Why is the Prophetic Movement Pandering to Pope Francis?

Putting Wool on the Wolf

buddy-jesus-215Charismatics, both in the “Prophetic” and “Word of Faith” camps, are desperately looking for a Savior.

I’m going to be focusing more on the “Prophetic” camp in this post, for the following reasons:

Because they can’t reconcile the scriptural, soon-coming Jewish Messiah/King with their man-made religious dogma (the blue eyed, buddy-Jesus with sheep under his arm), and because their own prophets and pastors have failed so miserably, they are grasping at at straws … desperately seeking anyone and anything that will bolster their failing paradigm.

pope-francis-paganSuch a people are ripe for deception.

Enter Jesuit-Pope “Francis” – Jorge Mario Bergoglio.

If this pope is not THE False Prophet of Revelation, he is definitely fitting the description perfectly.

And the blind are willfully doing what they can to “paint” Jorge in a positive light, even if it means ignoring the obvious.

Mary?  … What Mary?

Recently, BreakingChristianNews.com, a sister (or sub) company of the Elijah List (owned and operated by Steve Shultz), released an article consisting of selected quotes from a “homily” preached by the pope to the victims of the sexual abuse perpetrated by the numerous perverts in the Vatican.

From the quotes displayed in the article, you would think that Mr. Bergoglio is a humble disciple of Jesus Christ, deeply saddened by the terrible crimes against the innocent victims.

That’s the what they want you to see.

While I have no idea if the apology was sincere or not, I do call into question WHY the following quote was left out of the BCN article.

pope-francisDear brothers and sisters, because we are all members of God’s family, we are called to live lives shaped by mercy. The Lord Jesus, our Savior, is the supreme example of this; though innocent, he took our sins upon himself on the cross. To be reconciled is the very essence of our shared identity as followers of Jesus Christ. By turning back to him, accompanied by our most holy Mother, who stood sorrowing at the foot of the cross, let us seek the grace of reconciliation with the entire people of God. The loving intercession of Our Lady of Tender Mercy is an unfailing source of help in the process of our healing. (Source – Catholic Online)

One could reason that, perhaps this paragraph didn’t contribute to the main thrust of the BCN article, or qualify as a “highlight.”

OK … maybe.

But, given the Elijah List’s propensity to want to paint the pope in a “holy” light, I find that very hard to believe.

I believe that this paragraph was “conveniently overlooked” because it would take away from an image that the BCN, Elijah List and other prophetic ministries WANT you to accept.

If BCN’s (as well as the Elijah List’s) readers were to discover that the pontiff was not so “christian,” but rather a master of “mixture,” perhaps they would actually think for themselves and come to the understanding that he is a (if not, “THE”) deceiver.

Unified Under Error

The Elijah List isn’t the only prophetic ministry to throw in it’s hat with the pope. Kim Clement also sang the praises of Bergoglio, calling him “God’s chosen,” in an utterance that I wrote about last month.

You can read that post here:

But, alas … Kim Clement and Steve Shultz were not afforded the same opportunity that others were given.


Kenneth Copeland, James Robison and John and Carl Arnott of Catchthefire.org [Toronto Revival], however, WERE granted a coveted time slot in the presence of “his holiness.”

These “leaders” met in the pope’s PRIVATE RESIDENCE at Palazzo Santa Marta, Vatican City, to eat lunch and discuss terms of surrender …. I mean, “to begin a friendly relationship that could have a far reaching impact.”

That’s what it says in “Unity in Diversity” anyway.

In this shameless, gushing article, Catch the Fire Toronto’s Bruno Ierullo sings the praises of the pope, leaving no doubt where his loyalties lie.

He says:

“He [pope Francis] has the potential of being one of the greatest evangelists of the Gospel today!”

Mr. Ierullo, what “gospel” are you referring to? Because it’s definitely not the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

No where in the Word of God does it ever tell us that worshiping Mary, the “saints,” or sacred relics is ever part of the Gospel.

Mr. Ierullo goes on to say …

“This was the beginning of a Joint Declaration between this large faction of the Evangelical world and the Roman Catholic Church.”

This I do not doubt, but it should be obvious to all but the most deceived that, joining the “mother church” in any way will not bear good fruit of any kind.

Matthew 7:14
“But the gateway to life is very narrow and the road is difficult, and only a few ever find it.”

Come on “church” … it’s the FEW that find the narrow way.

All this foolish talk of “diversity,” “ecumenism” and “unity” flies in the face of the Narrow Way.

The Truth is, you’re not going find the True Messiah in the midst of a unified multitude joining under the banner of a pagan world leader.

And the pope IS a pagan.

I already gave an example above to show how people with an agenda will conveniently omit entire paragraphs of material, just to make sure the pope continues to look “christian” enough so that people will accept him.

But I’ll give you one more quote for good measure.

pope-mary“Pope Francis formally entrusted the world to Mary before a congregation of more than 100,000 in St Peter’s Square on Sunday.’We are confident that each of us is precious in your sight,’ the Pope said, facing the statue of Mary that normally stands in the shrine at Fatima, Portugal.

‘Guard our lives in your arms, bless and strengthen every desire for goodness.'”

“Let us invoke Mary’s intercession,” he said. “May she help us to be open to God’s surprises, to be faithful to him each and every day, and to praise and thank him, for he is our strength.”

(Date: 10.14.2013 – CatholicHerald.co.uk)

This is Bergoglio we’re talking about … not a prior pope.

Seriously …. what more do we need to see that this guy does NOT have the best interest of The Church in mind!?

You can read more about the paganism of the Catholic church here:

The rest of Ierullo’s article goes on to discourage those who listen to “negative reports” and “deceptive conspiracies” (which I’m sure he thinks this article is one of them) and invites us to hear what some of these leaders, who have spent time with the pope, would have to say … like we should trust them to tell us the Truth.

soaking-drunk-spiritAs if spending one-on-one time with a deceiver would eliminate the possibility of being deceived and guarantee a truthful report.

Please spare me.

It should be obvious to everyone by now that I have a certain level of frustration with this … you would think that this would be common sense to a “child of God.”

But Toronto is known for barking like dogs and hissing like snakes and calling it “the Holy Spirit,” so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

Pope Francis is a Jesuit

francis-gay-approveMost people do not know, nor care, that Pope Francis is a KNOWN JESUIT. (Source)

If people were aware of the Jesuits, and what they stand for, this would cause EVERYONE who is a protestant believer to take notice and be very concerned.

Founded by Ignatius of Loyola on August 15, 1534, the “Society of Jesus” (or Jesuits) were formed as part of the Counter-Reformation, with the goal and purpose of destroying PROTESTANTISM in all it’s forms and bringing the multitudes back under the authority and command of the “mother church.”

This goal has not changed … and the pope knows this.

And, when you look at the flaccid state of the modern day protestant church, which is infiltrated by paganism, false doctrine and idolatry, the pope’s “task-at-hand” to deceive protestant “believers” does not appear to be too far out-of-reach.

When “ministry leaders” who, according to “Unity in Diversity,” represent approximately 900 million evangelicals worldwide, fawn over you and promote you for little more than a lunch and a cell phone call … it’s almost a “done deal.”

For you researchers out there, I’ve found the following to be EXCELLENT sources of information on the Jesuits and their operations:

Seven women will come to one man

This video, although pertinent to the subject matter, is controversial, because Forerunner777 brings up the seventh day Sabbath.

This debate has been hashed, and rehashed on countless blogs, and it is doubtful that ANYONE has changed their views.

I personally, believe in that the Sabbath is not Sunday, and that we should observe the Sabbath set forth in the Word of God (no, I’m not SDA). If you have a different view, that’s fine.

We will each have to reap our rewards, or punishments, based upon our decisions to obey, or disobey. (Matthew 12:37, Romans 2:5-6)

That being said, I would urge you to to view this quick video and, if anything, file away the information for a later time.

Forerunner777 brings up some very valid, and interesting information. See if it doesn’t fit into your “church equation.”

You are all more than welcome (and encouraged) to comment below. But, since the subject of “when to celebrate the Sabbath” is an endless debate, be forewarned that I will not publish any comments that may “light a fire” on that topic.

I simply don’t have time to monitor/answer everything.

Let’s comment/discuss on the interaction between the false prophet … I mean pope Francis … and the church leaders.

For the Truth,

Kevin Kleint
Email: kevinkleint@outlook.com

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  1. says

    I am not sure what to think of this…I am VERY disappointed with the Copeland’s, Robisons etc. this is a very scary issue that canNOT just be ignored. It grieves my heart tremendously!

    I know that KCM is suppose to put out a more through explanation of their decision to me with the Pope and I am open to at least read it, but I will not just give any of them a pass on this one…

  2. says

    Yet another well written article Kevin…and yet another very relevant post to all of us. I believe we will see more and more surrendering to the Mother of Harlots that is Rome. It is quite crazy how any true believer can even consider sitting down to eat at the same table as the Pope (but maybe they are not true belivers?), let alone join forces with him, let alone submit to his authority.

    This Francis could possibly be the False Prophet…it’s possible, but he may not be. We don’t know. But what is interesting is that the False Prophet will deceive the nations by his lying signs and wonders. So it is very interesting that Francis is getting involved with the charismatic/prophetic movement, as this is the very group where signs and wonders currently are found in the majority. Of course the false revival that is the River (Toronto et al), together with the false and dangerous teaching of the Word of Faith movement is just what the False Prophet will be promoting. That is to say, lying signs and wonders, together with the teaching that we can become divine. The FP can then easily proclaim that the Anticrhist is the Christ, who is divine, and say that his miracles confirm his teaching. The deluded masses will simply say, Amen, and be swept into hell, believing they are seeing the greatest move of God in history. This could be the ‘last great end-time revival’ that so many Christians look for (which is not found in Scripture).

    So, we should keep a close eye on what developments occur with Rome and the likes of Copeland and Arnott et al. Keep up this important work, as it really is so important for poeple like you to warn the church of these goings on. God is with you in your work bro.


  3. Tom Mason says

    Jesus said in Matthew 5 that not one Jot or Tittle of the Law shall pass away and that those who obey God’s commandments will be great in the Kingdom of Heaven. We are commanded to hold a weekly Holy Convocation (assembly) on the 7th day of each week (Leviticus 23). The 4th commandment commemorates this day of rest that God made Holy at creation. Nowhere does scripture ever change the commandment for the day of rest/assembly. Man changed times and laws, not God. Bowing to the commandments of men nullify the Word of God and result in walking in Sin. Sin is transgression of Gods Law. We live in perilous times my friends. I believe the prophesy in Daniel and Revelation concerning the end times is beginning to unfold right before our eyes.

    • John the Baptist the 2nd says

      Indeed. I do not just believe that, I KNOW that to be truth. Saints, prepare yourselves and others. or don’t. Tic- Toc , Tic-Toc.

  4. Suzie says

    Your article is spot on. Another well written expose’ on the Jesuits is Swarms of Locusts. A lot of very good, in depth research has gone into this work. It’s available on Amazon. I’ve purchased quite a few copies and given them away so Christians can learn who the enemy really is and what the game plan is. With all the information available on this evil, devilish organization, there is no excuse for being ignorant of their plans and actions. And not recognizing the ingratiating and pius façade is no excuse, either.

  5. John the Baptist the 2nd says

    Souls have no excuse in remaining ignorant of the techniques used by the enemy of our souls. One technique used is syncretism. Nothing new. That’s how the whore church became the whore it is. And how counterfeit Christianity and the false religious system became. Keep calm saints. Nothing new. Let the children of this world play church as they so desire. They love to play church so. Love to be tickled and flattered by their hirelings. Remember that you are under no obligation to play with them, just to present the good news of the Kingdom to them. Do not be worried , anxious or afraid over what is occurring in the misapproppiately so called churches or the torments now afflicting this earth. Things are going to get worse. Of this, you can be assured. But what did Immanuel say for us to do after he forewarned us of exactly what is now occurring? Do you remember? Do so—– or don’t.