him.

      You see, you don’t need to trust me… I really could care less whether you do or not… seriously. But if I’m in agreement with the commands of the Most High and you are not, where does that leave you?

      • Bruce

        Interesting response. Especially the part where you said you could care less if I trust you. If you are a Christian and you care about my sole, you should care if I trust you. Especially if you are trying to lead others to Christ. Funny, I never heard of Kim before a few months ago. I have gone back and watched hours of his ministry and not just his prophesies. I have never seen anything that would make me believe that he is not a Christian and trying to bring others to Christ. As he made clear, he does not try to interpret what he is given, he just provides what he is given. We are the ones who try and determine what it means. If people come to Christ by watching Kim’s messages, and they have, then what gain has devil received if Kim’s gifts come from him? It appears that you have never watched any of Kim’s worship services. Never have I ever heard Kim say anything about worshiping other gods and never have I heard Kim say anything about following the Pope. And wow, calling Kim’s predictions vague is a false statement as well. As far as the pope goes, I have no alignment or belief in him or the false doctrine he presents. Has the Catholic Church done great atrocities and damage to the Christian faith? Yes, it has.

        I do not know you and your heart and you do not know mine. Neither do I know Kim’s heart. I just know his actions. But it sounds like you are trying to judge me and Kim. I thought that was left up to God. Could Kim be a false prophet? Yes, but there is nothing that I have seen at this time to say yes. We are all human and are all sinners. Especially I and I assume that includes you and Kim as well since there has only been one sinless person. The bible teaches us that there will be prophets (sinners) and people (sinners) with visions in the last days. If Kim is not a prophet, then I cannot wait to see the real ones. Image the impact they will have. But wait, were not most of the prophets in the bible run out of town or killed since no one liked their message.

        I hope we can have an open discussion. Because people’s lives are at stake. If 1000 or 100 or 10 or 1 person gave their life to Christ because of Kim’s ministry is that not a victory.

        And if I have offended you in anyway, may I ask your forgiveness. That is never my intent. I have just not seen anything in Kim’s ministry that would make me condemn him. And even if I did, that is not my place.

        BTW, I just re-read Kim’s prophecy about the Pope. Let us hope it is true. Why? Because there are more Catholics in the world than any other denomination. God loves all people and hopes that all are to come to him by faith. If time is short, and I believe it is, would god not do all that he can to try and bring the Catholics back to him. Would god not intervene and create a transformation in the Catholic Church to have them realize that we are saved by faith and not by works. Why would god or you or I wish to condemn so many people? I have many family members and friends that are Catholic. I hope every day that they will see the errors in their way and the Catholic Church. Kim even states that the transformation will be so great, that the establishment will try and kill him. Wow, imagine if such a transformation could occur what a glorious day it would be.

        So in closing, I can only hope that Kim is correct.

        • LOL … dude, you would have to be a leper, female, priest who is guilty of murder in order to keep all 613.

          Look, if you are from the US, do you have any problem keeping the (literally) thousands of laws that are in place? No you don’t …

          Just keep the ones that pertain to you. You know, the religious elite lied to you … read the Torah for yourself and you will see that it’s not impossible.

    • Maria Theresa

      I agree with you. This Pope Francis is a Socialist NWO Globalist who will most likely be the predicted FALSE PROFIT that assists the ANTI-Christ who the Holy Bible predicts will be a MUSLIM man rising up out of the old and “mortally wounded by WWI which rises up to life again from the OTTOMAN EMPIRE LANDS (Now Syria-Turkey).
      The mark of the Beast is the CULT of ISLAM or die by beheading.
      Allah is 👹 Satan. Yeshua ( Jesus) will descend to Jerusalem as He went up from the Mount and he will return as a Jew to kill the Islamic Anti-Christ.
      Read Joel Richardsons Book entitled “The Islamic Anti-Christ!”
      Praise God. Look up and be ready for the return of JESUS Hallelujah ✝️

  16. gert

    I believe the last prophet died on the cross. Why do we need someone this earth to tell us what is going to happen when he left it all in a book.
    If you want the word put in words that anyone can understand listen to Les Feldick.

    • Sorry, but there were prophets after Yeshua. For example,

      Act 21:10-11 And as we tarried there many days, there came down from Judaea a certain prophet, named Agabus. And when he was come unto us, he took Paul’s girdle, and bound his own hands and feet, and said, Thus saith the Holy Ghost, So shall the Jews at Jerusalem bind the man that owneth this girdle, and shall deliver him into the hands of the Gentiles.

  17. david brock

    kim was deceived this pope francis is against christ and worships islam and wants to usher in the anti christ the baphomet the devil lucifer. he is NOT A CHRISTIAN THE CATHOLIC CHURCH HAS BEEN OVER RUN WITH LUCIFERIANS AND HE WANTS THE OTHER PROTESTANTS TO KISS HIS RIG FINGER WHICH THEY HAVE ALREADY DONE.

    • Tim

      I am Catholic and I also believe that the Bible cannot contradict itself. There are many good traditional Catholics out there that totally disagree with Pope Francis. He is similar to many socialists and non-traditionalist Catholics who are ruining our church these days. He seems to tolerate homosexuals in the church and in the priesthood which I cannot tolerate because the Word of God says they are condemned. Like many people in the South America, the Pope is too far to the left for me. He is just like so many in our country who believe that “everything is acceptable”. Pray for those Catholics that believe the way the Christ and the Apostles taught. Truth is unchangeable and should not be changed because of the way the world thinks. I didn’t know too much about Kim Clement except several of my Pentecostal friends thought the world of him. But I go by the Old Testament rules for prophets: if they did not speak God’s word one time, they were not a true prophet at all. If Kim Clement stated that the apostolic church (Catholicism) was legitimate, that would be OK. But to say that Pope Francis is legitimate, I cannot agree with it. He and some of his followers are destroying what is left of the Catholic Church.

      • Maria Theresa

        I agree with you. This Pope Francis is a Socialist NWO Globalist who will most likely be the predicted FALSE PROFIT that assists the ANTI-Christ who the Holy Bible predicts will be a MUSLIM man rising up out of the old and “mortally wounded by WWI which rises up to life again from the OTTOMAN EMPIRE LANDS (Now Syria-Turkey).
        The mark of the Beast is the CULT of ISLAM or die by beheading.
        Allah is 👹 Satan. Yeshua ( Jesus) will descend to Jerusalem as He went up from the Mount and he will return as a Jew to kill the Islamic Anti-Christ.
        Read Joel Richardsons Book entitled “The Islamic Anti-Christ!”
        Praise God. Look up and be ready for the return of JESUS Hallelujah ✝️

    • Maria Theresa

      The Trump family members did NOT kiss the Pope’s Ring. I was watching for that. President Trump will NOT BE FOOLED BY POPE FRANCIS which is why Pope does not care for Trump who is ANOINTED by God!!
      Kim Clement prophesied TRUMPMwould win and stay in office for 2 terms!
      Praise The Lord Jesus✝️

  18. Elaine

    Its been prophesied a long time ago that the POPE is instrumental in the end times.

    • Elaine

      Its coming to pass already The Pope wants unification with Protestant churches. Bring all his stray sheep back to one fold.

    • I guess you got a point there, the pope is being used… but it’s not to unite His Body like Mr. Clement “prophesied”. More like the Francis is being used to unite the apostate church.

  19. Kevin

    First of all I have never once heard a so called prophet of God not being called a false prophet by somebody else. From Billy Graham, David Wilkerson, David Jeremiah it doesn’t matter who it is you can always find somebody online that tries to convince you that so and so is a false prophet. I know nothing or never even heard about Kim Clement until he prophesied in 07 that Donald Trump would be elected president. Is he the real thing or another false prophet? I guess that depends which person or article you are reading.

    • Maria Theresa

      Kim Clement was NOT a false prophet but he was anointed by GOD and his prophesies about Donald John Trump becoming the President for 8 years as God’s anointed servant have come true!! 🇺🇸 The Spirit of God predicted this starting in 2007.
      Kim Clement predicted Trump to be who God would use to PURGE THE LAND of USA from all the Evil factions trying to destroy it (Secularism, Anti -Christian Globalism). His Hand would be on President Trump to restore & protect CHRISTIANITY in what God calls His Nation 🇺🇸 that he formed from Judaism-Christian Laws and Principles!
      That a restored Christian USAB will STAND WITH 🇮🇱 ISRAEL in the END OF DAYS against the Islamic BEAST which will thus secure & save our USA from APOCALYPTIC extinction bc we stood with Israel 🇮🇱
      Hallelujah ✝️

  20. Dave Black

    Kim Clement works for the “dark side”, Epesians 6:12. It’s good that many of you know that. Many of the speculations pointed out here are also correct. I will point out that the end is a long time coming. Even in your natural mind, it will be some time before all the 4,300 religions on the planet are molded into only one. My wife and I have been shown independent of each other that it will be many centuries before that happens, so relax on that issue. Get yourselves ready however, because you must become more Christ like while you still have breathe in your lungs, not some magical event later to hope for. Each of you have 2 angels watching you all the time, so get yourselves ready now while you can. 99% of the prophets on this planet are false, don’t be misled by them, they’re just doing their job to entice you. You are the one being tested, many of them are already condemned. Follow the commands and “love the Lord your God with all your being and He will guide you as He promised.

    • Maria Theresa

      You are wrong Dave Black. Read the books of JOEL RICHARDSON who takes you thru the Holy Bible via chapter & verses…. showing all the Linked prophesies going step by step to point out what Jehovah God and Christ Jesus prophesied so His Children who are called by His Name will understand!
      Do read it so you will be enlightened🙏 too as to what is coming. God bless !!

  21. Samual Yoder

    Everything is going according to YHWH’s plan, YHWH’s will. No true believer should be taken by surprise by any event unfolding in these last days.

    We are like Lot now…..”And delivered just Lot, vexed with the filthy conversation (behavior) of the wicked:” 2 Peter 2:7, we are continually vexed by the wickedness not only of our neighborhood & city we live in, but vexed by the wickedness of the whole world!

    Our function is to overcome, remain steadfast to the end. Be a witness for YHWH & our Master, King Yahshua.

    Other then that we lift up our head and recognize our redemption draws near.

  22. NSlone

    I totally agree after reading what was said. I don’t think so. It seems to be so much like what is written in Daniel as well as in, I think, Revelation.

  23. Carrie Chapman

    “Thus saith the Lord”. . . . . . it’s time to get alone with the Holy Ghost, open the Word; ENOUGH with TV Prophets! Are your ears itching for a “word”? To the lazy, sleeping world ———-
    don’t fall into the deception! TELEVISION -Tell a vision?
    Sick of sensational media and prophets 401c3 – tax free non-profit trash that people fund?

  24. John the Baptist the 2nd

    There are Yahweh ordained reasons and specific purposes for false prophets in the days in which we find ourselves , as there were centuries ago. Clement is doing his job and fulfilling Yahweh’s reasons and purposes for one such as he. That does not mean that ‘YOU’ , yes , ‘You” , the soul reading this —this moment—-, has to be deceived– unless you enjoy it so and want to be. If warm fuzzy feelings are all you really want and are seeking, all that you truly crave deep within, I assure you that The enemy of our souls has more than enough power, ability and experience to provide you with the fulfillment of those needs, as does Clement.

  25. Patti

    I’m sure God is going to use this pope but not in the way Kim Clement says. As a matter of fact, this is the only pope that has really bothered me, almost from the beginning. The things he has said & done have given me reason to be very concerned. He may not be the anti-Christ, but I’m wondering if he may be one of his allies.

    • Jacque Coffee

      Good word, brother. I think you’ve accurately called it. Thankyou. One comment though, and I’ve given these things a lot of thought and prayer for over 40 years… perhaps he is not the Antichrist, but rather the false prophet, as his mission seems to be to make all religions as one in a/the NWO. Going from The Prophecies of Malachey in Catholic cricles (I think he was murdered. This was from centuries ago)…(See Dr. Tom Horne’s Book, “The Last Pope”, I think it is), to Islamic prophecy which states that JESUS will stand behind the Mahdi and proclaim the Christians to be swine (and the Jews), (see Joel Richardson’s books) and that he had been wrong before when He ministered in the world (I.e. biblical truth)… but now he puts his support as second-in-command to the Mahdi. So here’s my limited “take”: if people are going to think it is really JESUS standing with the Islamic caliphate to destroy the tenets of Christianity and demand allegiance to Allah, then there is only one who could fill that bill: “The Vicar of Christ”. VICAR-iously. Either way, the man is not safe. Thanks for your time.

      • I think you’re right that the pope is probably the false prophet. Horn’s book (I think it was called “Petrus Romanos” was really good!

        I don’t know if you’ve been keeping up with what has been going on in Jerusalem lately (specifically September 2016) but it may help to shape your “take” on what is going on. I was sent this link from a friend of mine:


        Please forgive the “old forum” format… but there is a lot of info here. I agree with some, but probably not all of it… nonetheless, it’s worth the read!

        • Brian Hennessy

          Kevin – As a former Catholic, I like and agree with all you are saying about Rome and the Pope (and Kin Clement). But after studying Rev. 17 and 18 I no longer think the Pope is the False Prophet (which I did for a long time). My reason: The Beast (AC), along with the ten nations who give him their power, destroy the Whore who rides on their backs. I believe the Whore (Mystery Babylon) has to be Vatican Rome. If so, why would the Pope as the False Prophet assist AC to destroy Rome? Doesn’t fit. But we are all speculating here and anything is possible..

          • I actually agree with your assessment in part. This article was written a couple years ago and I’ve done some further thinking about the situation. My wife brought up a good point in that the harlot has played a key role in the bible from beginning to end. The harlot is not some wanton woman who just decided to go out and commit fornication… almost every time it talks of her leaving her husband. So she was married BEFORE she turned to harlotry and committed adultery. We know that Israel left her husband (Yahweh) and was even likened to a prostitute in one of the prophets (Hosea?). Perhaps it has more to do with Israel and the temple situation… I’m not sure. Gonna have to chew on that a bit.

  26. JenDez

    he’s gonna use the “key of david to find material ” that’ll impact the world huh?
    so i guess that means it won’t be long now before the RIC finally obliterates their birth child “Islam” and finally gains control of the temple mount in Jerusalem where they will “find” material to construe and deceive the world into thinking that lucifer is god.
    indeed the end is near

  27. Rocky


    The Holy Spirit does lead us. If you want to discern the false from the genuine, read the Bible. Everything we need in this life is found in His Word. If you believe that we are led by feelings or dreams, you will be deceived.

    • Maria Theresa

      Yup ~ Read the Holy Bible to include the Old Testament which many Christians don’t do or understand. Pope is NOT ANTI-CHRIST the man —!but he could be the “False Prophet” predicted who supports the ISLAMIC ANTI-CHRIST bc FRANCIS is ignorant of the prophesies in all of the Bible. This does NOT make all CATHOLICS bad people or list souls. They do accept Jesus as their savior!!!
      Pray for this Pope🙏

  28. Faith

    Hi and blessings!

    I remember hearing about that back then on another blog and thought the same thing as you. It just hits you what the evil plan is. All you have to do is replace the word ‘God’ with ‘devil,’ in those lines above and you have it. I think that role is given to him by the devil, all things are lining up in that way with him. All the agendas he’s up to and all. Email me and I will send you my blog roll list.
    ( :

    • vi lafond

      People tend to miss the scriptures on the deliberate deceivers that come into the church. There are many that are doing this to destroy the church and lead them astray. We need to be discerning and let the Holy Spirit show us the false prophets. I believe that Kim Clement has been planted to lead people astray. Looking back through church history the Jesuits were the henchmen of the Catholic church and they are educators of many different organizations that go in and feed people lies. We have an enemy that is clever and if he cannot not get you in one area he tries another. When the Lord sent me to Massachursetts to live for 5 years the ‘Moonies’ were very active there and they came and infiltrated the churches. They were in the services and bible studies. We are in a real battle and most people do not know it. Thanks Kevin for exposing it.

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