False Prophets Today

False prophets are not always easily recognizable. Here is a list of articles that take examples from the bible and compare them to the false prophets of today.


Evangelicals are embracing the antiChrist

Forerunner777 has come up with more news from the evangelical camp.

Word of Faith preacher, Kenneth Copeland, is spearheading this deception in his evangelical circle, deceiving his followers into believing that we should all join with the “mother church.”

Ladies and gentlemen, beware of the teaching that we are to join forces with the Great Harlot. [Read More]


Unity in Diversity and other lies by Pope Francis and the Charismatics

Be on the lookout for the phrase “Unity in Diversity”

This new catchphrase, allegedly created by pope Francis, is quickly becoming a rallying cry for the prophetic movement, the Word of Faith movement as well as other “streams” of the protestant church that are being sucked into the “One World – One Religion” web of deceit. [Read More]


Why is the Prophetic Movement Pandering to Pope Francis?

Because they can’t reconcile the scriptural, soon-coming Jewish Messiah/King with their man-made religious dogma (picture the blue eyed, buddy-Jesus with sheep under his arm), and because their own prophets and pastors have failed so miserably, they are grasping at at straws … desperately seeking anyone and anything that will bolster their failing paradigm. Such a people are ripe for deception. Enter Jesuit-Pope “Francis” – Jorge Mario Bergoglio. [Read More]


Scriptural Witness #8 – False Prophets Won’t Have an Original Thought

Taking on the nature of their father, false prophets arrogantly claim to be enlightened ministers of the Gospel … someone who has tapped into the spiritual resources of the heavenly realm … but no matter how hard they try, they can never seem to come up with an authentic prophecy. [Read More]


Scriptural Witness #7 – False Prophets Always Have an Encouraging Word

Rather than risk taking a stand for righteousness, which would draw people back to the commandments of God, the false prophet refuses to confront and judge even the most grievous of sins. Such a stand would inevitably cost them their disciples and hit them in their pocketbooks.

Instead, a false prophet will take “the path of least resistance” and “WOW” the crowd with anecdotes of dreams, visions and miracles that may (or may not) have occurred. [Read More]


Scriptural Witness #6 – False Prophets have False Dreams and Visions (part 2)

As I said in part 1, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of information regarding legitimate dreams and visions from God in the bible, but the opposite seems to be true for false dreams and visions.

So, if we study the Word and find aspects of the false, then we should logically derive the true characteristics by considering their opposite. [Read More]


Scriptural Witness #6 – False Prophets have False Dreams and Visions (part 1)

Have you ever sat and listened silently to a prophet (or prophetess) expound upon what seems the latest of an endless series of dreams or visions?

Were you tempted to question the veracity of their encounter(s), only to be silenced by echoes of “touch not God’s anointed” coursing through your mind?

Believe me, I have.

Let me tell you what God’s Word says about false prophets and their dreams and visions. [Read More]


Scriptural Witness #5 – False Prophets Mimic the Spirit of God

False prophets (and their followers) love to put on an outward show so others will think that the “Holy Spirit” is moving upon them. Often, this is shown by various jerks, quakes, nonsensical phrases (no, I’m not referring to “speaking in tongues”) and other odd “spiritual manifestations.” [Read More]


Elijah List Supports Kim Clement’s “Pope Francis” Prophecy

The Elijah List’s endorsement of false prophet Kim Clement’s latest “word” about Pope Francis is crossing a HUGE line that ~ barring a miracle of God ~ they will not be able to turn back from. Once you become an advocate of someone who could very well be “The False Prophet” of Revelation (and by this, I mean the pope, not Kim Clement), you don’t have a leg to stand on, come Judgement Day. And it’s for this reason that I pray for Steve and Co. [Read More]


Scriptural Witness #4 – False Prophets Lead You Away from God’s Commands

Moses, Elijah, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, John the Baptist, Jesus … they all preached a hardcore message of repentance to the people, pleading with them to turn from their wicked ways and obey the commands of God so that they would be blessed!

Of course, once the Messiah came, the prophets would also preach that He was the One who fulfilled many of the prophecies spoken of by the prophets of the past, but repentance was NEVER eliminated from the Message. God was (and is) ALWAYS calling people to repent of THEIR sinful ways and to know and follow HIS WAY. [Read More]