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The Irony of the Church Fathers

There is a reason why "christianity," which looked one way in the book of Acts, has a completely different image today.

Unmasking the Python Spirit

False prophets and deliverance ministers all have varying ideas as to how the Python spirit operates. But do they really know what they are talking about?

An Open Prophecy to the Leadership and Talking Heads of the Charismatic and Prophetic Movements

Those involved with the Charismatic and Prophetic Movements will soon bend their knees to the pope. The Father has something to say about that.

Prophetic Masquerade

People often ask me why I am so convinced that the modern day prophetic movement is a false and/or deceptive movement. Let me tell you.

Have We Not Prophesied in Your Name?

Spotting the well-concealed wolf in the prophetic movement is challenging and requires a lot of digging, especially if they have taken on the role of "father."

Elijah List Testimony - How I Worked 7 Years to Deceive You

Between 2001-2008, I was the webmaster for the Elijah List, a large distributor of false prophecy for the prophetic movement. Come learn what I learned.