Video: Sunburned Part 2 – More Truth About Christmas, Easter and “the Church”

Kevin KleintThe second part to the “Sunburned” series is finally out!

If you count yourself to be a Seeker of Truth (a Hearer and DOer of the Word), you will have to ask yourself many times (almost daily), “Could I Be Wrong? Are there certain aspects of my Walk with God that are out of line with His Word? Do I adhere to certain practices that may be popular with the church, but grieve the heart of God?”

During those times of question and contemplation, God is faithful to answer. But, most of the time, the answer is not a very comfortable one to our flesh. This is what has been going on with the “Sunburned” series. I understand that these points fly in the face of our modern church practices and customs with regard to the holidays, but we as “obedient children” need to realize something …

If God speaks, we are to hear and do.

Do you say that you love God?

1 John 5:3
For this is the love of God, that we keep His commandments. And His commandments are not burdensome.

And He says that in “Love”.

Don’t get upset, I’m right there with you. I’m only beginning to understand what it means to love Him with the scriptural definition of “Love”.

If you haven’t seen “Sunburned Part 1″ (and I highly recommend that you do before watching Part 2), you can do so here: “Video: Sunburned Part 1 – Was Christ Ever In Christmas?”

Grab some coffee, sit down with your bible and enjoy. When you are done, check out the links below the video for some more information, including my own teaching, “Should a New Testament Christian Celebrate Christmas and Easter??”!

God Bless,

Kevin Kleint

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  1. coreen gilbert says

    You might enjoy watching the youtube series know your enemy It is by Mark Fairley – The Fuel Project