• Kevin Kleint

      Be sure to incorporate verse 21 … these conditions were set down knowing that the new converts would learn the Torah in the synagogues.

  1. Phil Oxford

    Hi, I’ve recently discovered http://www.torahclass.com and a few others as I explore this avenue. But the main question I have is, as a follower of Jesus in 20th century Basingstoke UK, how on earth (statement of exasperation rather than location) do I knew which laws to follow add I can’t follow them all!
    Various “strange” laws?
    Not eating Pork, shellfish etc
    Not sowing mixed seed?
    So I’d have the choose which ones. But then, if in having to choose, doesn’t that kind of negate your point rather?
    How can I choose? I’m hardly qualified.
    In Dueteronomy Moses gives, to the Israelites about to enter the promised land, a kind of sermon on the mount of Exodus laws.
    Jesus gave us the sermon on the mount.
    Shouldn’t we be following that and going He soaks to us re the Torah application too, for our time, culture etc?
    I desire to follow Jesus, serve Him live a life to please Him but I’d dearly love to know how.
    Basingstoke, UK

    • Kevin Kleint

      Bottom line is you obey everything you can. Some things are common sense … ie. Not eating pork/shellfish – apart from anything “religious” – should just be common sense. The toxins in those “foods” will kill you quicker than any other kinds of meats. Sabbath/Leviticus 23 moedim should be obeyed rather than the pagan “holidays” … they show who you are loyal and covenanted to. I really wouldn’t want to be connected to anything this world has to offer when He comes. Sorry so short … gotta go to work.

  2. Dear Kevin,

    I think Yahweh must have led me here. Your writings have answered some questions I’ve had for a long time, like when His law will be written in our minds for one. I sought out the meaning of his words, “after those days,” asking just what were “those days?” So many wrongly say that has already happened for Christians, like it’s automatic when one accepts Yeshua as Lord.

    You’re a phenomenal writer! Such clarity, such succinctness, and you know how to draw the reader to follow along to the end. I’ve read quite a few of your posts and there’s much in them to absorb, but like the proverbial sponge, I’m eager to soak up more. Better, I’m eager to start putting into practice what I’m learning about Yahweh and His Torah!

    Sometimes though I admit it’s not easy to thoroughly leave behind those practices (Christmas, manger scenes, singing) learned early in life and to embrace new ones (Feasts of Yahweh) that feel somewhat foreign. Do you have any suggestions on how to make the transition easier? I’ve been keeping His Feasts alone because outside of Synagogues which are primarily liberal here, one even has a Lesbian rabbi who embraces all manner of deviancy in her congregation, I’ve nowhere to practice Yahweh’s Feasts.

    Because of the continuing deterioration of churches and synagogues overall due to their embracing the LGBT agenda, I have COME OUT of them. Not that I mind not being a part of corrupt religion, but it would be easier to walk the walk of holiness as part of a BODY who practices the Torah wholeheartedly, would it not?

    How I long for the day when Yeshua will gather together into one sheep pen his sheep who have been scattered, and for the day when our flesh nature will be dissolved and taken away! I REJOICE to think about Yah’s writing his Torah in our hearts. I can imagine (sort of) what it would feel like to have my mind infused with his law – totally cleansed of all the junk that’s entered into it during the course of my life, and to have it become pure and clean throughout! No more struggling with the Sin nature – now that’s something to look forward to is it not?

    Shalom dear brother for now!

    • Hi Debra, breaking out of the church system is probably one of the most difficult things you will ever do. There’s no easy way around it. The best thing to do is face it head on and expect to be rejected. A friend of mine once said, “Rejection is a baptism … embrace it. For only then will you be free from the fear of men.” I found this to be true in many ways.

      All the best.

  3. Kelli Garrett

    Hello Kevin. Thank you for your wisdom you have shared. I have been through quite a walk for 10+ years with seeking God’s truth. I have come very close to believing that I could earn my salvation through my works of the Torah. Thankfully, God did not allow me to fall into that abyss. I am now trying to balance what I have learned in Torah with what Paul teaches. I am currently in Galatians. Trying to understand Paul can be a challenge for me. I know he can’t contradict the Torah or he is a false prophet. Since I do not believe he is, I need to understand where he is coming from. Your teaching on the circumcision of the heart is beautiful and fits perfectly with the situation with Titus in chapter 2. My question is this, where does the circumcision of the flesh fit into our New Covenant? Titus was not led nor forced by Paul to circumcise, why? Was Paul ok with breaking the Law? How can our hearts be circumcised to the Law if our flesh is not? Ultimately, I am wanting to know your thoughts on physical circumcision. Any thoughts you have on this topic would be greatly appreciated.

  4. Joanne

    Thank you Kevin. I used to have teaching like this. It’s so good to have a hearty meal in the Word of God once again. 🍽. More please. Seriously, thank you very much for the depth and richness of this life changing Word. God bless you and plz continue to break the bread of life for us.
    Joanne Lane

  5. Kyla

    Amazing. God led me to your website, particularly to this post. He is working biiiig time on my heart currently and has been guiding me through Jeremiah by His Holy Spirit. Thank you for the simplicity with which you bring this message across. May we all continue to circumcise our hearts and live fully devoted to our King, Creator of this World, taking His truths and commands as they are and applying them practically to our lives.

    God Bless you!

  6. Jenina Conradie

    I am working through a series of teaching by Matthew Nolan. It resonates very much with what you are saying. We are the priests according to the order of Melchizedek – we establish righteousness on earth. We need to live righteous lives. Righteousness is following the Way. His Torah is the WAY. It does not mean that we never sin, but we stay on the Way.

  7. Gina

    Excellent study, fully backed by YHWH’s Word. Very thought provoking and relevant for people today who are preparing themselves for Messiah’s return. Thanks, Kevin!

  8. Faith B

    One of the things I think about a lot is the question, “Are you becoming the kind of person that Yahweh wants to spend FOREVER with?” The only way to become that person is by reading/studying and obeying His Law (Mitzvot). I look at people in Christianity that walk around saying to themselves, “I walked the aisle, I accepted Jesus as my Savior, I’m all set to go to heaven now.” These people break my heart because they seem to think that, no matter how they act or disobedient they are, the Father is still going to accept them into the Kingdom. Have any of these people ever taken a good look at the parent/child relationship? The child does not get to act any way he/she wants to and still expect their dad to give them everything (at least not in a normal relationship anyway). I used to be one of those people, thinking that I could do whatever I wanted to and still get into the kingdom. I am so very grateful that He has opened my eyes and ears to the truth. Thank you for speaking the truth

  9. Nina Dixon

    Really well explained thank you. This verse, is a good one, Paul teaches that those from the nations i.e. gentiles, who have not had the benefit of being trained in the Law/Torah like the Jews, obey the law, or as th eKJV puts it ‘do the things of the Law’, they ‘show the work of the Law written in their hearts’. So if we aren’t obeying God’s Law, we do not show that we have it written on our hearts.

  10. Samual Yoder

    No need to really comment, you made it clear, made it abundantly clear. A heart of stone to a heart of flesh that only YHWH can do!

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