What Does Kenneth Copeland, the Pope and the Beast Have in Common?



About a week ago, I posted a rather lengthy commentary on Kenneth Copeland and his shameless self-subordination to the catholic “mother” church.

Click here to read:
Kenneth Copeland Caves to the Harlot Church

Still, I felt like there was more that needed to be shared, both from scripture and personal experience, but my family and my “regular job” needed me first.

Fortunately, I found this new video series by Forerunner777, a YouTube “personality” who has some AWESOME insights from scripture regarding End Time prophecy and the events that we see unfolding before our very eyes.

Check out the following videos by Forerunner777 and prepare to be stirred!

Yeah, I know …. I was kinda bummed out that the video series ended like it did. But, don’t worry … I’ll definitely post any additional videos that Forerunner777 creates regarding this topic.

Still, it sure does put things into perspective, doesn’t it?

Here’s a link to Forerunner777’s Youtube channel. He’s definitely one to check out!

LINK: http://www.youtube.com/user/TheForerunner777

For the Truth,

Kevin Kleint
Email: kevinkleint@outlook.com

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  1. says

    I’m not sure, but if Forerunner is a Seventh Day Adventist (need to research this) then he is following a false prophetess. Just enter in the keywords “Ellen G. White, false prophet” on any search engine, tons of evidence to find out the truth about her.

  2. David Hammond says

    I found the original video of Tony Palmer at Kenneth Copeland’s conference very interesting. Not sure about the comments of freerunner – not sure I agree with his interpretation of the beast in Daniel 7 and those in Daniel 8. I go along more with the interpretation of Irvine Baxter. I think however that the false prophet could well arise from the Papacy. I found another commentary on youtube in relation to this conference at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IsF2q-8ez08 far more interesting. I hope Mr Copeland takes up the invite to go to Rome and visits the room underneath the vatican and a throne the current pope’s predecessor put in the Vatican – information on these can be found on youtube and his reaction to them would show how far he has gone in his apostasy.

  3. says


    I don’t know if you have heard the latest news from Sweden, but Ulf Ekman announced that he and his family are going to convert to Roman Catholicism. Ulf Ekman is the father of the Word of Faith movement in the whole of Scandinavia, having had his own TV shows, Bible College, diverse ministries etc. This Ulf Ekman is an associate of Kenneth Copeland, Yongii Cho, and the late Oral Roberts. This has come as a shock to many people, as Ekman was a strong critic of the Pope when he visited Sweden in 1989. However, upon closer examination, Ulf Ekman has been heading towards Rome for some time. Another little interesting thing is that the name, ‘Ulf’ translates as ‘Wolf’ in English.

    After what you have shown is happening with Kenneth Copeland, it makes you wonder who is next to pledge their allegiance to Rome. But when you read of the likes of YWAM, Benny Hinn, Rick Joyner, IHOP & Mike Bickle, Copeland and now Ekman among others working with Rome then it is not surprising.

    I was thinking about all this, and it has come to me, that most of the above will say that they have spent a considerable amount of time with ‘charismatic catholics’. This has convinced them to judge that these ‘charismatic catholics’ are true followers of Jesus. However, Roman Catholicism is anti-christian, it is not a denomination of Christianity, but is an entirely different religion mixed with Christianity as we all know. So what difference does it make if a catholic is charismatic? He cannot be a Christian and a follower of the Roman Catholic religion. An anti-semite cannot be anitsemitic if he converts to Judaism. He cannot be both a Nazi and follow the Torah! He can be a charismatic Nazi (like Hitler was), but that does not mean he has changed his anitsemitic beliefs and practices.

    The same principle applies to Roman Catholics. But, then it started to dawn on me…Jesus and the Apostles warned against deceivers who would come. They would even be able to perform signs and wonders to deceive if possible the elect. The false prophet will even call down fire from heaven in before men. Signs and wonders would certainly be classified as charismatic happenings. So is the harlot church deceiving many by it’s charismatic nature? The Bible said that it would be through these lying wonders that the elect would be deceived. Is Rome using the charismatic as a means to lure people into it’s harlotry? It would seem so. Many believers think that wonders=truth. Yet that is not what the Bible teaches in Deuteronomy 13:1-3 for example.

    Keep up the good work!

    • says

      Excellent comment Peter … although a sad one. The name “Ulf Ekman” sounds familiar, but I do not have any knowledge of his ministry. Yep, you’re going to see more and more public figures declare their allegiance to the “mother church.”

      To con people into believing that you must strive for “unity” at the expense of the Truth seems to be the End Time strategy of the devil.

  4. Wayne says


    Forerunner’s teaching is good. I think Jim Staley has a more complete (and slightly different) take of the 4 Beasts and 7 Kingdoms. Watch Jim Staley’s “End of the Age” Part 3 video. Anyone having a fairly strong background in prophecy can skip part 1 & 2. Don’t watch it on your iPhone, you need to see the maps. I think it is one of the best presentations on this subject that I have ever seen.

    End of the Age- Part 3

  5. Ree says


    I just listened to the three videos. I concur with almost everything taught therein. However, on the last part of part 3, he referred to the scripture about wearing ones own apparel and about doing ones own doctrine. He interpreted that part about taking his name to cover their shame, as being the name of the pope. Many years ago, I truly believe I saw and understood that it was the name of Christ they wanted to be called by. Like it truly IS NOW. How many people and churches refer to themselves as Christians? What is your take on this? Please (if you have time) please share with me what you believe about this? I cannot ask my husband at home, as I am a widow. You may answer by email or by phone ………… I think I spoke with you some years ago, shortly after you began your web site. Since then, I have left my church and the people I love so deeply, for I could see they were taking a fork in the road that I was not willing to take, not the one I believed we were walking together. I cried many tears. I am now meeting on Saturdays with people of like mind, and learning things in a way I have not been taught before. Seems when the student was ready, God sent a teacher. Would He do this for one? I believe He did. Thank you for you labor in The Truth.

  6. John the Baptist the 2nd says

    Tic Toc, Tic Toc. A lot of bad news contained there in. Let’s not be blind , but let us keep Our Focus on the good news Where it belongs , on the source of all that is true, beautiful and good- Yahweh and his Son Immanuel and may we rejoice, By the power of the Holy Spirit, that our redemption draws nigh. May it be so for all his true children.