False Prophets and Prophecy

Since the inception of this site, I have written many different posts on prophecy and false prophets.

This teaching and commentary comes from first-hand experience, ladies and gentleman.

I was involved in the prophetic movement, as well as an employee of the Elijah List for 7 years. Being in this position allowed me to interface with many of the popular prophetic celebrities that are still making waves today.

I was also able to obtain a behind-the-scenes perspective as I observed, and sometimes participated in, the activities and drama of a “prophetic ministry.”

The many posts that you see below are a result of God healing my spirit and renewing my mind according to His Word.

Seven years of regret is sometimes hard to fathom for me, but more and more I am able to see the Master’s Hand at work, as others are healed (and warned) by the result.

I pray that these posts will be a blessing to you all.

Kevin Kleint
Email: kevinkleint@outlook.com

Kris Vallotton Memes from Hell

Kris Vallotton and Insidious Memes from Hell

Knowing what I know about false prophets and prophecy, I cringe whenever I see memes from Kris Vallotton appear on my Facebook wall. Not because he’s a false prophet – that’s just a given – but because I know that people blindly read and absorb these messages with little more than a passing thought.

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Jezebel is not a spirit

Jezebel is Not a Spirit

(Audio Now Enabled!)
The “Jezebel spirit” cannot be found anywhere in the Bible. It is a charismatic concoction designed to sell books, suppress women and further an agenda. The mindset of Jezebel, however, is alive and well in the church culture, affecting men AND women alike. Unfortunately, due to rampant misinformation and scriptural ignorance, people remain continually unaware of the workings of Jezebel in their midst. This post will shed some light on the situation.

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Kenneth Copeland caves

Kenneth Copeland Caves to the Harlot Church

I shouldn’t have been shocked at this video …. not in the slightest. Still, when I viewed Kenneth Copeland unabashedly playing into the hands of the “one world religion,” it left me with a sinking feeling in my stomach. Twenty-four hours later, I’m still a little dazed.

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Awaken the Dawn 2017

Awaken the Dawn 2017 – Korah’s Rebellion 2.0

Right in the middle of the Festival of Sukkot, the “Awaken the Dawn 2017” gathering in Washington DC is going to fan a resurgence of the heart of Korah. Worship leaders, speakers and congregants alike will attempt to offer praise to the God of Moses, while hiding a heart that longs for Egypt and it’s idols. Watch this unfold!

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Laying Siege

Cindy Jacobs – Laying Siege to a City Near You

A few days ago, Charisma Magazine released an article by Cindy Jacobs entitled “How to Prophetically Lay Siege to a City.” In this article, Mrs. Jacobs shares what she feels is God’s strategy for defeating satan’s influence in our cities so that the long-awaited revival can finally arrive. Unfortunately, in her zeal for “storming the gates of hell”, she overlooks (and as a result, disobeys) one of the most important commands of the Bible.

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Method and Message of the Serpent

III. The Method and Message of the Serpent

When one reads the Acts 16 account of the encounter between Paul and the girl possessed by a Python spirit (divination), many things get left unsaid and lost in translation. There is so much more to this scenario than meets the eye! Come with me and we’ll take a closer look at this situation.

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Soaking – the Trendy Approach to a Holy God

In it’s most basic form, soaking is the practice of finding a quiet place to spend time with God, emptying your mind of all distraction and attempting to get into contact with the Holy Spirit. For most, it rarely remains at this basic level.

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False Prophet Original Thought

False Prophets Won’t Have an Original Thought

Taking on the nature of their father, the false prophets will arrogantly claim to be enlightened ministers of the Gospel. They want you to think that they are people who have tapped into the spiritual resources of the heavenly realm, but no matter how hard they try, authentic prophecy always seems elude them.

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Aiding Abetting Antichrist

III. Aiding and Abetting the Antichrist

Most false prophets are unwitting accomplices to a diabolical plan. As they continue to churn out support for a false image of the Messiah, they have no idea that they and their listeners are actually assisting Lucifer in his plan to deceive the world.

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An Open Prophecy to the Leadership and Talking Heads of the Charismatic and Prophetic Movements

An Open Prophecy to the Leadership and Talking Heads of the Charismatic and Prophetic Movements

Today, I read an article from Jennifer LeClaire on the Elijah List entitled “Radical Spiritual Warriors Prophesy Radical Prophetic Words!” and for once, I believe it served its purpose because I felt a deep stir in my spirit. I’ve never been bold enough to give a prophetic word, but this is something that I just cannot stay silent on . . . and I’m convinced that it will come to pass.

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Elijah list supports Kim Clement

Elijah List Supports Kim Clement’s “Pope Francis” Prophecy

The late Kim Clement, who had had guest appearances on TBN and possessed a HUGE online (and offline) following, was the Elijah List’s “star performer” (with Todd Bentley being a close “runner-up”), so it is still in their best interest to promote him every chance they get. Count on it… wrong or right, if Kim came out with a “word from God,” the Elijah List will promote it. It’s just a given.

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Embrace absolute truth

Elijah List Testimony – How I Worked 7 Years to Deceive You

Between the years 2001-2008, I was the webmaster for the Elijah List, one of the largest distributors of false prophecy for the prophetic movement. I witnessed first hand the deception that goes on behind the scenes in what was (arguably) the most popular prophetic email ministry of the time.

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Carching the Little Foxes

IV. Catching the Little Foxes

The Old Testament prophets knew there would come a day when the likes of Bill Johnson, Kris Vallotton, Graham Cooke and Rick Joyner would come and deceive many! They likened these prophetic imposters to “little foxes” who destroy the fruit of the vine. If we compare these foxes to the false prophets of our day, we will see that absolutely nothing has changed! It’s the same game. Check out the final installation in the “Haven’t We Prophesied In Your Name?” series!

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