False Prophets, Fruit and the Unwitting Wolf


When some of us picture a false prophet, we imagine an evil, sinister man (or woman) maliciously rubbing their hands together as they devise a wicked scheme to rob some poor, defenseless widow out of her last few dollars. Others may picture a character from history, like Nostradamus, who grew quite popular for a time, but had a terrible track record. According to Jesus’ own Words in Matthew 7, both of these stereotypes are very inaccurate.

As we look deeper into this passage, we will find that the false prophets at the End of the Age are people who probably have the best intentions. They may genuinely believe that they are doing God’s Will and have the signs and wonders to back up their claims! But when it’s all said and done, the miraculous signs and wonders are not God’s “Seal of Approval” on their lives and ministry.

Jesus will say “I never knew you, depart from me.” [Read More]

Elijah List Supports Kim Clement’s “Pope Francis” Prophecy


Imagine my disappointment, yet total lack of surprise when I discovered that Steve Shultz and the Elijah List gave it’s unconditional and unabashed support of Kim Clement’s prophecy.

Kim Clement, who has had guest appearances on TBN and possesses a HUGE online (and offline) following, is the Elijah List’s “star performer” (with Todd Bentley being a close “runner-up”) so it is in their best interest to promote him every chance they get.

Count on it … wrong or right, if Kim comes out with a “word from God,” the Elijah List will promote it. [Read More]

Scriptural Witness #4 – False Prophets Lead You Away from God’s Commands


These days, a prophet would never come right out and say, “Hey! Let’s go serve Baal instead of God!”

Instead, they subtly manipulate the Word of God to fit their particular “prophecy,” changing it to say what THEY want it to say. This hidden deception is disguised with soft, eloquent and CONVINCING speech that will affect a person emotionally, if they don’t know their Word. [Read More]

Scriptural Witness #3 – False Prophets Speak Presumptuously


If we combine information from both the Word of God and our own dictionary, we can safely conclude that a presumptuous prophet is a person who boldly speaks a “word from God” that does not come to pass.

This “lack-of-fulfillment” nullifies the validity of their claims to hear from God accurately. [Read More]