Rick Joyner Prophesies West Coast Disaster

Rick Joyner, in his latest article, What is the Spirit Saying? – Part 3 West Coast Disaster: Sounding the Alarm” reiterates, and comments on, his prophecy of an impending disaster for the West Coast. For a little while now, he has been getting a considerable amount of flack for this prophecy.

Well, despite the fact that Morningstar ministries has been a major contributor to the “Prophetic Movement” deception, I have to agree with him on this one.

I’ve seen in visions and dreams the destruction that is destined, especially on our West Coast. This has caused some to say that I have a hatred for our West Coast, which is not true, but rather the opposite. I really can’t help what I dream, and though a psycho analyst might say it is the result of deep feelings, I know these are prophetic dreams. They never leave me pleased, but rather I’m grieved enough to take all of the heat for sharing them with the hope that people will listen, repent, and they will not have to come true.  [Read More]

Being from the West Coast, I’ve heard similar prophecies from saint and sinner alike, so part of me wants to call this a “no-brainer”. I mean, prophesying disaster for the West Coast, whether it be an earthquake, tsunami, or whatever, is like prophesying snow for Alaska, or rain for the Pacific Northwest. You don’t need a lot of “special insight” to get this one, you just need to check the weather or watch the news.

Still, not everyone is willing to face the fact that, one day, it WILL HAPPEN, so if these dreams and visions really are from God, that’s fine. I mean, back in the day, the Babylonian armies were conquering everything in sight, so I imagine many of the children of Israel not wanting to face the inevitable.

The Lonely Prophet

As I continued reading the article, I noticed that Rick took up a decent amount of space to paint himself in the role of the “lonely, brave prophet” who will continue to prophesy this disaster despite the disapproval of others. It was at this point that my heart broke, and, somehow, I wished that there was some way I could convey directly to him a message, partly from me, but (I feel) mostly from God.

Here it goes:

Rick, this is what prophets do! They don’t look for ways to make people feel good! They stand in the midst of a nation and proclaim God’s judgment, hoping to give the people one last chance to repent, so that their hearts will be turned back to Him! As a result, they are the outcast, the loner … the despised.

I know I’m just one small person writing in an obscure blog, but I believe I have a message from God for you.

The rejection you have been getting from your own people (and others) is the reaping of a seed sown. They don’t want to hear correction, rebuke or judgement because you, and the people you have supported, have contributed to a movement that has largely emphasized the mystical and “experience” over My Holy Word. You have sowed into itching ears and have reaped a generation that says “Speak to Us Smooth Things, Prophesy Deceits” (Is 30:10).

You need to repent of 2 things:

  • Repent of the seed you have sown (see above), it isn’t too late for you. An entire generation of youth awaits your example of repentance, they will follow you! Do you want a revival? It doesn’t start with hunger … it starts with repentance! Hunger follows  … “To the Hungry soul, every bitter thing is sweet” (Prov. 27:7)
  • Repent of any ties or association with the Knights of Malta. All of these secret societies and orders, whether they are masonic or pseudo-masonic are from the devil. How could you have been fooled by this? This is something that you will reap untold misery later if you do not repent now. Sever all ties, get rid of it!

I Wish You Knew My Heart

Considering what I’ve written about the Elijah List before, I know how this could be coming across, but I wished that Rick and the people involved in the prophetic movement could see my heart. I truly love them … each one. But they are off the mark, following each other blindly like lemmings off of a cliff.

Rick, if you’re really a prophet of God – simply repent. Soak in His Word (His Truth), instead of the latest “worship CD” — and DON’T STOP. Then, the next time God gives you a “Word – Inspired” dream, or a vision or Word, proclaim it with boldness and without shame!

If it’s any consolation, He’ll be standing with you.

For the Truth,

Kevin Kleint
Email: kevinkleint@outlook.com

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  1. Harry says

    California, the easiest place to prophecy doom on. Hey , I got one for the modern day prophets or should we call them muppets!

    Hey Verily

    I seen it, a wave of truth will pick up all the self serving saps who only speak for self enrichment, when the day comes ur false self serving words will bring u to ur knees and u will see HIM!

    Is this the time I ask for prayerful support? (cash) ;-)
    Hey Merrily ;-)

    Lopey , Hey Merrily