Paul Cain – Questions About the Nameless-Faceless Generation

paul-cainPaul Cain, in his famous “Stadium” speech/prophecy, spoke of a time when a “nameless-faceless” generation would go about doing the works of the Kingdom – with signs, wonders and miracles in abundance. Repeatedly, young members of the “prophetic movement” are told that they ARE that generation.

Personally, I have no problem with doing works of the Kingdom in front of people, or doing them in anonymity.

However, I do find it very ironic that the “nameless-faceless” generation is so attracted to names and faces. Do you want proof? Just look at how many people are flocking to the latest Todd Bentley revival in South Africa.

Come on, prophetic church – face the Truth … (with very few exceptions) your “nameless-faceless” generation are, in reality, idolators.

How do you think they got that way?

If Paul Cain’s “Stadium” speech involving the “nameless-faceless” generation was true (and it’s not), the worship of prophetic celebrities would no longer exist.

Unfortunately, this is what happens when you revere an admitted homosexual as a “Father in the Faith” or a “True Prophet.”

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For the Truth,

Kevin Kleint

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