Hot Lips Sink Ships (Pretty Speech Cannot Hide an Evil Heart)


In the days ahead, our ability to speak the right words will do nothing to disguise the loyalties of our heart.

Now is the time to purge ourselves of all idolatry and the sins that so easily beset us. If we do not do this, He will through tribulation.

This tribulation will expose us for what we truly are, and who we really stand for.

Do you really stand for the Most High? Or are you deluding yourself? Read this post to find out! [Read More]

Prophets and Prophecy Post Collection


Over the last 4 years or so, I have written many different posts on prophecy and false prophets. This teaching and commentary comes from first-hand experience, ladies and gentleman. I was involved in the prophetic movement, as well as an employee of the Elijah List for 7 years. Being in this position allowed me to […]

Ten Distinguishing Marks of a False Prophet – Closing Thoughts


When you take scripturally incorrect definitions of terms like “prophet,” “prophecy,” and “prophesy” … mix them together with dispensational thinking, lies and demonically-inspired supernatural encounters … and present them to sincere people who desire an intimate relationship with God (albeit on their terms), you have a great recipe for a movement that will lead millions off the paths of righteousness.

The founding fathers of this movement did not study the core terms mentioned above (prophet, prophecy, and prophesy). They merely read 1 Corinthians 14, applied dispensational thinking (which pits the “Nice God” of the New Testament against the “Mean God” of the Old Testament – among other errors) and added their own divine revelation based upon supernatural encounters of a questionable nature. [Read More]

Scriptural Witness #10 – False prophets produce bad fruit (part 2)


Today, we will be discussing the bad fruit that people receive when they interact with a false prophet. This goes way beyond the “surface-level” idolatry, sexual immorality and greed that you see in today’s charismatic circles.

Like the grapes and figs, thorns and thistles have a much deeper meaning. [Read More]

Scriptural Witness #10 – False prophets produce bad fruit (part 1)


The core verse of this installment is going to be Matthew 7:15-16.

Most students of the Bible will gloss over this passage and assume that Jesus was teaching on false prophets and that you cannot get something “good” out of something “bad.” This is not an incorrect way of looking at this verse, but it is definitely an INCOMPLETE way of looking at it.

If you were an Israelite during the days that Jesus walked the earth, you would have a much greater understanding of what our Master was teaching.

You see, to the first century Jew, grapes, thorns, figs and thistles were much more significant. [Read More]