1. Allen Cunningham

    I understand the history of the beginnings of the apostate “Roman Catholicism religion”….what is driving me nuts is what or who happened to the apostles’ writings? We know they survived because we have been learning from the “received or authorized” Greek text that our early church brothers were persecuted for! Where is THAT history? Can you help me with that?

    Thank you…ac

    • I’m not ready to report on that as my findings in this area have pretty much devastated my paradigm. It’s part of the reason why I stopped with this series for now.

  2. Robert Neal

    Excellent work, achi!……..early on in this section concerning the Sabbath; it may be wise to teach that Sabbath is the sign of the covenant…i.e. the marriage covenant; the ‘ring’, as well as being the fourth commandment;……..just thinking……Also, ‘sign’ is #226 as is ‘mark’ #226, that was assigned to Cain.

  3. Keith

    As a former WWCG member, I find it refreshing to read your posts (I’ve only read a couple). Finding like minded Christians capable of rightly dividing the word of truth is a blessing. Thank you for sharing your research, incites & conviction.

  4. Dan the Baptist

    Thank you for sharing your article which is very informative and as far as I am able to ascertain quite truthful. There can be no doubt that the Apostolic Church kept the Sabbath of the Lord. In fact, may it not be the Sabbath which the Apostle John refers to when he says “on the Lord’s day?” Sadly, the largest group of Christian Sabbath observers in our country are in a cult, observing and accepting the word of a deranged woman as “prophecies” and holding her teachings on the level of Holy Scripture.

    • Thanks Dan. It is sad that some who adhere to the 7th day Sabbath are wrapped up in a cult (I know which one you’re talking about … btw, I don’t belong to this cult). Regardless, we have to ask ourselves, does the indiscretion and error of this cult negate the Word of YHWH? Personally, I don’t think it does … and I’m pretty sure you believe the same. All the best.

  5. CEPA

    Started reading till I saw things like Yahweh and/or not Jewish feast…
    Stay away from places like these…

    • melechhaolam

      There are ONLY two spirits to be recognized – Ruach Kadosh (Holy Spirit) and the unHoly spirit. The existence of both can be in any system – the religious organization of roman catholicism was unHoly but a great deception as it claimed allegiance to The Truth. All sects and groups contaminated by her are unclean. Within the Jewish people who have the same division – there are Jews today who claim to follow Judaism who will endorse unHoly sexual alliances etc. There are those who have great insight into Holiness and wait with an open heart for Moshiach. They are not arrogant or ready to condemn those who believe in Moshiach now.

  6. Elizabeth Syrakis

    Thank you so much for your hard work and research. You tell the truth, but not in an attacking way. I am going to share your teachings with my son and his wife who look up to the ‘church fathers’ in their Presbyterian church.

  7. Charles

    The Catholic Church has much to answer for, not least the persecution of Jews throughout the last two centuries. But the question has to be asked, would we have God’s Word to read and discuss now, if the Church had never existed?. Whatever its failings, it has done what the Jewish nation was to do, to spread God’s message worldwide. It is God’s way, that he often uses the imperfect to ultimately achieve what He has set out to do.

  8. David

    I had heard that simon the sorcerer, aka simon magus, gave the RCC(Roman catholic church) it’s start. He’s mentioned in Acts chapter 8, where he saw the Apostles doing miracles via the Holy Spirit, wanted to buy the Holy Spirit power, and was rebuked by the Apostles.

    When I first heard this, I didn’t believe it until I did a lot of research. He, simon magus, fabricated his own version of Christianity and got the Romans of the occupation to adopt it. I even found information that alleges he was the first pope and they erected a statue of him.

    He even had a debate with the Apostle Peter, that is documented at the link I will provide below. Have you come across any information about this?


    • You know, that could be a possibility! If he got the Romans to adopt his beliefs, perhaps he was an influence on Clement of Rome? That would be interesting to see if there were any connections there.

      All the best,


  9. Gerry

    so then, what is a person who loves the Lord to do? What are we to believe?
    Are you saying that the New Testament was perverted?? Are you saying that only the Old Testament is true????

    • No sir, I love the NT… taken within the proper context, it is a great source of inspiration and edification… all of it! But it is erroneous to take isolated scriptures out of the NT and create doctrines, which is what Christianity has done. This is why we have 44,000 denominations on earth today.

      As far as what we are to believe, I would encourage you to read the last post. I actually would encourage you to read all prior posts in order, but if you’re short on time (which we all are) the last post might give you some more info. In short, we should believe what the disciples believed!

  10. Charles Areson

    It seems as if the bits and pieces that the LORD has shown me He has also shown to you, and you have been given the grace to assemble them in a very concise manner. Thanks for your faithfulness. Blessings and shalom.

  11. Charles

    As the saying, attributed to the Nazi German leaders, goes, tell the people a lie often enough, and they will believe it.

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