1. Charles

    Jeremiah Ch.6 v.16.

    Stand at the crossroads and look; ask about the ancient paths,

    Which one is the good way?

    Take it, and you will find rest for your souls.

    But they say, “We will not take it”.

  2. Kate

    May those still deceived by the “church system ” have ears to hear and hearts to obey. My heart grieves for those who have been redeemed, but have not yet entered into covenant so that they can produce Fruits of Righteousness.
    Another timely article Kevin. Much shalom to you.

  3. John the Baptist the 2nd

    don’t have the desire to be ‘brutally’ honest anymore, unless so led by The Father. But I can and will be ‘happily’ honest, for it is pure pleasure for me to bear witness to the joy to be found in walking ‘hand in hand’ with our creator and His Father, Now ( I’m happy to report) My Father also. Hasn’t always been that way. Never taken in by Elijah list group or any of the other baloney going on in those buildings they call churches nowadays. Can’t even get my mind around how any could. Maybe because I’m not of the sharpest in the box. Did get involved in drinking ,drugging, sexing, moneying, grifting and other criminal behavior though. Since getting the Baptist the 2nd job have had to dispose of a fortune, been beaten and tortured for week after week after week while being kept in concrete isolation box stained with the blood of previous guests, am made fun of and ridiculed weekly for the audacity of what job I claim, been beat up, spit on, betrayed ,slandered , disdained and pushed away from fellowship and friendship by many and ignored by almost all, etc. etc. etc.. Here’s the punchline though…….. ……….Are you ready for it……………… I am happy. I wake up daily with a song in my heart, overwhelmed by gratitude, and more in love with Yahweh and enjoying Immanuel more than I did in the previous month. Go Figure………… Also I really don’t have much to whine about or complain about. Immanuel already told us how people, events and things would be nowadays, Whas–a matta- didn’t anyone else believe him???? Lol

  4. carmen

    True, Kevin. Jesus doesn’t magically take away temptation nor does He promise to. He does however promise to forgive our sins if we confess them to Him 1 John 1:9. How grateful I am for that! I know without His blood covering my sins I would have no hope of joining Him in Heaven. Thanks Be to to Him for His grace!

  5. Kris

    While I read a lot of sites, as well as study and research a lot topics, mostly biblical/Christ-oriented, I rarely comment or respond to blogs. But I just want you to know that I read your articles and appreciate them for their sound biblical truth and your candor. I also was wrapped in the false prophetic movement and the harlot church for a long time and the Lord separated my husband and I from them over ten years ago. I used to be an avid Elijahlist follower and we even had a number of the ‘Linked Prophets’ speak ‘words’ over/into/around.. whatever!.. our lives. Yikes!! We moved in that false ‘movers and shakers’ crowd. BUT FOR GOD!!! He spared us from so much delusion because HE GAVE us ‘the love of truth.’ We did and can do nothing, I know you know what I mean. His grace delivered me from seducing and lying spirits. He was delivering me, sanctify me, healing me from old demonic learned schemes of ‘accepting the unacceptable’ and ‘tolerating ‘Jezebel.’ so…

  6. Frederick Hull

    A very powerful word my brother. This has even challenge myself and wondering where my heart truly is. It saddens me and cannot even cannot imagine how our Father feels the state of His Children Lawlesness here in America. May the Spirit of Repentance falls upon us and lets us return to Him as His Holy Sons and Daughters of Righteousness.

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