February 18, 2016

The Circumcised Heart
Christian Mythbusters

Circumcision of the Heart – The Secret to Living Set Apart

Due to centuries of man-made doctrine and church’s propensity for hyper-spiritualization, the definition of a “circumcised heart” has lost much of it’s meaning. Because of this error, our perception is so skewed that there are those who believe they are walking with a circumcised heart when they are actually living according to their own rules and standards.

Even the most “die-hard” christian will believe this fallacy. There are many who read their Bibles every day, go to church on Sunday, never cuss, never drink, stay away from rated “R” movies, fast, pray and pursue Jesus in every way they know how, but according to the Word, their hearts are still not circumcised.

If these people aren’t living holy (“set apart”) lives for YHWH, what hope do the rest of us have?

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