1. jeremiah

    what of those that still Call the name of Jesus Christ but still use vodoo power what I mean some use vodoo and call in the name if Jesus Christ be heal and delivered

  2. roger peralta

    very good . Just like a spy or undercover cop can fool governments and criminals Satan is more experienced than man

  3. Just want to say this section on False Prophets is well done! Blessed be the Name of Yahweh and Yahshua! You have hit the nail on the head, in your use of The Word and what it says about False Prophets and the Deceptions that will be coming in the Last Days. I have had to learn this the hard way just as you have. Botton line, a true Officer of The Kingdom, will always lead the people to the Word, so that they will learn to obey His commandments, which is truly Loving our Master and Savior, Jesus the MESSIAH! Thank YOU!

  4. Patricia

    Thank you! Matt 24:5 was revealed to me several years ago,! I found it very profound but when I share people just don’t get it And keeping His commandments . It grieves my heart to hear so many say, the law is done away with. And quite Paul but ignore what Christ said and did. Such a massive deception in our churches right now, it grieves me so.
    Thanks for the word Kevin!

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