What Does Kenneth Copeland, the Pope and the Beast Have in Common?

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Forerunner777About a week ago, I posted a rather lengthy commentary on Kenneth Copeland and his shameless self-subordination to the catholic “mother” church.

Click here to read:
Kenneth Copeland Caves to the Harlot Church

Still, I felt like there was more that needed to be shared, both from scripture and personal experience, but my family and my “regular job” needed me first.

Fortunately, I found this new video series by Forerunner777, a YouTube “personality” who has some AWESOME insights from scripture regarding End Time prophecy and the events that we see unfolding before our very eyes.

Check out the following videos by Forerunner777 and prepare to be stirred!

Yeah, I know …. I was kinda bummed out that the video series ended like it did. But, don’t worry … I’ll definitely post any additional videos that Forerunner777 creates regarding this topic.

Still, it sure does put things into perspective, doesn’t it?

Here’s a link to Forerunner777’s Youtube channel. He’s definitely one to check out!

LINK: http://www.youtube.com/user/TheForerunner777

For the Truth,

Kevin Kleint
Email: kevinkleint@outlook.com


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    We attended a meeting this past Sunday, and we had all but given up on finding others with the same “love of Jesus” and his awesome truth. We were missionaries to Puerto Rico for five years, and the Lord had us relocate to Cleveland, Tn. For the past nine years we have been visiting one stream after another only to find that they are so steeped in word faith and prosperity. All seem to have little or no discernment. Thanks for your work and we look forward to meeting sometime in the future God willing.

    In Christian Service,

    Lee and Patricia Evans

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