1. Eve

    Well, I’m well an truly condemned and don’t stand a chance anymore.
    Feel quite deflated if God is real. I’ve had it!

  2. Wayne

    Kevin & faithful readers,

    One example of what you are teaching can be applied to a different forum concerning the lack of ‘judging prophecy’ by the local congregation. In the 90’s, when more emphasis on prophecy was being performed in congregations, no discernment or correction was being given to ‘prophetic words’. And certainly 1 Cor 14 was not not being applied at all.

    I visited such a congregation (any many more in the ensuing years). There was this woman who would always prophesy at each meeting. I would always feel a ‘check’ in my spirit that something was off when she spoke. I asked about whether the congregation needs to be taught how to judge prophecy, but leader didn’t want to discourage prophecy, they were just happy to have prophecy being performed in their congregations. Some people would even quote me not to “quench the Spirit”. Just another example of God’s people having “sound-byte theology’.

    It wasn’t long before this church fell apart by not obeying matters that the Father was addressing. False prophets will ruin the people (2Pet 2:1; Prov26:28). An interesting note, is this woman who prophesied would wear outfits that clashed (e.g. purple and orange), kind of a representation in the natural on how she ‘clashes’ in the spirit.

    I would admonish anyone who need to address another to remember Galatians 6:1

    “Brothers, if anyone is caught in any transgression, you who are spiritual should restore him in a spirit of gentleness. Keep watch on yourself, lest you too be tempted.”

    Notice that it address those who are “spiritual” will address them in gentleness. That doesn’t mean you can’t be forthright or bold. But the goal is to restore a brother, not win the scriptural argument.


  3. Joyce

    This is one of the greatest tools the devil has used to water down and weaken the Church. Anything “Biblical” you attempt to institute, you are immediately labeled being “judgmental.” The churches have caved to the idea that anything that makes someone “uncomfortable” must not be love or is judging. So now everyone just comes to the large churches, do not get involved and after their hour on Sunday morning go back out into the world to act just like the world and feel no guilt. Therefore the Salt has no preserving power and is worthless. Money is so important that few preachers have the boldness to stand and proclaim the real truth regardless of who leaves or who stays.

  4. Dave Franzwa

    Hey there, Kaveman!
    Very well put. It’s a pet peeve with me, too.

    I visit a lot of political forums, and though I generally don’t have (or take) the time to fully respond as I’d like, I do see many of “The Body” accusing others of “The Body” of judgement. I also see many not of “The Body” accusing brethren of a variety of things.

    You know the type:
    Oh, nice Christian. I’m sure your skydaddy would be proud, or
    According to the word of your skydaddy, you’re not supposed to judge… hypocrite!

    I’ve told a few of them to be careful quoting things from that Book if they don’t know the Author. (I know, shame on me.)

    It always seems to be administered with as much vitriol as they can muster. What they don’t realize is that their anger is directed at us when they are, in fact, angry with the God they say they don’t believe in, and at times it’s hard for me not to take personally. (I get over it pretty easily.)

    I suppose I should type up a couple responses in my own words in order to have something handy to defend against such attacks (maybe I’ll use your article ;), but it’s difficult making something sound “off the cuff” and not “judgemental” when it’s copied and pasted.

    Again, Love the article, Bro!

    I think I’m off to overturn some moneylender’s table, now,


  5. seventeen

    kevin, it all boils down and back to Rom. 8 – walk by the Spirit and not by the flesh. some would say that it is a cop out but it is NOT. Jeremiah tells us in chap. 33, i believe, that HE WILL TEACH US HIS WAYS and write HIS LAWS ON OUR HEARTS – in fact that was my prayer – that i would go to HIS mountain and he would teach us to walk in HIS ways – it is in Is. and in Micah. after HE has taught us, we cannot and must not go back.
    i remember carrying 1 Cor. 13 around with me so that i would Love – i carried a lot of guilt – i cannot love on my own – HIS love has to come through me. the judgment that we have against false doctrine is HIS TRUTH and we should never deny it.
    as far as the prophetic is concerned, it is in HIS word as HE told you to study the prophets in the OT – there was a time that i may have run to see what was going to happen but now i don’t have to – i get it first hand and it is current and up to date.
    we cannot change others – not even ourselves – it is up to HIM to do the changing if we allow HIM to. i only post in the hopes that someone, if only one person, is in the same place that i was in at one time and what i have written might encourage them. What a God we serve!

  6. Rich Kelley

    Eze 3:18-19 When I say to a wicked person, ‘You will surely die,’ and you do not warn them or speak out to dissuade them from their evil ways in order to save their life, that wicked person will die for their sin, and I will hold you accountable for their blood. But if you do warn the wicked person and they do not turn from their wickedness or from their evil ways, they will die for their sin; but you will have saved yourself.

    This fits perfect with your teaching.

      • elly

        God led me to that verse 3 years ago when I was really struggling to understand if I did the right thing when I felt God wanted me to gently but boldly approach someone with a warning for him/her from God. I was ever so grateful God spelled it out in His Word the responsibility we have before Him when He gives us a prophetic message but I didn’t know this verse existed until AFTER I talked with the person I felt I needed to warn. All I had to go by at the time was my love for Jesus and how much I cared for my friend.

  7. Jonathan

    A good word!

    I wanted to see how Kevin’s reading lined up with Matthew 23, where Jesus lambastes the Pharisees for making a big show, but load burdens on people that they are not themselves prepared to help them shoulder. (v. 4 – is this hypocrisy?) They’re called hypocrites for preventing others entering God’s Kingdom, which they themselves don’t enter (v. 14), for turning proselytes into sons of hell even worse than they are; for tithing while neglecting the more important matters of the law (v. 23), for having ritual cleanliness while remaining filthy inside (vv. 23-8), and commemorating the prophets murdered by their ancestors (vv. 29-32). But not for their odd view on when oaths might be binding (vv. 16-22), presumably because in that matter they didn’t set a different standard for others. If I’m right, this coheres well with the analysis of Matt. 7:1-6.

    Do I have it right?

  8. Jonathan

    Marie and Kevin,

    You might enjoy this piece by the recently-deceased atheist essayist, Christopher Hitchens on teh spirit of Christmas.

    I particular appreciate his point in comparing a North American Christmas to Ramadan – a month-long compulsory “celebration”. Would that we could go back to seeing the weeks leading up to Christmas once again as Advent – a time of hope and yearning, but tinged with the knowledge that Christ’s second coming won’t be like his first; but rather will be a coming in glory for judgment (cue Kevin’s next post…)

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