Pope Francis and the Return of the Prodigal Protestant Daughters

If Pope Francis has his way, all prodigal Protestant daughters will return to the Mother Church. Are you among those returning? You better think twice before answering that.

Jezebel is Not a Spirit

The "Jezebel spirit" cannot be found anywhere in the Bible. It is a charismatic concoction designed to sell books, suppress women and further an agenda. The mindset of Jezebel, however, is alive and well in the church culture, affecting men AND women alike. Unfortunately, due to rampant misinformation and scriptural ignorance, people remain continually unaware of the workings of Jezebel in their midst. This post will shed some light on the situation.

Recognize the Real Jezebel

If you want to see the Jezebel-Ahab dynamic in play, don’t look at the church, look at the government. That’s where it starts.

Elijah the Prophet Will Turn the Hearts

The turning of "the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers" means so much more than what the mainstream church believes. In fact, the whole point of the text is purposely bypassed in favor of the traditional interpretation. Come learn the truth about this overused, yet completely misunderstood passage.

How to End Divorce in the Church – From a Guy … to the Guys

Statistics say that 40-50% of all marriages end in divorce. This is supposed to be true in the world AND in the church. Why? I'll give you a hint. It's not the fault of the Women's Liberation Movement, Hollywood or even "the Spirit of Jezebel." It's not because of "the Great Falling Away." The blame lies much closer to home fellas. Put on your big boy pants ... this is gonna hurt. Are you man enough to take it?

The spirit of YHWH speaking through the prophet Malachi told us that He would send Elijah the prophet before the coming of "the great and terrible day of the Lord." What exactly will that look like? Before your mind goes straight to John the Baptist, perhaps you should consider the following.

An Open Prophecy to the Leadership and Talking Heads of the Charismatic and Prophetic Movements

Today, I read an article from Jennifer LeClaire on the Elijah List entitled “Radical Spiritual Warriors Prophesy Radical Prophetic Words!” and for once, I believe it served its purpose because I felt a deep stir in my spirit. I’ve never been bold enough to give a prophetic word, but this is something that I just cannot stay silent on . . . and I’m convinced that it will come to pass.

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Check This Out!

The Irony of the Church Fathers

There is a reason why "christianity," which looked one way in the book of Acts, has a completely different image today.

An Open Prophecy to the Leadership and Talking Heads of the Charismatic and Prophetic Movements

Those involved with the Charismatic and Prophetic Movements will soon bend their knees to the pope. The Father has something to say about that.

Unmasking the Python Spirit

False prophets and deliverance ministers all have varying ideas as to how the Python spirit operates. But do they really know what they are talking about?

Elijah List Testimony - How I Worked 7 Years to Deceive You

Between 2001-2008, I was the webmaster for the Elijah List, a large distributor of false prophecy for the prophetic movement. Come learn what I learned.

Guard Yourself from False Prophets!

Prophetic Masquerade

People often ask me why I am so convinced that the modern day prophetic movement is a false and/or deceptive movement. Let me tell you.

Have We Not Prophesied in Your Name?

Spotting the well-concealed wolf in the prophetic movement is challenging and requires a lot of digging, especially if they have taken on the role of "father."