Scriptural Witness #2 – False Prophets Always Draw a Crowd

prophecy crowd

If I see a “potential” prophet with a large following, red flags go off in my head right away. Usually, when a prophet is surrounded by many people, it is because the people like what they hear.

For the most part, true prophets in the bible were NOT well-liked by those in authority or the masses. They pointed out sin and tried to steer the listener back to obedience to God’s simple commands … such a message is not well accepted by a carnal society … or the church, for that matter. [Read More]

Scriptural Witness #1 – False Prophets Look Like Sheep


Discerning false prophets can be really difficult for most people, because they are always looking for the bad guy. They have a mental picture of some perverse, wicked man with glowing slits for eyes and a cruel grin … or a woman in heavy make-up dressed in a slinky dress with an “I am Jezebel” sign hung around her neck.

This is the exact opposite of what a false prophet/prophetess will usually look like. [Read More]

Ten Distinguishing Marks of a False Prophet


Approximately 30% of the Word of God is comprised of real prophecies written by men who were true prophets of the Most High. When you add in the multitude of scriptures scattered throughout the rest of the Bible referencing prophets, prophecies and false prophets, the percentage gets much, much higher.

I believe that God did this intentionally, to assist us in discerning between true and false prophets/prophecy in these Last Days. [Read More]

Hot Lips Sink Ships (Pretty Speech Cannot Hide an Evil Heart)


In the days ahead, our ability to speak the right words will do nothing to disguise the loyalties of our heart.

Now is the time to purge ourselves of all idolatry and the sins that so easily beset us. If we do not do this, He will through tribulation.

This tribulation will expose us for what we truly are, and who we really stand for.

Do you really stand for the Most High? Or are you deluding yourself? Read this post to find out! [Read More]

Prophets and Prophecy Post Collection


Over the last 4 years or so, I have written many different posts on prophecy and false prophets. This teaching and commentary comes from first-hand experience, ladies and gentleman. I was involved in the prophetic movement, as well as an employee of the Elijah List for 7 years. Being in this position allowed me to […]