At some point in your christian walk, you awake out of the daze that you’ve been living in and become lucid.

You think to yourself, “Something is wrong … Something is very, very wrong.”   

  • Why does modern-day church look nothing like the Acts church?
  • Why do professed believers look just like the world?
  • Why do worship services look more like rock concerts?
  • Why is the church falling into lock-step with the pope?   

At this point you have a choice.

You can:

A) Choose the broad and easy way which leads to destruction. Comfortably, you will fall back into your slumber and march with the other lemmings off the cliff of Deception. (Matthew 7:13)

~ or, you can ~

B) Choose the narrow way and stand against the tide. This is the Difficult Way. (Matthew 7:14)

  • You will be an outcast … isolated and lonely
  • You will be labeled intolerant and hated
  • You will find Eternal Life

I chose B.

You see, friends, there IS something wrong. What you are seeing now is the fruit of a tree that came from a bad seed planted long ago. is a web site dedicated to “searching out a matter” (Proverbs 25:2) no matter what the cost.

I know that I still have a LOT to learn … but I also know that what I’ve learned so far flies in the face of our present day “church culture.”

If you are easily offended, you will not like what you find on this site. To that I want to encourage you … dig deeper.

But if you’ve awakened from the dream state that has been conjured up by the so-called church. If you’re lucid … even momentarily … don’t fall back asleep! Please check out the information on this site.

There’s an honor in the search.

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  1. When u choose B that means u turn against the foundation stones of organized religion:

      1. One of my books…THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE is a “love it or hate it” book. May step on some toes, but YAHWEH and YESHUA want out the word. It’s pretty cut and dry, talks about all kinds of religions that are out here today. Talks about how we can more closely follow who they call GOD and JESUS. Talks about the stipulation words like “IF and OBEY”.
        Talks about the Commandments and how they were NOT done away with at the cross. Talks about the New Covenant Christians, about what’s coming in our future, and how the day or the hour of JESUS return is irrelevant, it’s the signs of the times we’re to be looking for.
        Talks about fake man-made pagan traditional holidays, and how we celebrate them while honoring satan. Pastors don’t tell people the truth, so they can’t follow it from what they’re learning. However, they can study their Bibles for themselves Unless we know our Bibles we can easily be deceived into a false gospel and believing in another JESUS.

  2. Option B definitely puts you at odds with most everyone you interact with on a daily basis.
    Option B causes families to split
    Option B will get you persecuted, hated by the very ones who are “supposed” to love you.
    Option B is fulfilling Yahshua command to pick up your cross and follow me
    Option B is only for “the few”
    Option B will result in you obtaining immortality, incorruption
    Option B will result in you becoming a Priest, King in YHWH’s Kingdom, a co-heir, co-ruler with Messiah
    Option B will result in YHWH and Yahshua Messiah giving you blessings beyond your wildest dreams

    Option A is only for “The many”
    Option A is pleasurable for only this life.
    Option A leads to the Lake of Fire and the 2nd death
    Option A caters to the carnal man and strangles the spirit of man
    Option A is where most people including “Christian” are
    Option A is only for those who have no love of the truth

  3. Dear Kevin, Thank you for your prompt reply to my enquiry about the deliverance ministry and its relationship to Roman Catholicism. Unfortunately that day my laptop played up and I lost your email and address. Hence the delay in replying. Thank you again and bless your work in Christ. God bless,
    in Jesus, Marian Klitzke.

  4. I’m a senior in poor health (79 in May). I thought for years I was saved but now I don’t believe I am.

    Can you help me please?

    My husband passed away two years ago. He was a believer and a pastor.

    Thank you.

      1. Dear Kevin,

        I need to know how to be really born again. I thought I was in 1963 but now I don’t believe so.

        I have had numerous “charismatic” experiences over the years but I just want to be saved and know I am. Perhaps I was sidetracked by carnal distractions or I’m just “poor soil.”

        If you could please pray for me. I just downloaded Prophetic Masquerade am now reading it. Thank you for that timely message. Could you direct me to your writings that would be most profitable at this time of my life.

        Thank you!

        1. Jan, this simple truth is to do what Jesus said, “Repent” … turn from your ways and follow His ways. Learn what His ways are and do them! Here are a few links to check out from my web site:

          If you email me, I can point you to other resources besides mine that will help you out as well.

          1. Thank you for what you have written. This directs me back to Scripture.

            To make a long story short. Stumbling many times but repenting and turning from these sins has led to these amazing moves of the Lord.

            Insomnia – the first night of sleep in 21/2 months of insomnia.

            High blood pressure – 12 point drop in diastolic pressure.

            Diabetes – normal range. (after the stumbling, expected both diabetes and high blood pressure) to have peaked.

            Arthritis plus other joint/bone issues – off pain pills.

            This is representative of finally beginning to understand salvation through Jesus. I have to continue on with Him and denying my own desires. How could I not? Just beginning this walk has led to what I believe is miraculous.

            Than you and bless you and your family.


          2. Jan, just take it one step at a time. Understand the Word, Believe the Word, Do the Word. It can be a lonely road, but there are those out there who are in the same boat as you, myself included.

  5. Thank you Kevin
    Read the study on disobedience/Witchcraft 1Samual 15.
    Appreciate your time spent on it.
    “If you love me, you will keep my commandments. – John 14:15

    YHWH bless you.

  6. Do you also believe the negative reports on prosperity evangelists such as Kenneth Copeland & the like???

      1. Hi,
        i just joined a torah group on facebook ,to see who they were and one of the videos they put up is a person called Cyrene watts , do you know who this is , i wouldnt normally bother with any of these prophets as as one goes along observing one becomes tired of hearing falsehood . But as i just started reading your stuff my attention was caught , and as this is supposedly a Torah group i would like to know who they are and which way they are looking. Its hard enough getting along these days without wasting time with falsehood .

        1. Hi! I’m not sure about Cyrene Watts. Unfortunately, YouTube personalities are a dime a dozen, and even people in the Torah movement are no less susceptible to deception than the rest of us. Just compare what is being said with the Word of God and, if it helps, read my book “Prophetic Masquerade” and see if you don’t recognize some of these telltale signs of a false prophet.

  7. Hey Kevin,

    Thank you for writing what God has given you. Yours is an important message that those who have ears to hear will hear. I purchased Prophetic Masquerade at Amazon and will write a positive review when I have digested it.

    May our God “make you worthy of His calling and by His power accomplish every good thing you decide to do and every work of faith, so as to glorify the name of our Lord Jesus among you, and you in Him, according to the love of our God and Lord Jesus Christ.” 2 Thessalonians 1:11-12

  8. It never ceases to amaze me when a person feels like everyone around him is leading him into deception I have always felt from the beginning that Steve the founder of Elijah List jumped into his calling before God had a chance to take him through His ..what I call Gods boot camp. I truly believe he was supposed to run the prophetic site, but instead of allowing God to mold and make him ready..he just got things going. Thus he has made more mistakes than he should have, and had a stronghold of pride.

    But calling all the leading prophets bad is wrong on your part.

    We are all prone to being deceived at one time or another in our walk…we need the Holy Spirit, His gifts and Gods training to run this race well and to see things through His eyes.

    So you made a few wrong choices and so have those you served with. Didnt you learn during that time? Didn’t God allow you to go through what you did so you could learn.Honestly does that make them false.

    I have served under more false pastors ,carring the spirit of religion and control than false prophets.

    1. If my views were solely my own, you might have a point. But God’s Word is what matters here. If you haven’t read my “Prophetic Masquerade” series, do so. There are over 10 scriptural characteristics of a false prophet and Elijah List, Bethel, Morningstar and all the rest fit it to a tee. If you are still not convinced after reading the book, take it up with God and tell Him that He’s wrong for calling the leading prophets wrong. Happy learning!

  9. Well I read your Todd Bentley article.

    How long do you think we should hold his sins against him?. I see the way Rick handled it better than things of this mature have been taken care of in the past. I see more preachers at the pulpit living in sin, never confronted by anyone.

    And just because you considered Todd a prophet of God, that doesn’t make him infallible. Did you ever stop to think that God put you there TO confront Todd and you dropped the ball so things just kept going?
    God can use man’s ways, if we pray and ask him to intervene and use it for His glory. Maybe you did go to Africa by man’s idea..but we serve a big God, He can move mountains.

    I am trying to give you another lender to look through……

    1. OK, yeah, you need to read the whole testimony … but more importantly, read “Prophetic Masquerade” ( … for now, it’s online for free. Feel free to get back to me after you get a complete picture of where I’m coming from. It’s plain from scripture that a matter is established by 3-4 witnesses… the book will give you 10 bible-based characteristics of a false prophet. I’ll tell you now, Todd has at least 6 of the characteristics.

      1. I never have care for Todd.
        I feel the same way you do. But to publicly announce him and others as false prophets without a clear vision or dream or encounter from the Lord.n it..just i read my Bible and are treading on thin ice..I will read your book for free
        All I was giving you was another way to look at your experiences.
        Yes I read the whole article on Todd.

        1. Actually I am on very firm ground… Because the word of God the written word of God God is more reliable than any dream vision or voice you may hear. The word says to call out those were causing error … It’s only our training that has made us afraid and as a result of this error the devil is wreaked havoc on the church. Of course the false prophets love to reinforce this error because it gives them something to hide behind. Don’t fall for it.

  10. Hi Kevin, I think this is the only way to contact you, so I’m writing to you about something else … as I appreciate how the Lord has led you out of much deception and you are exposing deception that is surely in the world, and so-called church. He has done precisely the same with my husband and myself. I have been reading your website for many years and thank you for all that Holy Spirit moves you to share and write. I am writing now to ask you if you have ever read the material of David Nikao, his website He has some excellent articles discerning scripture and the condition of the body of Christ and the ‘church.’ I would so much appreciate hearing your take as Holy Spirit leads you on the many subjects David addresses.

    I assume you won’t publish this comment. But BTW, as a person whom the Lord led right into the Todd Bentley Lakeland Meetings (beginning with the shameful opening lies of Paul Cain) for over a week and opened my eyes to the anti-Christ spectacle. That experience was part of a 15 year journey the Lord took my husband and I on to refine us and open our eyes to the actual condition of the Body of Christ and to be divested of many wrong teachings and ‘thinkings’ and presumptions about God. (Also, had many occasions at Morningstar with Rick Joyner and came to be convicted of the false signs and wonders happening there). You are doing precisely what the Lord asks us to do out of love for Him and others- expose works of darkness and warn the brethren. God bless you and thank you once again for speaking truth that sets us free in Christ alone.

    Well now, I have found your email address.. Will contact you there and just leave this comment…

  11. I just listened to you on NYSTV on YT, the Prophecy and Prophets 101. Your teaching was excellent and very eye-opening. Thank you for digging into Yahuah’s word and speaking truth!

  12. Hello Kevin, may you be well. With the passing of Mr. Graham, wouldn’t it be appropriate to render a true review of his life, what he stood for and perhaps remove some of the façade that has cloaked his ministry? Just thinking!

    Another thing that has been on my mind and I would think your answer would wield much understanding for many with the same Q; is: Having come to a true salvation experience by believing in the DBR of Messiah and the proper repentance; most (all) are familiar with the first love; even w/o knowing much and still in full need of regeneration. My Q is; today, 25 years later, with much knowledge, experience and understanding and even the assurance that accompanies them, it is still not as glorious as the first love was (is). Could you be inspired to write an article on this matter? Thank you very much, brother; honorably said.

    1. Hey Robert, I’m planning on doing a smaller post but it probably won’t go into the detail that you are talking about here. I’m really trying to work hard on the next installment on the Church Fathers.

  13. Good day Kevin!

    I’ve only stumbled across your website today after doing some research to address what I believe to be false teachings about God’s Law from Greg Koukl of Stand to Reason (article found here).

    I wanted to send a huge THANK YOU for not only taking the time to dig into the word and share your findings, but also include a personal testimony of your journey in the faith. Very interesting AND encouraging!

    I created a website a few years ago out of a desire to bring together what I believe to be sound teachings on God’s commandments and Christ’s view of the Torah.

    I was wondering if you would mind if I repost your ‘False prophets’ article on ProTorah ? I won’t make any changes or amendments to your article (with the exception of formatting changes to make sure the article looks the same as the others (i.e. no extra spaces between paragraphs, etc.), and will of course list you as Author and your website as reference .

    Keep up the great work Kevin and hope we can catch up one of these days!

    With thanks,

    Richard Shaules

  14. Hello Kevin, I just received your book hot off the press from Amazon. I haven’t been able to put it down. I can not express how important this information is during these Last Days. I sincerely feel that those of us that understand what’s going on have a job to do. Thank you, Kevin for taking the time to write this book. I will do my best to share the information.

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