Flattering Yourself in Your Own Eyes – Psalm 36:1-2

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Flattering Yourself According to Psalms


Psalm 36:1b-2
An oracle within my heart concerning the transgression of the wicked: There is no fear of God before his eyes. For he flatters himself in his own eyes, when he finds out his iniquity and when he hates.

The more I speak to people within and outside “the church”, I find that they will rationalize their sin. There’s always a reason… always an excuse as to why YHWH will make an exception for their sin.

“I know God hates sin… but certainly He didn’t mean THIS little sin, right?”

That’s what the Word means when it says, “he flatters himself in his own eyes.” It’s the idea that God is willing defy His own Word and make an exception, just for the one sin that we are unwilling to give up.

They say within their hearts: “Oh yes, God hates sin. But He’s more concerned with murder, rape and pillage than with this one little sin.”

Flattering Myself with Pet Sins

I’ll use my own life as an example.

Up until the recent past, I absolutely LOVED action movies. Fast and Furious, Terminator and Die Hard were on my list of “must watch” films. I would rationalize that since I was not watching excessively violent rated R movies or anything overtly sexual, that God would excuse my little vice. I mean, it wasn’t THAT bad, right?

It was then that the Father opened my eyes. All the fighting, the wrecked cars, the vigilante justice and the gunplay was straight-up violence. And the Word has plenty to say about how He feels about violence.

Psalm 11:5
The LORD tests the righteous, but the wicked and the one who loves violence His soul hates.

I can already hear the ones who rationalize. I know that as soon as they read this, they will immediately reason, “Yeah, but He was talking about the actual, physical act of violence… certainly He doesn’t mean watching violence on TV?”

I don’t know, did He? Do we really want to risk that? Or are we “flattering ourselves in our own eyes?”

Later on, in verse 4, the Word says:

Psalm 36:4b
He sets himself in a way that is not good; he does not abhor evil.

If you “abhor” something, you absolutely despise it.

Repulsive Sins Come in Small Packages

In explaining this to my family, I said that it would be like somebody brought you a box, and when you opened the box, you saw human waste inside. To the normal person, this would be so absolutely disgusting; they would drop the box and run to the other side of the room. Some would run out of the house.

That’s what it means to abhor something. Do we feel that way about our pet sins?

Let me tell you something, YHWH feels that way about your pet sins.

Boys bring a present
photo by Pixabay

And when you attempt to approach Him with these pet sins, it’s like you are insisting on bringing that box of human waste with you. How many of you would want to hug your child if he was holding human waste in his hand?

I’ll leave you with that. And I apologize if you were eating.

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9 replies on “Flattering Yourself in Your Own Eyes – Psalm 36:1-2”

  1. U keep writing like this and the Christian World will dis u and u will be an outsider instead of being one of the inside group ;-]

      1. Kevin, we’re BOTH going out back, we’re both done! They will need 2 tombstones back there, one for you and one for me.
        I will NEVER denounce the TRUTH of the word.
        THANK you for telling the TRUTH, my books tell the truth, they may even step on some toes. They are probably controversial books. They are NOT watered down, they are NOT added to or taken away from and they sure are NOT sugar coated.

        If there are any that are easily offended, or are not walking their talk and don’t intend to listen to the TRUTH of GOD’s word, then they don’t need my books.
        If they only want their ears itched and they only want to be comforted and hear good sweet words, they need to listen to Jeff Prince (the hyper grace message) or they need to tune into Joel Osteen from Texas Superdome for one of his “feel good gospel” messages and not read my books.

        As I have told you before If they don’t like what you are writing they won’t like my books, none of them. If they appreciate your honesty and the truth that you put into print, then they will most likely “LOVE” my book (all of them).

        Thanks, and you keep up the good work. And when they know the truth, the truth will set them free.
        JESUS wants the truth out, in it’s most basic form, without all the sugar coating added. SIN IS SIN, plain and simple.
        This man that wrote you probably likes the feel good message b/c many people love it, but it’s NOT for me. I am not under the bondage of satan, I have broken the chains and am now FREE, PTL.

  2. Very good article here about sinning. Sin being the transgression of the law.

    GOD may hate some sins of our more than others, but they are all nonetheless sins.

    A little white lie is still a lie. I have told lots of little white lies, and am now beginning to realize they did matter and I couldn’t just tell them and then pretend I didn’t.

    Like the 10 Commandments. JESUS told us, IF you break one of them, you have broken them all. One was as bad as the other. We are guilty when we disobey GOD’s Moral Laws. They MUST be obeyed or else we will be accountable. Most Christians say that they are obsolete, they are not relevant for today, they were “done away with ” at the cross…Did JESUS tell us that? I can’t find where He did. I remember reading where His laws were relevant for 1,000 generations.

    Let’s NOT be deceived.

  3. Great article & appreciate your honesty. Many years ago I felt as if the LORD put within my heart the awareness that it wasn’t right of me to watch violent (even the more mild of the R-Rated ones) movies … then in the next hour to pray for our young adult children who all lived (still do) in cities that are known for their crime rate. How could I pray for their safety after ‘entertaining’ myself with watching one of my husband’s type of movies? Since then, even he is more convicted of these things. Somehow I felt that my prayers would not be heard if I disobeyed on this point. So … I appreciate your bringing this up. So many Christians do not feel this is a conscience issue in their faith in YHWH. Thanks for your translation of the word ‘despise’, also. This was eye-opening. At every age we are tempted to go light on sin, even by nearly innocent association. Thank you, again.

  4. You have a way of hitting me between the eyes when I need it. I have been wrestling with this watching action movies, Hitman 47, John Wick, Fast & Furious, he list goes on and on. The spirit has bothered me about it and I’ve deleted them from my computer countless times only to download them from Pirates Bay again. Even visiting Pirates Ba and downloading movies and books is beginning to bother me. “Golly gee Wally, can’t we have any fun?”. I always hought why pay for religious books when I can get them free by just downloading from Pirates Bay? Did not our Master say, “Freely you have received, freely give?”. Some religious teachers get rediculis with their pricing. Who has an extra $200.00 dollars laying around to pay for some of their DVD’s? Yet we seem to have enough money to practice our sins.
    But I guess you are right. What does it look like to YHWH, how does HE view it, not how do we rationalize it. So I delete them again, hopefully never to download and watch again. I know I can rationalize the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak, sounds like a poor excuse to indulge in our favorite sin.
    I’m not quite sure about downloading religious books, DVD’s and Audio from Pirates Bay got to chew on that some yet.

  5. I often have to ask myself, “does this glorify God?” Even though I don’t like violent movies, I like ones that entertain me and make me laugh, but recently the Holy Spirit has been convicting me of some of these ridiculous movies and how despicable their story lines are….usually sexual in nature or by innuendo, or otherwise depicting characters that deplore stations in life that should be revered, i.e. fatherhood, teachers, grandparents, policemen, clergy….the list goes on.
    So, the list of what to watch on tv gets shorter and shorter because hardly anything on it glorifies God.
    As time gets shorter for the Lord’s appearing, it’s time we learn what it is that does glorify God and what we must do to live for that.
    Our “pet sins” do not amuse God the Father, and He does not wink at them! Does He love us? Yes!
    Has He saved us? Yes! Do we owe Him? Big time! All the praise, worship and adoration we can muster!

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