Mishel McCumber – Adrift in the River of God

God is really “cleaning House” these days! Recently, I struck up a Facebook conversation with Mishel McCumber, who used to be caught up in the “prophetic movement” and frequently attended services at Morningstar Ministries (founded by Rick Joyner).  Our experiences in the “prophetic movement” are SO similar, it’s uncanny. Her story, “Adrift in the River of God”, exposes a lot of the deception behind one of the largest and most influential “prophetic ministries” in existence. I found this article to be a great read! It is very well put together and filled with a LOT of wisdom! If you were intrigued by my Elijah List story, you will not be disappointed by “Adrift in the River of God”, check it out!

mishel-mccumberI don’t recall exactly how it started or when the decisive moment was. I do not know how I got to the point of being so deeply entrenched in apostasy and deception. I can not definitively point to one moment and declare that that is when the deception began and my destructive course was charted. I simply don’t know. What I do know is that I was convinced. I was convinced of my being on the right path. I was one of God’s chosen, His elite, His enlightened ones. “Get into the River” was our mantra and our manifesto. [Read More]

Oh, I just remembered this! A few months ago, I wrote another article that is very complimentary to “Adrift in the River of God”. After reading Mishel’s insightful expose’, you may want to check out  “Be Prepared to Stand in the Fire” for added insight!

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