1. Mark

    Thank you for this article. Well I found this because i was researching more about Kim Clement who i just heard recently about a prophesy he made in 2007 about Trump. Kim correctly prophesied that Trump will be the President and that he will build a wall among other things. I was fascinated by this but today i found another of Kim’s prophesy about Pope Francis which disturbed me a little because i am very much aware about the Roman Catholic faith and the controversies surrounding the Church and especially Pope Francis. This led me to wonder, is it possible that Kim’s prediction about Trump came from God but somehow was deceived when it comes to his prophesy about Pope and the future? One can never know. But this article is definitely a reminder to me and to everyone that we should be very careful about prophecies or we will be led astray. So thank you for this.
    Regard and best wishes from Northeast India.

  2. Sharon Brewer

    there will always be stones thrown at you when TRUTH is spoken. always. the entire planet sits in deception. it’s a thick dark cloud.

  3. Wade Jones

    Christ said “My sheep know my voice and they will not follow another”. Most who call themselves Christians abandon Christ in favor of Paul and a counterfeit church. They have made a corrupt book an idol and are none of his. One can not follow God and follow false apostles or false prophets.

  4. Anindita

    Good article brother.

    However the people with them are knowingly being there. They are like being captivated there. It’s a similar state as the Hindus and Muslims.

    It’s just that nobody is seeking God. They want to be in a comfort zone of ‘religion’.

    Thanks once again.

  5. Samual Yoder

    Up until I found your site I never heard of the Elijah List or Kim Clement Any serious scripture student does not just believe whatever anyone says (Berean). When I hear Benny Hinn rant on about “touch not God’s anointed”, my first thought is oh ya, who says you are God’s anointed? Just saying you are God’s anointed does not make you God’s anointed! I see “Christians” today as having lost their ability to think critically, clearly, rationally, which is why they are easily snookered. Remember Yahshua’s (the one Christian’s call Jesus) words “Many on the broad path, few on the narrow” meaning a good rule of thumb is… if the majority is believing it, if the majority is buying into it, if the majority is getting on the band wagon THEN take note they just might be wrong. It’s good you sound the trumpet, be the watchman on the wall, but as I said any serious spirit lead scripture student is not so easily manipulated by market strategy no matter who is doing it.

    • I agree with what you’re saying, Samual. This error is usually birthed out of a spiritual vacuum in one’s life. We are all made with a “God-sized hole” as it were. When someone who is either young and naive, or just plain “off” scripturally-speaking sees an opportunity to fill that hole, they’re going to jump in hook-line-sinker. It is not until severe damage takes place that they start to go back to the foundation of the scriptures. Some ignore the damage and try to make the best of it, continuing on in the same practices … that’s bad news.

  6. Robert Wittenberg

    If people would just take the time to find out who this pope is they might change their mind.
    All people need to read the Jesuit code which this Pope is under they would find out he will do anything to stop a Christian, it is his duty and he will do anything including murder.
    But our Lord and King, Jesus says in the Bible people have eyes but they do not see and ears but they do not hear.

    Take the time to look up the Jesuit code on the internet and it will be an eye opener.

  7. Harry

    Right again, because know the real evil that drives this apostasy, that not only keeps the sheep in the sheepfold, but slaughters them

  8. Wayne


    Thank you for dividing the leading ideas that people give to persuade a person down a particular path.

    A little off topic, I looked up the etymology of the name $teve $hultz

    Steven means – Crown or Victorious
    Shultz means – The name Shultz is a status name for a village headman…The term originally denoted a man responsible for collecting dues and paying them to the lord of the manor.

    What’s in a name? You decide

  9. Sandy

    Great article Kevin! I just listened to a message by Mike Boldea, the grandson of a “real” Prophet of God, Dumitru Duduman. You might know about him, but I wanted to share with you what Mike Boldea say’s are the 7 CARDINAL RULES TO THE PROPHETIC
    1. DO NOT EDITORIALIZE. Add nothing and take nothing away. Do not take it upon yourself to add or take away from what God says. Do not INTERPRET the message. Just give what God tells you, nothing, more, nothing less. No personal opinions. One is a message from God. The other is a man’s opinion.
    2. DO NOT MELODRAMATIZE. Do not try to make it more than it is or less than what it is. 3. DO NOT PERSONALIZE. It’s not about YOU! 4. DO NOT SENSATIONALIZE. i.e. Year of the breakthrough, or of prosperity or judgment, etc. 5. DO NOT GRANDIOSE. I must decrease, that He might increase. Do not let people raise you up. 6. DO NOT MERCHANDIZE THE WORD OF GOD! 7. DO NOT IDOLIZE MAN! If he has allowed you to make an idol of him, he is NOT of GOD! Shalom Kevin!

  10. Linda

    Excellent article! I find it fascinating that the pope prayed to the statue of Mary that was from Fatima. Just one more common link between the Catholic church and Islam. The similarities are so great it’s frightening, but I suppose when you consider the influence the Catholic church had in the beginnings of Islam it’s no wonder.

    • If you want to take it even further, you should research and find out the influence catholicism has (yes present tense) on christianity! Yep, I’m not surprised anymore to see the child returning to its mother.

      • Linda

        Oh, Kevin, I know! And the backlash a person gets for trying to tell people about it. On the one hand it’s very disturbing, but on the other hand it’s amazing to see Scripture being fulfilled before our eyes. Still disturbing, but amazing.

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