False Prophets Today

False prophets are not always easily recognizable. Here is a list of articles that take examples from the bible and compare them to the false prophets of today.

What Does Kenneth Copeland, the Pope and the Beast Have in Common?


About a week ago, I posted a rather lengthy commentary on Kenneth Copeland and his shameless self-subordination to the catholic "mother" church. Click here to read: Kenneth Copeland Caves to the Harlot Church Still, I felt like there was more that needed to be shared, both from scripture and personal experience, but my family and my "regular job" needed me … [Read more...]

Kenneth Copeland Caves to the Harlot Church


Kenneth Copeland - One of the First to Yield I shouldn’t have been shocked at this video .... not in the slightest. Still, when I viewed Kenneth Copeland unabashedly playing into the hands of the "one world religion," it left me with a sinking feeling in my stomach. Twenty-four hours later, I'm still a little dazed. Many of you may not know, but I "cut my teeth" on … [Read more...]

Thoughts Inspired by the Passing of Bob Jones

bob jones

Bob Jones passed away this morning. This post isn't going to discuss whether or not Bob Jones was a true or false prophet, nor is it going to discuss the validity of his ministry and/or whether or not he is in the Kingdom. Over the next few weeks, you will probably see many other posts, articles and Facebook threads discussing and debating those details. Instead, I just … [Read more...]

Can God Use Our Emotions to Build Our Faith?


Can Emotions Build Faith? Today, while spending YET ANOTHER hour on Facebook, I came across this entry on Steve Shultz's page. This kind of rhetoric is not surprising to those of us who are familiar with the prophetic movement. Many of you already know that, if you manage to attend any prophetic conference (whether put on by the Elijah List or any other prophetic … [Read more...]

Honor of Kings Bible Notes – Acts 13


Elymas - the False Prophet of Cyprus Acts 13:4-5 "So, being sent out by the Holy Spirit, they went down to Seleucia, and from there they sailed to Cyprus. And when they arrived in Salamis, they preached the word of God in the synagogues of the Jews. They also had John as their assistant." Keep in mind, the New Testament didn't exist back in Saul's day, only the Torah and … [Read more...]

Oops! Kim Clement Prophesies Russia Shall Be Brought to Shame

Kim Clement

I find this amusing. Just a few days ago, the Elijah List puts out a "prophecy" by one of the best-known prophets in the world, Kim Clement. Here is a snippet: "I have prepared the noose for Syria. There is a noose, and you know what I have said. Now is the time, and I will let a light shine on Israel and America and certain nations that have been weak, and Russia shall be … [Read more...]

New Testament Prophets and Prophecy – Echoes of the Old Testament


New Testament Prophets and Prophecy The Deception that I see in the church fills me with a righteous anger and sorrow. I'm not really angry at the people who are doing the deceiving ... while there are a few who are conscious of their deception, most of them honestly feel that they are serving God by actively participating in a spirit of divination and witchcraft. After … [Read more...]

Scriptural Proof that Bethel Church Is Harmful to You


Bethel Church Believes New Age Doctrine There is quite a buzz on Facebook about a recent video clip from Eric Johnson, speaking at Bethel Church (ministry of false prophet Bill Johnson), where he preaches about embracing a doctrine straight out of the New Age handbook. ** Hat tip to William Fawcett of BeyondGrace.blogspot.com and the Bethel Church and Christianity … [Read more...]

Cindy Jacobs – Laying Siege to a City Near You


Cindy Jacobs' Plan for Citywide Revival A few days ago, Charisma Magazine released an article by Cindy Jacobs entitled "How to Prophetically Lay Siege to a City." In this article, Mrs. Jacobs shares what she feels is God's strategy for defeating satan's influence in our cities so that the long-awaited revival can finally arrive. Unfortunately, in her zeal for "storming the … [Read more...]

Deception in the Prophetic Movement


Deception in the Prophetic Movement begins this way. It starts with an appeal to your heart and emotions, stressing love, kindness and compassion. Then, building on those very needed and very scriptural concepts, they take parts of scripture (completely out of context) and use them to support their idea of what "the Holy Spirit is saying." What the listener (or reader) … [Read more...]