Jim Standridge – Angry Pastor or Just Desperate?

Controversial pastor Jim Standridge doesn’t seem too thrilled with members of his church. On a video taken during one of his recent sermons, Jim vents his frustration.

Now, the knee-jerk reaction to this video would be to condemn Mr. Standridge, and I agree, most of the things that this guy is saying is SO FAR beyond the pale, it amazes me that the guy has anybody left in the congregation.

At the same time, I want us to consider something.

The Western church has become so obsessed with being seeker-friendly that we lack a spine.

We have allowed ourselves to be infiltrated by false doctrines that de-emphasize the commandments of God, and we have embraced FALSE definitions of terms like “Love” and “Grace.” This has re-defined our understanding of the Word and, as a result, completely destroyed our individual relationships with God.

jim-standridgeSince this “revolution” has taken place, pastors are scrambling to gain control of their congregations. Some are reaping what they have sowed, because they introduced a “soft gospel” to the people. Others, like Mr. Standridge, are going to the extreme … abusing their congregations and calling it “tough love.”

So, how do we fix this?

Simple … bring back the Word in all it’s Raw Truth. Stop turning the Gospel into a “get out of jail free” card and emphasize repentance in our messages.

You will probably lose some followers, but the ones who stay will grow into maturity and become valuable to the Kingdom.

Unfortunately, the Joel Osteen’s of this age will take this particular video and us it as ammunition to push their false gospel.

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For the Truth,

Kevin Kleint
Email: kevin@honorofkings.org

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  1. While I understand what you’re saying, I have to say that what Jim Standridge is a direct affront and trampling of God’s truth and word. Look, the world can have leaders that insult and belittle their people (though even then they may get in trouble), but that is unacceptable among God’s people. If this pastor had any fear of God he wouldn’t dare treat one of God’s sheep in such a contemptible manner. Jesus told His disciples that they were not even to exercise authority over one another, that truly there are no leaders, only servants. I understand your love of truth, I love it too, and I long for the day when people openly correct what is false. But any man claiming some sort of authority to abuse God’s people is a enemy of the Word, and as Paul told Timothy should be openly rebuked for his sin.