1. Jeremy

    Once again an amazing post. I have commented before on another post regarding an error of yours regarding the “fathers commandments” and I assume you didn’t check my scripture because you didn’t respond. Once again I have found a scriptural error in your opinion on what happens to the spirit once the body dies. I would love more than anything to show you on both topics what the scripture shows us. I think you will be amazed. Please dig deeper.
    1. The 10 commandments were given. By the son of man (Jesus before he came)

    2. Our bodies return to the dust and our spirit of life returnes to the one who gave it. A soul is the combining of the two. Nobody has received there reward or punishment yet.

    There is honor in searching the scriptures!!!

    • Hey Jeremy, I don’t remember you correcting me before, but that’s fine… I’m actually in agreement with you regarding what happens after we die, how we are actually “asleep”… This way of thinking is rather new to me and I’m still trying to fully study it out. All I know is that there are plenty of scriptures that contradict the traditional “once you die you go to heaven/hell” doctrine. The reason why the more traditional view is in this post is because it’s been out about a year.

      As far as Jesus (Yeshua) giving the commandments and not God? I still hold to the view that God spoke it … still, I’m open for reasoning things out… feel free to write me with more info.

      • Jeremy

        1. Jesus always says “obey MY commandments” not my fathers commandments
        2. James 4:12 Says there is only one lawgiver and it is he who is able to save and it is he who judges, creates and destroys.
        3. John 5:22 says not even the father judges but all judgement has been given to the son
        4. John 8:58 hoas jesus saying his name is I AM, who is the same person of the trinity as in the O.T.
        5 1john 1:1 says the word/son/jesus is the creator of all that exist
        6. 2 Thess 2:8 the sword (by his word) that proceeded from Jesus mouth will satan be destroyed.
        7. Isaiah 33:22 says that The Lord is our lawgiver,judge,and king He will save us
        As you see jesus is the great I AM. He was is and is to come. It was always him! It won’t be about the father till christ gives the kingdom to him so that he may be all in all!!!

  2. Kirk Patterson

    Thank You for the live word,so true for Today.We all need to examine our selves to see if we are in The Faith that the scriptures speak of!!!

  3. Jonathan in BC

    Thanks, Kevin, for a very timely post. For some research I’m doing, I am reading E P Sanders’ book on Paul He points out that part of the problem of translating the Greek words for belif/faith and righteousness/justification is that English uses both Anglo-Saxon (believe, righteous) and French (faith, justify) root words. But there is no A/S verb for “righteous”, and no French verb for “faith”, meaning that tranlators have a problem. If there were a verbal form of “faith” (Greek: pistis) they wouldn’t have to use “believe” for the verb (or use the clumsy, “put faith in”), and so avoid the problem of believe being seen as meaning mental assent, as you demostrateso well to be wrong. You might want to try the same with righteous, where “justify” has to be used for the verbal form, again leading to a distortion of the Gospel message. Don’t evangelical ministers study Greek and Hebrew any more?!

  4. Danielle

    I so enjoy your blogs. I’ve passed them onto some of my friends who have questions about why I choose to honor the God of Abraham by obeying His commandments:) You speak so frankly and clearly about this walk and the truth of God’s word.

    Thank you, Kevin!

  5. Bruce R.

    Great post. Sadly, we life in a world and society that it is acceptable to say we believe one thing but do another. We believe it’s healthy to eat right and exercise, but we sit in front of the TV and eat potato chips and drink soda. In biblical times, believing and doing were one in the same, as you have well pointed out. It would have been a completely foreign concept to say they believed one thing but did another. So to say we believe in Jesus, or to say they believed in Jesus would also include a corresponding action. So if we “confess with our mouth and believe in our hearts” but we still live like heathens, is that a “saving faith?” I say no. When we read verses like Acts 2:38 and things that Paul said in Acts 17, we see how different the gospel that the church preaches today is from what the true gospel of repentance was 2000 years ago. Thanks for this word.

  6. Jolene McCreery

    I’m glad our church teaches the concept that “faith without works is dead”. If we think we can recite the “sinner’s prayer”, then live any old which way, we are sadly mistaken. Eventually, if we continue to pursue the wide path of the world apart from God, we risk hardening our hearts and losing our salvation. A true, believing Christian will WANT to serve and please the Lord! We’ll know him by his fruit. Faith in Action. Some of us only reach this point of ACTIVE FAITH after decades of trials wherein God calls us to lean on Him and experience His FAITHfulness. We love Him because He first loved us…over and over again. Shalom.

  7. Dianne Plourde

    Your sabbatical has produced good thoughts. Thank you for this article. Am sharing on my facebook.

  8. Sammy Moore

    I really appreciate this post Kevin. These are points in the word from James that was pricking my heart about 2 months ago and I’ve obviously been distracted from them lately. The only way we can truly know Him is by this faith.

    I’m thankful for His patience and mercy. Now I’m remembering (Romans 4) how “Abraham staggered not in unbelief” “hoped against hope” his faith was radical yet mandatory for us all… an almost 100 year old woman having a baby!?!

    The result of his faith was giving glory to God.

    Thanks man for the good work . I’m thankful to the Lord for a readjusted focus!. Look forward to the next post.

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