1. Jeanie Consiglio

    If you know anything about prophecy would know that we can get a word from the Lord often it’s an impression and we can add our own twist on it that doesn’t mean we’re a false prophet it doesn’t mean we haven’t heard from the Lord it just means we’re human and we have our own biases so you have to test it by the spirit yourself stop calling people false prophet you are on Shaky Ground

    • Kevin Kleint

      You’re on shaky ground for following the latest trendy teaching instead of the Word of God. Put your idolatry away.

  2. Jeanie Consiglio

    This article did not mention any specific anything that Kim Clement did except endorse the pope which I agree it was not good but not one other thing is mentioned that he did very General. If you did not like his style that is fine but to call him a false prophet is a pretty scary thing for you to be doing

    • Kevin Kleint

      8 comments in one post? Wow … you must be a fan of Mr. Clement. I gave 8 links to other posts detailing the characteristics of false prophets according to the bible. Check them out.

  3. Tara m smith

    I was recently very impressed with Kim Clements prophecies until I heard him talking about bill gates. He said bill gates will open the gates to financial liberation or something like that. This was very alarming to me. Bill Gates is a known Eugenicist who openly admits to wanting to decrease world population by at least 15%. Now same bill gates is pushing for a vaccine that has a digital tattoo, has a technology that uses the human body to mine crypto currency and the patent for it ends with 060606. Could this cyrpto currency technology that Bill gates has RIGHT now be the very thing that “opens the gates of financial freedom”. It quite literally sounds like the mark of the beast to me. Why would Kim Clement be presenting this to us almost like it will be a blessing?! This seriously worries me. I think he was a false prophet. Sorry ya’ll.

  4. George

    I had not heard of KC before reading your article and correct me if I am wrong but a true prophet has to be 100 % correct in their prophesy. So in reading your article I was looking for incidents of unfulfilled prophecies by KC. I saw none in your article therefore without such info I cannot agree with your article.

  5. David

    Wow. You carry a heavy burden thinking your the sherif of the kingdom. Sounds to me your a bit jealous of Kim Clement. He like the rest of us had flaws but to question his salvation? Thankfully God Is the final judge and without His mercy we are all lost. Run your own race 🙂

  6. Esther C

    Can you share examples of how element fits in those categories you have listed?

    Due 18:19-22.

    Words that he has spoken wouldn’t you say they are happening now?

  7. Myrna

    I can’t say that I was ever a follower of Kim Clement, but I was recently listening to some of his prophecies, well actually I had listen to one when he was speaking of how God would place His trump in the White House. Well, I remember hearing him say that he would be quiet and not speak enough, and people would say he needed to speak more. Well, that isn’t how I would have described Trump then or now as our President. Then just the other day, I was listening to something else of his, and please understand that my prayer to the Lord is “please don’t let me be deceived “ so I question everything. I was listening to him and then he mentioned something about Pope Francis. His comment sounded like he supported him. So I immediately googled to see if there was anything out there that showed where he stood on the Pope. Because the Pope has spoken many words against God and Jesus. The Pope is currently forming and promoting a 1 world religion! We can not unite with people who do not believe and receive Jesus the Messiah as the ONLY WAY TO THE FATHER! So thank you for your article that showed the “ prophecy “ that the Pope is chosen by God as His mouth piece . Wow thank the Lord that He is keeping me from being deceived.
    Thank you

    • Jeanie Consiglio

      The New Testament continually says we are to test the prophecies not judge the prophet we are all responsible to by the Holy Spirit within us test do not call people a false prophet you are on Shaky Ground

      • Kevin Kleint

        If you define your doctrine by only the New Testament, you’re sorely deceived. I’m not threatened by your “Shaky Ground” comments. If it looks like a wolf, smells like a wolf and acts like a wolf … it’s not a prophet. Continue to not be deceived, Myrna … Jeanie lit this post up with 8 comments, so she’s obviously triggered.

  8. Jacob Ezra Angelakis

    I thank God that you have been given discerment. Just to confirm you are spot on. In fact i have only met and seen false prophets. I have been looking all my life for a real one but have only seen false ones. It literally turns my stomach and a righteous anger builds up inside of me and I pray against them all every time.

  9. John Jones

    Dear sir . I have watched his videos of him prophesying , and something inside of me just had a problem with how he was going about it . I felt uncomfortable . A true prophet never misses on his prophesies , they are always on the mark right down to the final t and doted i. Yes a lot of his stuff has come true , but I set and watch the type of preachers that Mr . Trump has around him , the woman especially . They speak great flowing words way above a normal persons head , and speak of a plant your seed and reel your monetary reward well being type of Christianity .
    A person really has to be careful whaat he listens to , and then when you do , you had better chew it over real good and apply the scriptures and prayer to it , and let the Holy Ghost lead you . Now days it’s hard to find a Preacher who really preaches the whole Gospel, without chopping it up.
    Clement said that Trump will be elected a second term , I don’t know about that . By saying that and people believing it , I wonder how many will stay away from the polls because they are sure that his prophecy is true . The devil is a kiniver and schemer and I’m sure that he wouldn’t want him in for a second term . Trump has Ben good for Christians, he has turned back the table on a lot of bad things . Another four years what else would he accomplish . I believe that the Lord put him in office . I have mixed feelings about some of the people around him . I pray for him daily .
    The Lord is comming for His Church soon in the Rapture , how soon I don’t know . But every day it gets closer and looks more like it than ever . We are living in the most exciting time of the Church , He’s comming for a people who are looking for Him . I am looking . God Bless You

    • Jacob Ezra Angelakis

      I am also eagerly waiting for his arrival. Trump will probably win in 2020 but you dont have to be a prophet to make that prediction. If trump isnt elected then shawn boltz will also be exposed for the false prophet that he is too. These guys make me sick but the Lord has every single thing in control. We just trust in Him its that simple. I believe a real prophet would never ask for a single dime.

      • Jeanie Consiglio

        The New Testament continually says we are to test the prophecies not judge the prophet we are all responsible to by the Holy Spirit within us test do not call people a false prophet you are on Shaky Ground

    • Jeanie Consiglio

      If you know anything about prophecy would know that we can get a word from the Lord often it’s an impression and we can add our own twist on it that doesn’t mean we’re a false prophet it doesn’t mean we haven’t heard from the Lord it just means we’re human and we have our own biases so you have to test it by the spirit yourself stop calling people false prophet you are on Shaky Ground

      • Kevin Kleint

        This is a lie, straight out of the prophetic movement handbook. Stay with what the Word (all of it) says … God didn’t establish a way of doing things and then just change it up 4000 years later.

  10. Fabian Joseph Brijlal

    Dear Kevin
    Awesome list of 10 signs of false Prophet’s! Though i do take issue with some of them:
    1-False Prophets look like sheep…….i agree……but so do True Prophets!!! So this first “sign” is nonense
    2-False Prophets draw a crowd…so do True Prophets!!! Clearly you have forgotten about the Prophet Jonah who was sent to an entire rebellious city of Ninevah….i think an entire city is more than a crowd right? So thats another sign that’s nonense…
    3-False Prophets produce signs and wonders etc…….so do true Prophets!!!! And please don’t tell me those are false signs….because how do you differintiate between a false sign and a true sign? By who it glorifies? I can tell you unequivocally that people impacted by Kim Clements life glorify GOD.
    The correct application of scripture to judge whether a Prophet is false or not is what JESUS said-you will know them by their fruit. The fruit of Kim Clements ministry is 1 000’s of people have come into the kingdom of GOD,many including myself have been changed for the better and give glory to GOD,people believe in the Word of GOD and in GOD’S Prophets. That is Kim Clements fruit. I choose to go by what JESUS says,not by misapplied scripture.

    • Kevin Kleint

      It’s funny how people use the term “misapplied scripture” for anything that disagrees with their view. I do realize that just listing out the traits doesn’t really give the depth behind it … that’s on me. But if you actually read the posts, you’ll see that I list and explain them under the context of discerning prophets using the “2 or 3 witnesses” found in scripture. That further narrows down the playing field. I comment on the “fruit” in the posts.

      Beyond that, if you choose to continue to worship the TBN icons put in the spotlight, that’s on you. I can’t do nothing to change that. So-called “modern day prophets” look nothing like a prophet … by OT or NT standards.

      All the best …

  11. Pam Lester

    I don’t believe Kim Clement was false. He said all of his prophetic words back in 2007 2009 excetera and they are coming to pass as we speak. That is the true test of a prophet

  12. Johnny D. White

    Im not posting this with the intent to defame Kim Clement but rather as an attempt to expose how deeply the occult has infiltrated into the charismatic church community.

    I first became aware of Kim Clement years ago when i came across a online article esteeming him as a modern day profit of God. I was quite curious as to who he was so i then referred to Mr. Clements website.

    On his personal bio page there was quite a bit of impressive info on his gifts, talents and ministerial accomplishments.

    I also read a excerpt detailing a well known “unexplainable and mysterious spiritual manifestation” that had occured during a particular worship service “for which there is no logical explanation as to why it happened”.

    The “manifestation” occured during a moment of worship where Mr. Clement was “ministering under the annointing” while seated at and playing the piano.

    The article stated that numerous occultic symbols had suddenly appeared, and were circling the piano, as if they had been deeply imprinted into the carpet as if by extremely heavy objects.

    The article was written as though there was no real explanation for the occurrence.

    I immediately sent a email to the webmaster explaining that the word “occultic” translates as something being hidden. And the only real logical explanation is that someone there most likely had discerned occultic activity was present and therefore had commanded it to be exposed in the Name of Jesus Christ.

    I checked the website again thirty minutes later and found that the info concerning the appearance of the occultic symbols had been completely removed.

    I never received a response to my initial email and my follow up email was kicked back as being non-receivable by the recipient.

    The charismatic church as a whole is enduring precarious times when a man can gain the reputation of being a “cream of the crop prophet of God” but is a chronic failure in accuracy of the prophecies he issues forth.

    What kind of prophet has a 50% accuracy record in what he issues forth? The answer to that is one who is incapable of a 100% record of accuracy.

  13. Diana

    There is a lot of good information, scriptural backed presentation in your work. I don’t see the typical infantile snakiness in your words that most articles and websites like yours seem to be flooded with.

    I do disagree with some things you say or believe but it is good to read something other than what the so called prophets are saying….I do believe you are absolutely wrong about Kim Clement meeting all 10 of the false prophet criteria. For me you lose credibility when you have no true prophets to speak of. There are too many scriptures about true prophets for you to casually toss them out with the false. I would seriously challenge you to use your criteria, signs, knowledge of scripture and experience to come up with some true prophets or just be up front and say you believe anyone who prophesies is a phony… I am highly skeptical of anyone calling themselves any title but especially “prophet”…however I do believe they are a gift and ministry to the body TODAY…and try though I might I can only find those who accept everyone that makes it big as a prophet or those who wipe the prophets out of the New Testament section of the Bible entirely.

    I do appreciate the pains you take to document events, even those being changed or hidden by the originators….and I am familiar with church leadership trying to erase or hide anything that would reflect badly on them.

  14. I’ve really been on the fence regarding whether Kim was a true or false prophet. In fact, the more I know, the less I understand. I want believe Kim was a true prophet, but there are times when an inkling of doubt trickles into my consciousness. Maybe he was a true prophet…after all when I first heard of Kim, back in 2007, he was relatively unknown. He had a different approach to speaking and teaching, using his musical training. He spoke a lot about his understanding back then, and had some healing services. Next came his remarkable claims about a new man on the horizon, who would right all the wrongs in America after an abysmal 8 dreadful years of the Muslim leaning Obama. The man turned out to be Trump, which I initially thought to be absurd, knowing Trump’s reputation as an arrogant loudmouth. Then, Trump WON, proving the prophecies right, and my opinion changed again. Subsequent prophecies have also come to pass along with those of other people (John Paul Jackson, Mark Taylor) who have ‘seen the future.’ Kim also has a number of prophecies adhering to the belief that Trump was chosen to raise up America. He also had the sincerity of a humble preacher, very gifted and with a deep knowledge and apparent love for the Lord. Then, too, was the girl, Akaine Krameric, who, during years of visions and communication with the Lord, beginning at age 4, painted beautiful pictures of Jesus. Her most well known picture of Jesus is the one that little Colin Burpo claimed to have seen in heaven. The boy had been ill, died and met Jesus in heaven during his brief stay there. He was eventually resuscitated. Remember, he was merely 4 years old at the time. Later, when shown a picture painted by Akaine, he said her painting was the face of Jesus, whom took care of him in heaven. So, that piece of the puzzle seems truthful. If the painting, artist, little boy are correct and speak truth, doesn’t it stand to reason that Akaine, whose trust and love for Kim, in whom she believed to be a true prophet seems to bear truth? So, here is where I am: Stuck right here in the Middle again. This is where my thinking has led me today: First, Trump could be God’s chosen man to bring peace to the world. After all, there will be a short period of peace in the world before it all goes sour. It does not mean that we blindly decide he is antichrist. Eventually, when the lawlessness one rears his head, and pulls it all together he could either be the antichrist or a prophet whom God has sent to grant us a reprieve, thereby allowing more time for more people to receive the gift of Salvation through Christ Jesus. He might be helpful for a while but then do an about face and show the evil side. Or, conversely, he really could turn things around for America and Israel and of course, spare us for a brief period of time. We just don’t know who the great Deceiver is YET. While we all are looking under every rock, we still do not know. I, for one, take this very seriously because I have a lot of relatives whose eternal future is at stake, depending on which way things go. For now, I am waiting. I like how Trump is fearless in the face of adversity, but hate his temper and foul mouth. I like how he is cleaning up the corruption in Washington DC. I am glad he has worked to defeat the democratic Obama democratic machine. I am glad he stands behind Israel. His own son in law is Jewish and Trump calls the younger man his son. Wouldn’t the antichrist hate his son, or the rest of his children? Then, there is the issue of the Pope. Is he the false prophet? I think a lot will be made clear if the two men join forces, which,right now sees to be a stretch. So, for the moment, I am withholding judgment on KIM Clement. Watching, waiting; God will reveal everything in due time. I know he will reveal the truth to my heart and to my understanding. First, foremost and ONLY thing we are to be sure of is this: Who is my Savior? Do I trust Him enough to wait for Him to lead me and Not jump to my own conclusions? We are to watch, be wary, trust the Lord with all our hearts and ‘lean not on our own understandings.’ We are human, and our thinking/understandings are flawed at best. I think we are simply to keep open the lines of communication with the Lord, put our trust, faith and hope in Him. He will show us the way, because He said so.

  15. Linda Bejarano

    Dear brother Kevin,

    This is my first time reading/responding to your article.

    Funny how when someone speaks or brings the truth to light, many say “you’re judging.” What would they have said to Paul the apostle, when he exposed Hymenaeus and Alexander, as having rejected the faith? Jesus, Himself, exposed the Pharisees. We are not to be ostriches with our heads in the sand. We are to be sober and vigilant, using the Word of God to test every spirit.

    The sad thing is…I too, was part of all that prophetic wash. The very thing God gave me as a gift, others wanted to exploint. I stayed quiet, because they did not want to hear the truth, only the good things. I wouldn’t “perform” for them any longer, as God had opened my eyes to see His truth.

    False teachers, preachers and prophets will not be exempt, because they were misguided or tricked or mislead. The Lord will hold us all accountable. He has given us everything we need “pertaining to life and godliness…” 2 Peter 1:3-4. It is up to us to work out our own salvation with fear and trembling.

    Thank you for speaking the truth through God’s Word. It is a hard, but blessed path to follow.

    Linda <)))<

  16. Maria Mosquera

    That’s funny I did leave another comment on how it’s so easy to judge others The Lord says if You Judge You will be Judged too.In Other Words God knows everything and He gives us discernment of good and evil and and Sometimes We are quick to say the negative of a Person and forget to point out the good of a Person but since You know it All there’s no need to tell You anything Kevin You have Condemed a Dead Man and send him to hell because he was a False Prophet according to Your evaluation of Prophet Kim Clement the Word of the Lord is Fire and it will burn All that is False on that Day of Our Works….

    • Danny Trussell

      I agree with Maria Mosquera. There are many who say Billy Graham was a false preacher also. They list this reason and that. But, Billy Graham was not a false preacher. Kim Clements may have not been perfect. I have no idea how he kept Matthew 5-7. But, I don’t know anybody who kept the Sermon on the Mount perfectly. To me, Jesus showed how we have all sinned and fall short of God’s standard. But, it’s His grace by which we are saved. It’s by the blood of Jesus. And, it’s Jesus whom we will stand before after our death. He is the judge.

      Yes, we can look at scripture and say this or that about another person. This person falls short here. This person is better over there. But, God is judge.

      I get so tired of Christians blasting each other….

      • Bonnie

        I agree and sinners always hear, grab on to and believe the bad things christians do and say about other Christians

        • Kevin Kleint

          You are entitled to your opinion. The whole reason why the church is where it’s at today is because people refused to address the issues. They try to sanctify it with a false “grace” mantra, but the truth is they are merely tolerating sin.

  17. Maria Mosquera

    Then he’s Conversion was False?I believe God chooses his Prophets and if they backslide like a lot do,due to being human and we are not Perfect,See that You don’t fall either.To Point out whose A False Prophet or not takes Discernment of the Holy Spirit and You don’t see him as Your Brother in Christ…….God is Our Judge at the End!!!

  18. Sharon Howarth

    Bravo! While speaking the truth is not a performance art, per se, you certainly honor Abba Yah as you witness here to His words of truth.

    Kim Clement has been silenced — the lies and pandering are finished, no longer flowing from lying lips. It is sad, that he was deceived into lawlessness.


    Show mercy to Your sheep, gone astray and send Your goodness and truth to us like a mighty river, that runs pure from Your throne. Let us hear YOUR voice.

    Thank you Kevin for this safe place of respite from the lies.

  19. I love you ,brother Kelvin.you have said it all.Am glad we still have people who know the truth.May God bless you and promote your write up.please share it everywhere ,YouTube,Facebook,.Kim must be exposed.he is false for endorsing Francis.I don’t care if he ever gave accurate prophecies ever.all are take.I rule him out and will never listen to his trash again.thanks a lot

  20. Jojo

    The “Kim Worship” on Elijah List was something that bothered me, as do all of the other “extreme” sounding accolades (e.g. “when so-and-so puts out a word we stand up and take heed”, and “so-and-so’s ministry is this and this and this and this and this and this and everything they say means the world will be turned upside down!”). I was not familiar with Kim’s work or words and when I went back over some of them, I was underwhelmed (nothing resonated with me through the Holy Ghost) and it disturbed me. Once upon a time I might have thought “what am I missing here” or even chalked it up to brother/sister “super” Christian being more spiritual than me, but not anymore.

    My problem with the eulogy-type posts was not to mourn the loss of a friend (if indeed he was a real friend, and not merely an acquaintance), but how often they were more about the word given to “me” about this person, and the other connecting line that was drawn between the words that were and are being posted. In short, how much of the “words” being put out are true, inspired by the Holy Spirit words? If I did nothing else but travel in circles with people who eat sleep and breathe this day in and day out, and are all reading each others words, wouldn’t most people (even the unsaved) conclude that your thinking becomes like that which you feed on and surround yourself with? It’s no secret that if everyone we’re with is seeing angels all the time, we’re going to be on the lookout for every angelic expression too. I do not discount the work and ministry of the angels, nor their ability to appear, rather I use this as an example of how all of a sudden it seems like one guy posts a word about something and then seemingly miraculously many others are posting the same…some even reference the existence of those other words that have been put out as PROOF for their word.

    I know there is supposed to be a multitude of witnesses…and that in many counselors there is wisdom, but the extreme amount of “credentials” everyone has…”friends” everyone has…”agreement” everyone has…becomes suspect and therefore I do my own testing of the spirits to see what the fruit is.

    I do believe in prophecy and the working of the gifts of the Holy Spirit in the church today. Excesses, however, raise red flags for me, as does NOT taking the scriptures literally.

  21. Lords follower

    Hi! kevin. How are you. First of all i do know who Kim Clement was. But only watched him like once. I never needed to follow him to know the future because by gods grace of putting the overwhelming desire in me to know the scriptures, i see prophetic things all of the time! I see the world through a biblical world view. So i dont need people like kim clement. And if he was a false prophet? Then thats even more of a reason to not need him. I have the holy spirit in me and the scriptures to lead and guide me and show me things to come!
    But what i want to say is this. You quoted iniquity as law. Yes that is true. And so many people do exactly as you did. First you have to look to see who jesus was speaking to then and there because (yes) the jews were still accountable to the law at that time! So that was a correct statement that jesus made then at that time. The jew was accountable to the law (until) the second jesus said “it is finished” and died on the cross! That was when the new covenant took effect. Not a second before that. And that new covenant is the new covenant of grace! Resting in the (finished) work of christ!!!!!!
    Thank you.
    God bless you!

  22. Sheri

    Old covenant: no room for error
    It had to be correct because it would all climax in the birth of the Son of God. And even so, these old testament prophets were fallible men, sinners, the same as you and I.

    New covenant:
    Room for mistakes if from a qualified heart, a heart with Yeshua in it-
    Born again!

    ALL of the apostles made mistakes, had arguments with others, etc. HOWEVER, He judged their hearts and allowed them to pin for Him.

    That’s one of many changes brought to the old covenant, now renewed, by Yeshua’s death burial and resurrection.

    You my friend are in legalism. No, not the legalism of the old testament and its laws, simply the modern day legalism of interpreting scripture regarding others, and then clubbing them with it.

    Kim Clement was not perfect except that our Father God sees him the same way he sees you and me. We are IN Christ. That is the perfection in which we are now seen. Old things are passed away, all things are new. We should endeavor to always operate out of that. HOWEVER, (Hallelujah! Here is the beauty of the new covenant that you my friend are missing) if we make a mistake, it has already been forgiven through His work on the cross. When we become aware of the mistake we simply repent. So yes, God can use a man like Kim Clement, the same way he is using you. Regardless of your flaws. (And trust me you still have them, we all do) he’s using you. However, that which is perfect IS NOT YET COME for you and me.

    Kim Clement didn’t always hit the bull’s-eye, but many times he did. Those with discernment know this. Those who are not operating in the black and white letter of the law. Those that allow the Holy Spirit to do his job coupled with the written word and the Word made flesh.

    GRACE GRACE GRACE to you my friend!

    QUESTION: Have you ever made a mistake in administering the ministry of the Lord to others?

    If your answer is no, I Will be praying for you.

    • Fran

      You gave excellent points Sheri, I so agree with you. Kim directed people to the perfect Jesus. I did not see the arrogance in Kim such as in this writing that condemned him. This writer might heed the warning for himself.”Lord, I did all this for you”, but God was not pleased with that.
      Your writings sound like it is more about you. I don’t call myself a fan of Kim, that would be idolatry, but I do recognize a heart after God and those he gifted. He did not lead me to disobey God. I so appreciated the worship, teaching and prophesy he gave over the last years of his life that I was able to find fulfilling. I know he has a great reward in heaven regardless of any false words or even past false theology. That is not what will keep us out of heaven, but being arrogant, thinking we are God’s gifts may.

        • Ernst

          If you judge the New Testament by Old Testament teachings , you are very much deceived . New Testament Prophets are not in the same league as the Old Testament prophets . Paul admonished Timothy to rightly divide the Word of Truth. You sir are wrongly useing scripture and are very much in jeopardy of Rev. 3:15-16 , Lukewarm is not a place I would like to be in when Jesus comes back……..

          • Kevin Kleint

            Lukewarm means not picking a side. I’m definitely picking sides. Either your God changes, or He doesn’t. Mine doesn’t. Ask yourself, in Paul/Timothy’s day … what was considered “scripture.” I guarantee not one book in the NT existed at the time. I strongly suggest that you learn to “rightly divide” those scriptures … not according to doctrines inspired by the church fathers.

  23. Chad

    How can we say he was a false prophet when he always gave credit to Jesus. He never claimed any self credit. I am pretty new to all of this Christianity but to me it seemed as if he truly loved God and was really trying to spread the Gospel and get people to see that God really does love ALL of us even the imperfect ones. I feel the church looks down on so many even though Jesus said he didn’t come for the perfect ones. Only the sick need a doctor. We are not the judges and I guess the main thing to do is search your own heart through prayer. As for the law what I read in the New Testament (which is what contract we are currently under with God) Jesus said the only law we need to follow is love one another. It seems to me Kim loved all and in my eyes God loved him also. I pray that he is in heaven leading a band and worshipping beside our Lord.

    • Jojo

      I saw him in person once – he got the whole congregation into this weird frenzy – I was a part of it to my regret. Then I literally saw brimstone come through the roof of the church – soon after Kim said “Do you all see Jesus? Good! Cause this is the closest to him than you will ever get….”

      ((I stood there feeling totally- can’t explain it, just knew I regretted being there)

  24. Thank u my brother for your faithfulness to scripture as Paul warned Timothy they would be lead away by seducing spirits and doctrine of devils so it is today they don’t want truth because they don’t like truth. Keep parroting what scripture says. Love in the Christ our redemer

  25. remnt1777

    This is a well written article, based and backed by the unadulterated word of God. I pray for anyone who does not receive this article to be truth. We are living in a critical and deceptive hour spiritually. A superficial knowledge of the bible or relationship with God will no longer suffice in this hour. It is my desire for the body of Christ to pray for sharper discernment and deeper revelation of the spirit. Ultimately, it is the only way you will survive these end times.

  26. Daniel

    “MY SHEEP HEAR MY VOICE” and no, we dont follow another as Jesus Said we wouldn’t do.
    Youre not alone of your discernment of Kim. However I believe he knew at one time he he was in error but couldnt stop and turn because of pride and money.
    Pope Francis- when i saw on television his beimg named the Spirit of Jesus Christ in me was sorrowful. I was sick in my stomach tho i knew nothing about him. As many were singing his praises and touting his good works, I could hardly speak for the grieving of the Spirit. Everything that has followed has been exactly what the Spirit told me.
    Many have been given over to these false prophets and teachers who tickle their ears, they are teachers after their own heart, God gave them to them.
    Hopefully what you write will help those who are young and need to be led to the Truth, Jesus. “When the Spirit of truth comes He will testify of ME”. These feel good prophecies are a dime a dozen, these pastors and teachers are of the enemy who are of their ilk.
    I got hit hard for saying the truth, that “love” his followers talk about went poof! So there it is. And you know what? I mourn, I grieve for them, no matter how rude or hateful they are. I know their end is not good, they follow and have been duped by satans deceptive minions. May God know them who want the truth and pull them out of the muck.
    Its all so sad. The deception and them that are decieved and taken captive. The hate and animosity that comes out. But worse that they dont know JESUS CHRIST and the GENUINE SPIRIT OF GOD!

  27. wandakate

    Kevin, I didn’t really know who he was. I just knew his name (had heard it) but didn’t follow him or anything.
    Your description of a false prophet is very accurate.
    As for him being in heaven with Yeshua and Yahweh at this time, NO, the scriptures tell us that the dead know nothing, They don’t know what’s going on anywhere.
    He will rest (sleep as Yeshua said) in his grave until Yeshua comes. Some will go to everlasting life and others to shame and punishment.
    Doesn’t scripture say we sleep, we awaken at the rapture which is the resurrection of the dead or the glorious appearing of Yeshua in the clouds of heaven accompanied by a multitude of His heavenly angels?????
    As for this man’s works…Didn’t James tell us our FAITH without our WORKS is dead? He said we can’t be saved by only our faith, it must be coupled with our good works/deeds/obedience.
    I believe we are saved by faith, but will be judged by our works.
    Even in the last chapter of Revelation, it tells us that very thing. He will appear and his reward will be with him, to give to each according to his WORKS shall be.

    YESHUA said, “The harvest is plentiful, but the WORKERS are few.”

    Just like you stating the facts or truth of the word.
    And when they know the truth, the truth will set them free…

  28. Lee B. James

    Sir, I agree with your conclusions about Mr Clement, and quite clearly, every word of his “prophecies” is quite Satanic. I can’t believe anyone could think this man was a true prophet for one second.

    But I wanted to offer a slightly different perspective regarding identifying false prophets…

    I really do not think we should have to get into in-depth explanations, trying to logically justify our conclusions like the world would – for the world is not spiritual.

    If someone cannot see that Mr Clements was in bed with Satan, they are blind. You cannot educate the blind.

    If anyone wishes to defend Mr Clement – they are not born again of the Spirit of God. There is no point in trying to engage them or argue with them. You can’t argue someone into being a child of God. You either are, or you aren’t spiritual.

    But (I hope) you and I are spiritual men. We don’t operate on intellectual grounds, we operate on spiritual grounds.

    I identified Mr Clement as false based simply on his spiritual fruit, which, I’m sure you would agree, is the primary way that the Lord tells us to discern prophets (Matthew 7:15).

    It’s very simple: do they have the Holy Spirit or not? If a prophet clearly doesn’t have the Holy Spirit, and has some other spirit (in this case, the spirit of antichrist) then quite simply he is not of God.

    But if he has the fruit of the Holy Spirit, then he is our family, even if he is currently stumbling a little with his doctrine. Whoever is of our Spirit is our family. Whoever has the fruit of righteousness and has been cleansed from sin.

    I don’t think we need to rationalize it any further or make it any more complicated than that.

    The very instant I saw Mr Clement I could see that he had the spirit of antichrist. It is as plain as looking at a tree and seeing what is growing on it.

    Spiritual matters are not taught, nor learned. We don’t need to study the Bible in order to recognize the Holy Spirit. If we have been born of the Spirit then we ourselves are of the same Spirit as Christ, and we know our brothers by their spirit. That is why we are a separate and holy people, and why we can have no fellowship with those who are of the darkness.

    It would not matter what Mr Clement had been saying or teaching, even if it was 100% Biblically sound. His spirit is plain as soon as he opens his mouth and those evil noises come out. It is plain from the evil dark rooms he sits in, with that evil music playing, while he makes those awful shouting noises – all in complete contrast to the Spirit of God. It is plain by the demonic church he belongs to, which no true Christian could suffer to be a part of. It is all contrary to the Spirit of God.

    He is just like all the teachers out there who belong to the Satanic religion of “church”. It’s all counterfeit.

    Sir, I feel you are pandering too much to Satan’s people.

    Yes, Christians must always be polite and gentle, but that certainly does not mean we are afraid of what people will think of us!

    You seem to be worried about offending “the church”. Do you really care what the world thinks of you? Do you really expect anyone to like you if you belong to Christ?

    The Lord Jesus was beaten, stripped naked, and hung in shame bleeding to death before all the world, as they spat on Him and jeered cruel taunts at Him.

    If you and I are truly crucified with Him (if?) then we should be way beyond caring what those mockers think of us – the church-going people who hate Christ and spit on His Body at every turn.

    Since I was born again, I have just faced rejection after rejection from people calling themselves Christians. They hate me without any cause, and falsely accuse me constantly, because their father is Satan.

    Ought I to shrink back and withhold prophecy in case these Satanic people take offence to my preaching the truth?

    • Thank you sir, for your well thought out response. I agree that sometimes I spend too much time trying “pander” to the church. At the same time, there are those who are truly realizing that something is amiss in the mainstream church and they need the validation. They need to know that they are not wrong to sense these things. So I respond on a case-by-case basis. There were times when Yeshua, the apostles and Paul encouraged and there were times they rebuked. I’m trying to take the same approach. All the best…

      • Lee B. James

        Good answer sir 🙂 I know that every situation is different, and we do as we are led. Sometimes there is a need for a little more sensitivity, I appreciate that. I really just wanted to encourage you. The enemies of God (which, sadly, is the bulk of “church”) are never going to like us no matter what we say or do. Their attacks are never pleasant, but let’s not fear them, only the Lord 🙂

  29. George

    You guys don’t know the first thing about what you are talking about. I was around Kim and knew that one of the chief motivations of his heart was to be pure before God and to function in his GOD given ministry to advance God’s righteous cause in the earth. I know for a fact that his desire was to glorify God not himself. To say otherwise is completely ridiculous.

  30. Marie Schryver

    I’m sure that this will make a lot of people very angry but I want to thank you for your bravery.

    Father, please protect Kevin and his family from the shrapnel of those who put too many eggs in the Kim Clement basket. In Yashua’s Name, ahmein


  31. liz48

    It is The LORD who is the ONLY One Who helps you with your spiritual growth – see Matthew 23:8-10. Every human being who speaks is an instrument to bring forth The LORD’s Word in the dimension of the physical, IF they are faithful to Him and put everything else including themselves as nothing compared to being Faithful to be His Voice.

    The mark of someone who is of The LORD is HUMILITY and a constant reminder to people to look to The LORD and not to any person, including themselves. If someone speaks as a “prophet” and tells people to judge them from the number of times they have been right compared to wrong – I watched Kim Clement do that in an interview. It hit my spirit and I knew he was not in a personal relationship with The Father – where your heart cares nothing for your reputation but it is ALL about Him.

    A false prophet thinks nothing of showing a lack of reverence for claiming they are speaking for The LORD. A true prophet has a repentant heart and will take every step to avoid misleading people – they may choose to leave ministry for a season and admit they were wrong and repent before The LORD for using His Name to bring an error.

    The bottom line is to value others above yourself 1 Corinthians 13 and to care not for your own reputation but only to please The LORD. A true minister of The LORD is always dying to themselves and are conscious of the effect of their words and actions on the sheep and the lambs. If, for example, they spoke publicly their repentance should be public I am not dictating an absolute standard. It is an illustration of doing everything to cover your bases if you have gone wrong and want to put things right with Father and His Heart.

  32. Anne

    Hi Shirley and Don, I’m not arguing with you or challenging you here, but sincerely asking a question. What about the scriptures about not forsaking the gathering of ourselves together? And walking alone, well, even Jesus (although He was eventually completely deserted for a while, yes), did have his disciples, and many others who loved Him and wanted to be with Him. Also, there were schools of the prophets. So……….. is isolating and keeping oneself apart from the Body really what God is looking for? Believe me, I totally understand that desire, but none of us is perfect, so no matter where we go there are going to be imperfections in people, not to mention those in ourselves.

    • True prophets will not be in the public eye, nor will they be characterized by their foretelling. Foretelling is a byproduct of a prophet being faithful to his original charge, and that is to guide people back to the commandments of the Kingdom. The message of the prophet has always been the same throughout the Old and New Testament, it is always similar to this (and yes, this is a paraphrase):

      God is returning to set up His Kingdom! Repent from your wicked ways and return to His Ways! Obey His commands – all of them! If you do, GOOD things will happen! If you refuse, BAD things will happen!

      So, do I know some true prophets? Yes. I have a small handful of friends who are faithful to point me to the Torah of YHWH and let me know when I’m blowing it. Are they someone with a recognized ministry/web site/etc? No. In fact, a true prophet is usually despised because they rarely tell you what you want to hear.

      Sorry if this is a disappointing answer. If our paths ever cross, maybe I can introduce you to them?

      • ellyp

        Pj, honestly, the more we each “work out your own salvation with fear and trembling” and the more we delve deeply into the Bible and work to understand it and apply it to our lives, the louder the Spirit can “talk” to us. The louder the Spirit’s “voice” gets within us, the easier it is to discern if someone’s words and teachings align with what Yahweh has already given us directions for.

        If we want to understand and find teachers with a true prophetic gift from Yahweh, then we need to do what Jesus says, “If you love me, keep my commands.” Not simple in the execution of it but oh so powerful for us if we do it.

  33. Deborah shade

    I agree with you brother Kevin. We first heard of Kim when we were Christians who used to watch TBN faithfully. We never agreed on this matter. May he rest in peace, however, Judgment Day has not happened yet. People have misunderstood what happens at death. There is no one is heaven. The dead sleep in the grave and know nothing. Until resurrection day when some will rise to new life and some to eternal death and separation. As long as we allow these lies to continue people will never take the Bible and its’ teachings seriously.For some reason everyone believes we live and then we die and when we do our reward is heaven. This is sadly untrue.

    Bless you for not being afraid to speak out and bring truth to light.

    • My afterlife theology is currently in flux as there seems to be Scriptures supporting both sides of the argument. The question is what side do you choose?

      While I agree that we are not to judge a person’s destination, the Word gives pretty clear instructions as to what happens to false prophets… and it’s not entry into the Kingdom. Kim Clement is clearly a false prophet as he has claimed to speak in the Name of the Lord, his words haven’t come true and he has given a false representation of the character of God. At this point, I have to put 1+1 together and come up with 2, knowwhatimean?

      All the best…

  34. melechhaolam

    The greatest deception is that people often miss that there is spiritual power on the side of darkness – I have had accurate “prophecies” of future events given by people who openly served false “gods.” The ONLY test if someone is of The LORD is to test their fruits – Matthew 7, 1John 4:1. If you do not see the LORD’s Heart in them, they are not of Him, even if they do the most spectacular supernatural things like move a mountain by faith (belief) – see 1Corinth 13.

    If you touch the unclean thing you will be unclean – the unclean frequencies cling to you even if you are not deliberately engaging in them. So any ministry that is part of a pagan mixed system will be contaminated. There could be slivers of light and often people give credence to a church service or location for a supernatural encounter with The LORD when it was their heart’s openness and readiness that did it even if they don’t think so. The LORD looks on the heart – you will never hear from Him in a heart that is not ready for Him.

    If people don’t care about obeying the LORD in their lives, they are holding on to darkness and their supernatural manifestations would be not of the true LIGHT but of darkness. As the enemy can imitate light, the manifestations could look like they are true.

    Only a person who has Revelation from The LORD has authority to teach that Revelation. When human beings try to make those Revelations rules to be commonly applied then you have a religion. What is of The Father is constantly being shared by Him – and it may include something already shared but it has to have His endorsement for the NOW!

  35. Mike Smith

    The Church has lost the fear of God.
    Jesus was direct and to the point when He called the Pharisee’s Hypocrites, Brood of Vipers, White washed tombs son of hell.

    The Church seems to have forgotten that Ananias and Sapphira fell dead for lying to the Holy Spirit.

    What about Demas who deserted Paul and went back to worldly pleasures and Diotrephes who despised what the apostles had to say because he wanted first place in the Church. Did the above people make heaven upon their death? Did Kim Clement enter in upon his death? I will not answer those questions because I don’t know. One thing I do know is that I have a spiritually healthy dose of the fear of God. I am quick to repent when convicted by the Holy Spirit. I love the truth and attempt to walk it out (the full counsel of God’s word) in fear and trembling.

    Thank you again Kevin for another hard punching post that is direct and to the point much as the same way that Jesus would call it.

  36. John the Baptist the 2nd

    I am pleased by his death. He had been forewarned to cease his performances and prophecy. There but for grace go I or you. Who’s next ??

    • Randall

      Can you please give me any instances of how and by whom Kim Clement “had been forewarned to cease his performances and prophecy” ?

  37. Jeanne Theunissen

    Just one thing I would disagree with you on, Kevin. You said:

    ‘From the words of our Messiah – in whole (whom?) we claim to believe – it can be correctly deduced that the good deeds that you do in His name mean absolute “squat” when it comes to YOU knowing HIM.’

    Actually, that’s backwards. The whole question is whether HE knows US, as that is what Jesus said in Matthew ‘I never knew YOU; Depart from me…’. There are many people who THINK they know the Lord, but the Lord doesn’t know THEM.

    • I absolutely agree. But the question asked by many about Kim Clement (and other alleged “prophets”) is “Did they know God?” so I was addressing it from that perspective. But you are right in that it’s all about Him knowing Us, when it comes right down to it.

  38. Nick

    This must have been a hard thing to write Kevin. No doubt you’ll be attacked from all sides of churchianity for being brave enough to speak out against false prophets.

    I too dread hearing those words from the Master but like all of us I HOPE to hear “well done my good and faithful servant”. As a fellow traveler in the Way I can tell anyone stuck in the main stream that this article doesn’t fill me with pride. It saddens me and fills me with Godly fear. This is the best kind of fear a man can have because it enables me to say with confidence that like the apostle Paul I am the worst of sinners.

    I think you’ve done an excellent job of setting out the absolute tragedy that is the fruit of this type of ministry. Its sad that you will be vilified and hated by those who call you brother, but the truth will set some of those same people free.

    Thanks Kevin for continuing to stand on the wall and for edifying the Kingdom with the truth the wider church so sadly needs. I know you don’t do it for the ratings so thanks again brother.

  39. dr. Jeffrey Ady

    Way back in the early 2000s I went to Seattle [from Honolulu] for a ministry trip. Part of my experience there was a Kim Clement show. He did his usual musical magic, spoke prosperity and unity over the church in Seattle, and kicked Satan out! He had pastors, etc. jumping up and down…definitely his MO. Even then I was thinking “Wait a minute…this is his template for wherever he goes…”. Regardless of his “good works”, the Biblical test of a true prophet remains: 100% accuracy. Clement fails by a wide margin. His endorsement of Pope Francis was the last straw.

    Paul’s warning to the Ephesian believers in Acts really came true by the third generation. Makes me wonder if there is a correlation between that and the Torah’s several mentions of sinfulness and curses carrying down to the 3rd and 4th generation…

    Great analysis Kevin…As a pastor and academic I know this was a hard one for you to write. Best wishes in the Lord and–MARANATHA! to you and your readers–from Hawaii!

  40. Jenna

    I loved Kim and he helped me a lot in my spiritual growth. I disagree with you and I think despite what you say you are very disrespectful to write this right in the midst of our grief. Your a sad and judgemental person

  41. Don and Shirley Dorr

    Hello Kevin,

    Don and I want to thank you for your informative website speaking the truth which is rarely spoken. Jesus said, Beware of false prophets in sheep’s clothing, and see that no man deceive you. So many sheep are being deceived in these last days, and we have prayed like you to have our ears and eyes open to only the Master Yeshua and his precious, voice.

    One day while in the garden the Lord told me that we were going to have a lesson on prophets. He said remember this daughter….False prophets run in packs for they need one another….but a TRUE PROPHET OF MINE WALKS ALONE…LIKE JEREMIAH, EZEKIEL, DANIEL, JOHN THE BAPTIST, MOSES, ELIJAH, NOAH, AND MANY MORE. THE GREATEST PROPHET OF ALL TIME MY SON WALKED ALONE FOR THEY NEED NO MAN AS THEY SPEAK THE VOICE OF GOD UPON THEIR LIPS.






  42. Ryno Mc grath

    Kevin i was caught up with the Kim Clement revivals in South Africa in the late 80″s !

    I was a 19 year old in the military and attended a number of his meetings at Christian City (Theo Wolmarans)
    Around that time Benny Hinn and the rest of the gang were doing there bit in South Africa with their mumbo jumbo !!

    I concur with you on the article regarding him being a false prophet – may our Lord be merciful !!

    God Bless

  43. Nan

    Awesome blog on Kim Clement’s death…..yes indeed he was definitely a false prophet by every definition and he did worship and love the Lord, however as it says in Jeremiah 23:31-32 “Behold, I am against the prophets,” says the Lord, “who use their tongues and say, ‘He says.’ Behold, I am against those who prophesy false dreams,” says the Lord, “and tell them, and cause My people to err by their lies and by their recklessness. Yet I did not send them or command them; therefore they shall not profit this people at all,” says the Lord.” that is not enough to have him be deemed a true prophet…..just my thoughts and opinions.

    Shalom brother!

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