1. Hello! Enjoyed reading this series. GC was introduced to my wife and I by a neighbor this week. We’ve spent the last several days listening to many of his YouTube videos. How can you describe him? Personable, funny, witty, down to earth, charismatic, and seemingly Biblically knowledgeable. And yet, I felt something is off… a remark here, a personal reference to Jesus there… something not quite right. My spirit unsettled in me. My wife is a much younger Christian than myself and does not yet see a problem. One story he talks about being on a missions trip with several others and parachuting (yes, parachuting) into a valley (In Africa?) then walking out for 400 miles (yes, 4 hundred miles of rough terrain with only what can be carried on one’s back). The logistics of such a “missions trip” would kill a green beret, much less an out of shape older guy! That was my first clue that something’s amiss with this guys story. WE NEED DISCERNMENT IN THESE LAST DAYS LIKE NO OTHER TIME IN HISTORY!!

  2. Brian Midmore

    A quote from Graham Cooke
    I think, right across the church in America, right across the church, I believe, in the world, one of the things we are seriously doing battle with right now, one of the dragons that is against us, is passivity. We get so used to accommodating things in our life. We accommodate our shortcomings and make house room for them. We explain them away. We excuse them. We have all kinds of reasonings why we can’t do something, can’t see something, can’t become something. We have accommodated so much in our lives that actually the Holy Spirit is given to us to fight against those things.
    (from Turning Passivity Into Prophecy)

    For GC it is not our obedience that is important but rather our activity. Sometimes to obey God involves doing nothing (Saul and Samuel is good example). Paul was concerned about the passivity of the Corinthians which was their accommodation of false apostles.

    • Graham Cooke may think one thing … but YHWH thinks another. False prophets are very “active” in the last days, and teach others to be the same way … but YHWH values obedience to His commands.

      1 Samuel 15:22b
      Behold, to obey is better than sacrifice, and to hearken than the fat of rams.

      • Brian Midmore

        I have noticed that many prominent ministries hold to an essentially Epicurian philosophy. Epicurius believed that the gods who had made the world had gone far away and this left mankind in control to achieve his ends. These end were essentially a comfortable life. This is the prevailing philosophy of the rich western world (in the poor south they are reduced to Stoicism) and this may account for the appeal of these ministries. I see this in the above quote from GC that we must take up arms against all the things( that threaten our comfort?). GC’s misuse of ‘comfort’ is also evidence for this. Our goal should ‘the obedience of faith’ Rom 1.5.

  3. MF

    So grateful for this series on Graham Cooke/and his cohorts. Awhile ago I tried to find research about him but couldn’t; so I emailed his ministry to request his statement of faith – they replied but refused to give me their statement of faith. Naturally, that’s a red flag! Nonetheless, I decided to listen to a bunch of his teaching to discover truth and/or nontruth for myself. WOW!! What dangerous rubbish and deception, I was so flabbergasted by the “soft core” subtly of his false teaching. And so horrified by the many disciples that cling to his every word and refuse to test his teaching for themselves. Their response to anyone who would question GC’s stuff is “you’re a religious spirit” – and naturally, GC conditioned this response by injecting this term against any “theologian” or “scholar” into his teaching, obviously “equipping” his hearers for any opposing (correct) theology. So evil!

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