1. Under His Shadow

    Good message with excellent scriptural references that brought it all together.

    The music video: Can only say, “How horrible”! Who is the motley crew with the smoke, black backdrop, and a dark image of rockers on crack?!

    These kids have no idea of the musical, harmonic, math (music is mathematical) of Yahweh’s creation, and their disharmonious noise shatters the tone and harmony of the universe. The Word says even the stars sing. They must cover their ears at such noise coming from the earth! Must tell you that this does not bless the la Mech ha olam (King of the Universe).

    So disappointed to be subjected to this kind of Ba’al contribution when your article so disdains it! This cannot even be considered a joyful noise!!!

    • If you were paying attention to the song, it was a cry of repentance not a joyful noise. Hence the dark clouds and darker atmosphere. That’s what sin is like.

      Thank you for supporting the message of the post, but you and I will probably not see eye to eye on music style. I find like or dislike of music to be highly subjective. Even classical music as contributors who were less than righteous. Hebrew music can even sound very similar to music from India in style. You name any style of music… I can find something in it that could be evil.

      Anyhow this post is not to debate whether or not a musical style is satanic or pure. However I appreciate you supporting the message of the post.

  2. Debbie Fox

    Hello, I’d been a “Christian” ( Methodist ) all my life. I discovered Torah- & slow but surly over 1-2 years, when it actually sunk into my brain that I was part of the lost tribes if Israel I was absolutely shocked, to come to the realization that I’d believed in a lie/ mans “traditions ” for 45-50 yrs !!!!!!!!!! I’d never been so shocked & blessed @ the same time. To think I was part of Israel & Gods glorious Torah & could now confidently know what are & arent his rules. & part of His glorious Feasts & Shabbot !!!! I just don’t follow how any seeking Christian can be so willingly deceived !!, yes, I do… I had 2 sisters who I gave my testimony to.. & from 1 I got the response of a raging demon ( is the only way to describe it ). I long to return to live closer to Yeshua’s safe places listed in Jer. Etc.. before this country is judged, but I don’t find any Hebrew Roots connections online discussing it. Great article !!!!!

  3. Under His Shadow

    Excellent article, Kevin. You know I follow closely all that you write.

    FYI: Another excellent source on the Jesuits is Swarms of Locusts by Michael Bunker. Not free, however. This book can still be purchased on Amazon.com I believe. I have purchased several to give to pastors. Some were amazed; others not so much; some are Masons, so what can I say!

    If memory serves me right, Bunker was “educated in a cemetery” and was for a time associated with a big protestant denomination in Dallas (I think), but he came out of her when he saw the light and was re-educated by the Ruach HaKodesh. He has done tremendous research into the Jesuits and their affiliates and compiled a lot of information in this book about them. Evil and demonic is this group.
    Swarms of Locusts (a fitting name for the Jesuits, don’t you think?!) is a must read in my opinion. Talk about opening your eyes into Catholicism, Protestantism, Free Masonry, as well as the roots of Calvinism and Arminianism.

    An excellent read.

  4. Al Venturini

    Great article keep up the great work you do and thanks.. I need to know if you know anything about pharmical drugs, to take them or not?

    • I don’t take a hard stand Rx drugs because I am close to many who need them… YHWH hasn’t healed them yet. Ideally we shouldn’t take them, but we live in a fallen world and are victims of the fallen state.

      So, stay away from them if you can, but if you must have them, don’t condemn yourself.

    • Under His Shadow

      May I say a word to Al Venturini about Big Pharma and prescription drugs.

      There is so much information available on the internet about natural alternative treatments for just about everything our human body could encounter. I haven’t taken a prescription drug for 30 plus years because I learned that I’m terribly allergic to chemicals, so if I see a dr. it is only to help in a diagnosis of what my problem is, and then I begin to research how to treat it naturally. (Trust me, drs. don’t know everything, and they sometimes make terrible mistakes as they did in my case more than once.) I was prescribed a steroid injection for a painful back problem. I declined. Went home, prayed for several days. Father healed me. No back problem, no pain anymore! I knew there had to be a better way!

      I am almost 80 years old, and used to struggle with high blood pressure (sometimes over 300/98). I found out what my body needed: how I should change my eating habits, exercise a bit more, let go of stress…blah, blah. blah.

      So, to shorten this story, my bp is now in the 123/78 range, sometimes 118/72.

      Trust me when I tell you that the Holy Spirit will guide you into what knowledge you need to help yourself.

      The Lord made everything that we would ever need to be healthy during our life times. It’s up to us to know what those things are, how to use them and in what combinations. He is a very wise and loving Father.

      Big Pharma is all about making money and keeping us sick. No money if we aren’t sick and they aren’t selling drugs!

  5. Wayne


    I think this article is one of you best prophetic insights into the fallout of the ‘children of the harlot’ (protestant denominations) having a family reunion with their mother(Catholic Church). The warning is there, yet the is no discernment and the people are silent (like you mentioned).

      • elly

        I hear a lot of what I call a “THUD” sound after times I feel the HS wrote something big through me (times I have to keep rereading something I wrote becacause it did not seem me: it was too good). I take that THUD sound to mean my writing had a bigger impact than I know or can see in the physical realm. I trust God with it sonce it feels lIke He wrote it anyway. I figure stuff must be happening in the spiritual realm that I cannot see. I feel power in your post here but we, obviously, don’t know the exact ways God is working. I do ferl God is on the move now and Satan is desperate and fighting back. I can see it in so many places as Satan tries to keep despair, anger, hate, attention on false gods, etc. going.

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