False Prophet Listing

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False Prophet Listing

People often write to me and ask about who I believe are false prophets and who are not. Until recently, I would inevitably point them to the Elijah List links page (which was mysteriously removed soon after I posted this page, thank Yah for Web Archive!), not because I want to pick on the Elijah List, but because their links page was the most comprehensive listing of false prophets that I can find. Heck, I helped create these pages many, many years ago!

The “ministries” listed on their page (which I’ve pasted screenshots of below) had the same characteristics, held the same values, taught the same doctrines and pushed the same agendas as the false prophets in the Bible.

Because they bear such a close resemblance to the false prophets in the Bible, I can state with 100% confidence that these are the latter day false prophets Yeshua talked about with His disciples.

Matthew 24:24
For false christs and false prophets will rise and show great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect.

Do not let their good works and gentle demeanor fool you!  Remember, the false prophets of Yeshua’s day were SHOCKED that they were unrecognizable to the Master! They honestly believed that their supernatural feats and “many wonderful works” would save them.

Matthew 7:22
Many will say to Me in that day, “Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Your name, cast out demons in Your name, and done many wonders in Your name?”

In your quest for truth, steer clear of these deceivers.  They have willingly ignored the mandate of a true prophet, twisted 1 Corinthians 14 to conform to their corrupt definition of prophecy and followed the rebellious way of Korah.

Read: An Open Prophecy to the Leadership and Talking Heads of the Charismatic and Prophetic Movements

. . . More to come, after the list!


  • Doug Addison – InLight Connection
  • Che Ahn – Harvest Rock Church
  • Wendy Alec – God.TV
  • John & Carol Arnott – Toronto Christian Airport Fellowship


  • Heidi Baker – Iris Ministries
  • Jim Bakker – The New Jim Bakker Show
  • John Belt – Live In His Presence Ministries
  • Mike Bickle – The International House of Prayer
  • Paul & Cheryl Black – Cornerstone Fellowship
  • Shawn Bolz – Expression 58
  • Barbie Breathitt – Breath of His Spirit Ministries
  • Catherine Brown – Gatekeepers Ministries


  • Paul Cain
  • Darren Canning
  • Wes & Stacey Campbell – RevivalNow!, BeAHero.org
  • Mahesh & Bonnie Chavda – Chavda Ministries, Intl.
  • Randy Clark – Global Awakening
  • Kim Clement
  • Bobby Conner – Eaglesview Ministries
  • Graham Cooke
  • Kenneth and Gloria Copeland
  • Paul & Donna Cox – Aslan’s Place
  • Dennis Cramer


  • Paul Keith Davis – WhiteDove Ministries
  • Creflo Dollar
  • Jessie Duplantis


  • John Eckhardt – IMPACT Network
  • Garris Elkins – Prophetic Horizons
  • Lou Engle
  • Johnny Enlow
  • Aaron Evans – Emerging Daniel Company
  • Mike Evans – Wholeness Ministries


  • Emerson & Anna Mendez-Ferrell – Voice of Light Ministries
  • Francis Frangipane
  • Sandie Freed


  • Joseph Garlington – Covenant Church of Pittsburgh
  • James W. Goll – Encounters Network
  • Theresa Griffith


  • Kenneth Hagin
  • Bill Hamon – Christian International
  • Benny Hinn
  • Rodney & Adonica Howard-Browne – Revival Ministries International
  • Ray Huges – Selah Ministries


  • Cindy Jacobs – Generals International
  • Harry Jackson Jr. – The Hope Connection
  • T.D. Jakes
  • Jeff Jansen
  • Bill Johnson – Bethel Church
  • Nate Johnston
  • Bob & Bonnie Jones
  • Rick Joyner – Morningstar Ministries


  • Patricia King – XP Ministries


  • Curt Landry – Israel Relief Fund
  • Jennifer LeClaire
  • Ben Lim
  • Martha Lucia – Watchman Network
  • Keith & Sanna Luker – Prophetic Worship Radio


  • Jonathan Maracle – Broken Walls
  • Cindy McGill
  • Reeni Mederos – Warriors International
  • Keith Miller – Stand Firm World Ministries
  • Joshua Mills – New Wine International
  • Myles Munroe – Bahamas Faith Ministries


  • Jerame Nelson – Elisha Revolution


  • Joel Osteen


  • Joy Parrott
  • Jason Phillips – Revival Town Ministries
  • Theresa Phillips – Chicago Prophetic Voice
  • Chuck Pierce – Glory of Zion Ministries
  • John Mark Pool – Word to the World Ministries
  • Don Potter
  • Paula Price


  • Larry Randolph
  • Alberto & Kimberly Rivera – Raining Presence
  • Ras Robinson – Fullness Online


  • John & Paula Sandford – Elijah House Ministries
  • Jerry Savelle – Jerry Savelle Ministries Int’l
  • Charlie Schamp
  • Nathan Shaw – Heart of David Ministries
  • Dutch Sheets – Dutch Sheets Ministries
  • Brian Simmons – Gateway Christian Fellowship, West Haven, CT
  • Kent Simpson – Prophetic Ministries Today
  • Peter Spencer – Sounds of Passion
  • Matt Sorger – Matt Sorger Ministries
  • Jay Swallow – Two Rivers Native American Training Center


  • Chad Taylor – Consuming Fire Ministries
  • Wade Taylor
  • Richard Twiss – Wiconi International


  • Jason Upton


  • Kris Vallotton
  • Lana Vawser


  • C. Peter Wagner – Global Harvest Ministries
  • David & Kathy Walters – GoodNews Ministries
  • Sandy Warner – The Quickened Word
  • Paula White
  • Sharnael Wolverton – Swiftfire Ministries International


  • Barbara Yoder – Shekinah Church
  • Les Yoder – Vineyard Christian Fellowship – Providence, OR
  • Bill Yount – Blowing the Shofar Ministries

Read: An Open Prophecy to the Leadership and Talking Heads of the Charismatic and Prophetic Movements

Prophetic Masquerade - book
Discover 10 rock-solid witnesses from the Word of God that proves that the Elijah List prophets are not who they say they are.

This list is far from complete. There are many who belong to the Word of Faith movement (i.e. Kenneth Copeland & co.) who should be up there, as well.

Each of them fits the scriptural definition of a false prophet. No doubt about it.

My book, Prophetic Masquerade (now $9.99 + shipping) is a great resource for studying the scriptural characteristics of a false prophet; feel free to grab a copy!

If you can’t afford (or just don’t want to buy) a book, I’ve made this book available for FREE online! Click here to read “Prophetic Masquerade.”

This information is too important not to share.  Spread the Word!

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69 replies on “False Prophet Listing”

    1. She definitely belongs up there – although is she considered a prophet? I thought she might be just a teacher. Anyways, like I said above, this is a screenshot of the Elijah List affiliates, so they tend to flow more along the lines of the Vineyard/Renewal/Revival crowd.

  1. Thanks for sharing your wisdom. I have friend who I’ve been praying for for years. Recently he contacted me and asked me about David Hogan. Hogan was old new to me as a false prophit. It’s crazy. My friend just magnitizes to these imposters. I know he loves the Lord and wants to grow. But he seens to have an elitist out look…. Folks who know the Bible= Religious, stiff, unloving and powerless. Folks who believe anything that blow in= the real deal Jesus followers. Oh, well… Still praying for him. Praying also I help him by the help of the Holy Spirit and not my intellect or want to be right. Sorry just had to get that off my chest. Anyway, thanks for your work.

  2. I disagree that Joshua and Janet Mills belong on the false prophet list. I have been to their
    3 day Intensified Glory Institute in Palm Springs, CA. Not only was the school spiritually rewarding, and backed up completely by Scriptural reference, I found Joshua and Janet very humble in exhibiting the fruit of the Spirit and sound in godly character. Of coarse, this is my observation in evaluating their ministry and biblical qualifications in the light of Scripture.
    Further reference should be noted in their statement of faith here:
    In Christ; Dr. Michael E. Smith Th.D

    1. Josh Mills is one of the many next generation false prophets who have been trained and promoted by the Elijah List. If you’re following after signs & wonders, you’ll more than likely just love him. But he fails the Deuteronomy 13 test, so he’s false. Not to mention, if you cannot see that homosexual demon working in that guy, you’re blind. Sorry man, it’s just obvious.

      1 Corinthians 6:9-10
      Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor EFFEMINATE, nor abusers of themselves with mankind, nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God.

  3. Those, ( I am sure very devout people ) who follow and support these “prophets” might find it interesting to investigate their lifestyles. Do the live in modest homes like ours, not likely, do the travel on commercial airlines, not likely, do they stay in modestly priced hotels, again not likely. There is plenty of information out there in the media about the lavish lifestyles of these people. If you subscribe to these greedy con artists that is up to you, it is your future you hold in your own hands.

  4. Care to share your thoughts on Steve Quayle and others like him? Someone close to me is very much into that stuff….reptillians, giants and all. Creeps me out whenever I see them watching this stuff.

    1. I don’t agree with Steve Quayle 100%, but I’m not going to just pass him off as a “conspiracy theorist” as I believe some of that stuff really has occurred (or is occurring). I just don’t have enough info to make a case one way or another.

  5. What are your thoughts on Steven Powell and lion of light ministries?

    Do you really believe Mike Bickel is a false prophet? If so, would like to know how so.

    1. I don’t know of Stephen Powell, but upon looking at his web site, it shows that he is endorsed by Todd Bentley and Steve Shultz. That’s enough proof for me that he’s a false prophet. Steve/Todd will not endorse anyone who does not believe the same as they do, which is proven time and time again to be against scripture. Same with Bickle. All of the above fail the Deuteronomy 13 test and have 2-3 witnesses against them from Scripture. It is established.

  6. I just wanted to thank you with all intensity. I too had lost my foundation base, perhaps it was a bit crumbly to begin with, tho not for the same reasons as you once did however I am walking it out daily. My recent journey led me to your page after looking at the likes of Bill Schnoebelen (youtube), Curt Landry(tv) & a short list of other false prophets. I “felt” amis after viewing their words… I kept asking God, Are their NO prophets, preachers, etc who are TRUE anymore? Where is the real WORD being spoken? Or is it? I kept getting the same direction..”Follow me alone & read my WORD.” Problem is, I no longer trust that i am able to understand or interpret God’s word rightly since I went all harry-carrie, like almost being convinced that the earth is flat, (Bill Schnoebelen).. anyway, thank you for not withholding your testimony. I look forward to getting your book and think it’s awesome that you also offer it as an Ebook..I prefer the old fashioned way myself. God Bless you & yours! Note: I met Kim Clement, now deceased, yrs ago, I told my sister then he was a fraud & I’m glad to see he was called out. I also believe Jessie Duplantis could be added to the list.

  7. How is this list concluded?
    Dutch Sheets and Kim Clement have been right more often then not. Why is not Todd Bentley on this list. He is scary.

    1. Kim Clement’s record is abysmal – worse than Nostradamus. And Dutch doesn’t prophesy anything that isn’t completely generic. This list is concluded because they fulfill 2-3 biblical characteristics of a false prophet… and everything is established by 2-3 witnesses according to many places in the word. If you want to know what the 10 characteristics of a false prophet are, you can either buy my book or read it for free online. If you’re interested, start here: https://www.honorofkings.org/prophetic-masquerade-introduction/

      1. Thank you. I have had prophetic visions and I was so frightened cause I know the devil is sinister in his lies. I wanted to be sure they were of the Lord. I will look these teachings up. Thank you because I have had a pit in my gut over some of Kim’s words. Esp. Katie Perry being used to tear down witchcraft and Hilary being used of God as a leader. I was confused. About many things he spoke. Thank you. BTW 2004. Todd Bentley came to a church I visited and he prophesied laid hands on everyone they lined up but he would not touch me and no prophetic word for my life. I was MAD…(at the time a new believer.) Do you know the church split after this, cancer broke out and most of those people left the Lord. Some I knew where incarcerated soon after on drugs or stealing, sexual sins and crime. Some of them died shortly after. This is no joke brother. Look how God protected me.

  8. What happens to these our brothers and sisters in Christ that have a gifting and then use it to fleece the flocks of sheep that belong to our Lord Jesus for the lining of their own pockets? Is that where they go astray? Is that where the prophetic trips into divination? This is frightful. We need to hear from Jesus ourselves. Test the spirits people of God! Stop running to others to get a word. Get it from God yourself lined up with His word.

      1. That is so true, Kevin. We want to continue to call them ‘brother and sister’ but if they are leading people away from Yah’s commands, then the can’t be the brothers and sisters of those who are following His commands and doing their best to be a light for others to find them as well.
        “For whoever does the will of My Father who is in heaven, he is My brother and sister and mother.”
        Yashua in Matthew 15:50
        So, if they are not doing the Father’s will by leading them away from the truth, they cannot be our brothers and sister.

    1. I agree, We do Need to study the Word for ourselves, and stop making “man’s teachings” our god. Holy Spirit will teach us, that is what is said in scripture, and He will, and He does…….I am so grateful for this site….it has reassured me that what I have been sensing in my spirit is true…..an uneasiness regarding teachings from these people…..Many of them, I have started reading their material, and I couldn’t finish….now I know….I have to get my source from the Almighty himself…..and I am so grateful Holy Spirit has stopped me from going further with these people…..

  9. Could you post a list of those you feel are worthwhile? Given that we should never be blind followers of any human being as some begin the race well but still finish in disgrace due to the temptations of the world. There is some benefit to the study of various messengers followed by researching the Bible for confirmation (Berean style). Most likely the ones not sponsored by big organizations may have something to offer. Those voices winning the popularity game should raise an ALARM for caution.

  10. Kevin
    Looking over your list is saddening… I don’t doubt that it is for the most part accurate. If you are going to name names, I recommend a link that will take the reader to proofs of your declaration.






        1. I agree with you, subtle lies, they look so good and influence many people – not sure of B. Hinn now and/or Last Reformation

  11. Hi there!

    Interesting article. I’m curious if you could elaborate on how these people fail Deuteronomy 13 specifically? I just read the scripture and am having a hard time understanding how some of these individuals fall into that category.

    Thank you!

  12. Thank you for this refreshing article, it’s encouraging to know other believers are diligent in their study of Scriptures in these end-times… I am curious– have ya ever heard of a modern-day “apostle” named Jonas Clark, from Spirit of Life Ministries, in Hallendale, Florida? I found his ministry online in December 2017, and so fae I am still not sure of his ministry’s authenticity, and, no one I’ve spoken to can discern this ministry’s true spirit any differently than myself. The personal testimony of this “Jonas Clark” is difficult to find online, and whenever I do find his testimony, it seems to be very generic(no mentions of who, what, when, where, how, or why to this person’s testimony’s details), with a word-for-word appearance, seemingly copy&pasted from another online location. Also, he seems to sell educational materials of his own ministry, and teaches a doctrine that’s oddly synonymous with this recent “dominionism theology”, also called “7 mountains theology”, or “Kingdom Now theology”, all a part of what I see is being labeled, “New Apostolic Reformation”, or “NAR” for short. According to my own research, those who teach these strange new doctrines openly deceive anyone who takes up their teachings, and directly threatens all of Christianity worldwide, and therefore, must be publicly exposed and confronted.

    1. Yeah there doesn’t seem to be much on Jonas, but given the lingo on his site and an “honorable mention” by Charisma Magazine, I would steer clear.

      Isaiah 8:20 “To the law and to the testimony! If they do not speak according to this word, it is because there is no light in them.”

      1. The word of faith people, yes, i.e. Copelands, Duplantises, Benny Hinn, Joyce Meyer, Joel Osteen, Creflo Dollar, TD Jakes, Leroy Thompson, Joseph Prince, Rod Parsley, Paula White, Rick Warren, Pat Robertson, Robert Tilton and THE POPE!

        1. I once was watching a teaching of Joyce Meyers and she had what looked to me like a pentagram “emoji” to mark a note. Was to me very weird. Maybe I am wrong, but it worried me why one would “choose” to use that.

    1. Ravi Zacharias ia an author and Christian Apologist. I’ve read several of his books and listened to audios of his lectures at major universities. Frank Turek ia an Author and Christian Apologists as well.

  13. Kevin, is the ‘Elijah List’ affiliated in some way with John & Paula Sandford, authors of “The Elijah Task” and founders of “Elijah House Ministries”? Both now passed away but their son, R. Loren Sandford, is very active and considered a ‘prophet’ by some. Thanks.

    1. Hi Mark, back when I worked for EL (2001-2008), they sold many products put out by Elijah House as well as advertised the Sanford’s conferences. So, I don’t know if they are affiliated in an “official” sense, but they are definitely “buddy ministries.”

    2. I’m really surprised to not see Kenneth and Gloria Copeland there as well as Jesse Duplantis. And before I saw Kevin’s list I knew that Jim and Lori Bakker would be on the list. I was out there in Missouri at his big complex there and spent 17 months in that area b4 I felt the LORD pulling me away and I got out of there never to return. They are friends with John Shorey as well as Gloria Elliott and Rich Joyner and the Rabbi Johnathan Cahn. Then there is Cindy Jacobs. Jim and Lori have ALL of them on their show except for Copeland and Duplantis, but as for Shorey, Elliott, Joyner and Cahn I have seen them ALL on his show. They (the Bakker’s) entertain these people in a Private Dining Room at Morningside. Jim and Lori are one way on stage in front of the audience (live and by television) and they show an entirely different persona off that stage. They are very “uppidy” especially her. They have their own “elite” set of friends and if you’re not in their circle you don’t get in or close. I’ve been there and know for experience that it’s all to make them money so they can live in a fancy house up on the Lake there just outside of West Branson…I wonder why Joey and Victoria Osteen aren’t on his list as well as Rick Warren and Joyce Meyer? This list needs to be revised b/c he’s left out a lot of people and also what about Jan Crouch and her son. Paul passed away but the entire Crouch family should be on his list. My list would surely have included as many as possible to warm people to stay clear of them. Had I been warned and known I would never have gone out to Missouri to be part of the Bakker establishment, but no one warned me in time…Guess we live and learn. Bakker’s adopted son Ricky Bakker is coming up and will be leading just like Jim in a few years so remember that and stay clear.

        1. It’s time for a who’s who up date on all the false prophets. I have supported Kenneth Hagin ministries for a long time. Since he is considered to be the father of the word of faith movement. He playgerized a lot of e w kinyons work. His (kinyons) theology can be traced back to the collage he attended in Great Britain. Which had new age leanings all the way. Back to Hagin, check the teaching “the spirit and the serpent” or the serpent and the spirit. That will say it all. As for me, better to late, than never at all. Church wake up before it’s too late.

  14. There is a lot of talk about a new prophet named Mark Taylor who has written a book about the Trump Prophecies. This book has recently been made into a movie. Is this man a real prophet and is there any proof of his prophecies about Trump?

  15. Here are some that I believe need to be added to the list: Russell and Kitty Walden, Bill and Marsha Burns, Raul and Ryan Reis, Levi Lusko, Brian Broderson, Mike MacIntosh, Barry Stagner, Barbara Gaines, Deborah Waldron Fry, Kay Arthur, Wade and Connie Urban, JoEllen Stevens. Some of these are prophets some are teachers who associate with the Word of Faith movement and the NAR.

    I could probably put a whole lot of others on this list as well, just haven’t come to mind right now.

  16. ive tried to subscribe to this site 5 or 6 times but not possible—-get message every time abt using correct url–web site—i put in different ways of honorofkings.org–cap–non cap–beginning of each word in caps—what is the web site to use in subscribing—AND
    thanks jerry emerson

  17. Hi Kevin, just wanted to share that I sincerely believe I found you and your website as an answer to prayer. I’ve been asking and praying what it is I need to know right now for the last days. Just finished your book and it’s helped me immensely. I’m currently getting caught up in the archives. Wish I could remember how I found your website but right now I can’t. It was probably while I was searching false prophets. Your testimony helped me so much. It really shows validity to what you’re sharing because you were there on the front lines. Jesus did tell us and warn us and I feel we should all do our part in knowing whose false. They are so sneaky and slick. Especially, in their twisting of scripture and words. This NAR movement is really dangerous but some hide it very well. I now look for the keywords you shared with us. I was duped by a self proclaimed prophet and when I started questioning her, she shut me down in an instant. All I asked was to show me where in the Bible it states the prophets got a word weekly if not daily like herself. I kept having questions about her. Is she really hearing words? Is she making all of this up to intentionally hurt us? I had so many questions and thankfully your book helped with what to question to see if she was false. I now know the answer. I also have a passion helping the youth. I’m waiting for my orders from above on what the next step is. Would like your opinion on Perry Stone. He’s got so many books and is definitely NARish. Is that a word? Ha… Also, if we realize someone is false what should we do with that information? Thank you…

  18. Hi, Kevin,
    Greetings again from Gateshead, Tyne and Wear, UK. This podcast is, I beleive, a good next step. The old phrase “Read it (or listen to it) and weep!” is again so very true. The one unanswered question I still have is “When does ‘His grace and forgiveness for our ignorance (even when our desire to truly to walk with him and in His ways exists within us)’ become ‘judgment’? Or does it? It seems clear to me that this transformation does really exist at some point. I am 74 years old next month and over the past few years He has continued to radically transform my understanding away from what I have been taught much of my life about biblical living and discipleship into a much more literal (as revealed by His Spirit) understanding of His WORD. A lonely path, even among Messianic believers. Thanks again for your faithfulness.
    Blessings and shalom

  19. I do not listen to any of the above names and then some,……their ‘words’ contaminate your life. even death.

  20. Kevin, thank you so much for this list.
    Have you heard much about Charlie Shamp? His visions are unbelievably accurate although I am still waiting on him to call people to Torah.

    1. I have heard of Charlie Shamp. The Elijah List promotes him quite regularly, which is a dead giveaway in my opinion. There’s no way that the modern-day prophetic movement “prophets” will promote anyone who speaks of Torah.

  21. My sister and her husband were going to a house church called Glory House, with pastor Theresa Phillips which you mention above. This was back in 2008. My sister and her husband were raised in a Biblically sound Bible church, but somehow veered off course and went to a supernatural-type seminar and started going to this house church afterwards. They were very into seeing manifestations of “god” such as “gold” dust appearing everywhere, and feathers or “manna” appearing in their Bibles. It was all so creepy. She said that when Theresa would walk down the aisle, the whole floor would shake…and she’s not a large woman. It was a supernatural-type of shaking. So creepy.

    Long story short, not long after they began attending this church, they both got caught up in hearing voices from “god” and then they thought God told them to up and leave for Hawaii, because the rapture was going to be coming in the next few weeks. They were so demonically deceived. They left for Hawaii without telling anyone, and we were all trying to figure out where they went. They were gone for 2 months. When they returned, they were still messed up. That was 2009. It’s now 2019, and they’ve both been to jail, and divorced, and my sister is now so mentally ill, I don’t think I’ll ever get to talk to my real sister again. I’m not saying that the pastor did all this, but there certainly are familiar spirits invovled in all of this pastor’s angelic manifestations and what not. We are still dealing with the repurcussions of my sister and her husband being sucked into believing in all these “signs and wonders” that they taught. Satan tore their family apart, and in turn, tore our whole family apart. Thankfully, the Lord is faithful, and is restoring each of our lives…but my siser is still messed up and in jail.

    Satan and his demons give these false prophets their visions, manifestations, miracles, etc. There is no sign of the real God whatsoever in any of their teaching. Stay far away, unless you want your life to be in ruins like my sister and her ex-husband.

  22. Thank you for your insight. Have you heard of Brian Houston? I’m sure you have, his megachurch extends around the world. He never calls on people to repentance and has this “prosperity ideology” that if we keep on sewing (giving money to God/Hillsong) God will reward us abundantly.

    He also teaches to accept sinners (homosexuals especially) as it is not our place to judge them, but he never calls them out on their sin, using scriptures and twisting them to support his claim.

    Please pray for me, I’ve been attending this church ever since I was born, but I’ve realised the fault in this ideology. As for my Mother though, she is a firm believer in his ideology and in this church. I hope she comes to realise the truth. I’m not attack the people of this church. Hillsong is full of decent, generic hard-working people who just want to know Jesus christ, but I am concerned because this man is leading people like my mother the wrong way.

  23. What about Angel TV? They have broadcasting reach all the land? The founder seems to be a friend of several names you mentioned above. They are influencing millions of people.

  24. Y’all need to update your list here’s a few more name:
    Elijah Jordan
    Manessah Jordan
    Charlie Berrain

  25. I don’t remember ‘how’ I got to your site but I ended up here. From the moment I started reading, I knew I had to continue reading…so many things I was reading were things I’d felt, but could never verbalize, over the last couple years. I’ve felt disconnected and I’ve known I needed to draw nearer to the Lord but I could never get there. As I continued to read, more and more was connecting with me. I sent a link to my husband and let him know this was a site he needed to go to and start reading. We’ve both felt the same over the years and have been struggling in our marriage. I got to this particular page ‘False Prophet Listing’, I couldn’t make it through the middle of the list – I was weeping and my heart felt like it was going to come out of my chest! Too many recognizable names on the list that I followed in the past. Interestingly enough, I was never completely comfortable with a lot of it. It sometimes felt like a mockery of the Holy Spirit but I continued, trusted mentors promoted it, raved about them – I couldn’t possibly confront my mentors/pastor, they were much more ‘spiritual’ than me, I was only a baby Christian. I haven’t followed these individuals in years, lost interest, but it was about the same timing of the beginning of experiencing the ‘disconnect’ in my life. I felt that was part of ‘why’ I was feeling out-of-touch, I quit following God’s prophets…sickening spiral – I could scream!!

    I got to John and Paula Sanford on the list and completely lost it – 2011 and 2012 – I was immersed in their Elijah House School and Inner Healing Ministries. Many, many, books and articles of theirs and their associates reside in our home (not for much longer).

    Suffice it to say, WOW….Eyes and Heart opened this afternoon – I have SO much to repent and seek forgiveness for – I am thankful for your site, your writing and articles and appreciate your fearlessness. More than anything, I’m thankful for God’s Grace!

  26. Some information for you about Ravi Zacharias
    – In accordance with 2 Corinthians 13:1 [AV]:
    “In the mouth of two or three witnesses shall every word be established.”
    (1) On Discerning Ravi Zacharias: It’s time to say what needs to be said – Berean Research @ https://bereanresearch.org/on-discerning-ravi-zacharias-its-time-to-say-what-needs-to-be-said/

    (2) RZIM Doubles Down on Jesus “Body Dysphoria” – Reformation Charlotte @ https://reformationcharlotte.org/2019/03/28/ravi-zacharias-jesus-body-dysphoria-transgender/

    (3) Ecumenical False Prophet Dr. Ravi Zacharias – By David J. Stewart | December 2014 | Updated September 2019 @ https://www.jesusisprecious.org/wolves/ravi_zacharias.htm

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