Working for the Elijah List – My Testimony

Elijah List – A Hub of Deception

elijah-listBetween the years 2001-2008, Kevin Kleint was the web master for the Elijah List, the largest distributor of false “prophecy” for the Prophetic Movement. During this time, he learned some very difficult, yet beneficial, lessons about God, the “prophetic movement” and life in general. What’s more, he witnessed “first hand” the deception that goes on behind the scenes in what was (possibly) the most popular prophetic email ministry of the time.

If you read the following posts, you will gain insight into:

  • True Grace vs. False Grace
  • Idolatry and Witchcraft in “the Prophetic Movement”
  • How the Elijah List rose in popularity after 9-11
  • The exploitation and deception of the next generation
  • How modern day prophets twist scripture to keep themselves “above reproach”
  • How God’s faithfulness can (and will) bring you back to His side by just doing “the basics”

These posts have angered some who are “neck-deep” in the modern day “prophetic movement” (especially those who are profiting), and they have been a confirmation to others who knew that something was “off” all along.Keep in mind, it is important to read ALL 10 POSTS to get a full picture of where Kevin is coming from.

Elijah List Testimony

  1. Elijah List – Intro
  2. In the Beginning
  3. First Impressions Crumble
  4. My Experience with Todd Bentley
  5. Dismantling the Wall
  6. Mortar in the Wall
  7. Wicked Roots
  8. Lack of Discernment has a Price
  9. The Next Generation
  10. My Way Home
  11. Post-Prophetic Rehab – How to Get Back on Track

For the Truth,

Kevin Kleint

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  1. Michael says:

    With all due respect, you are doing nothing here to advance Jesus’ kingdom at all. You are stopping the kingdom from growing at best, or making it shrink at worst. The attacks that you get from people are all because you are attacking ministers and you are causing hurt to their followers, so they are upset. You get what you give. The thing is, there is more to God than the bible. “There wouldn’t even be enough books in the whole world to write about all the miracles Jesus did.” it says in John. Kevin, you know the written word very good, but you don’t know the living Word Who is doing new things in this day and age. And you are missing out on all of it. Sir, if you spent your time on creating something to reach the people who don’t know Jesus at all, you would be very effective. You have a great spirit about you. Get to the root of the negativity and re-think your purpose and I believe God will do amazing things with you to reach those who don’t know Him. I can discern that you are a great man, very gifted, you just need a little bit of a shift to get you on the correct road. Praying for you, blessings.

    • The God of the Bible describes and defines Himself in His Word. As far as all the books that contain all that Jesus did … you bet! He did MANY miracles .. THAT is what would not fill the books. But His definition, character, etc are well spelled out in the existing Word of God.

      Now, you’ve probably been taught to base your relationship to God on whether or not you “think” you hear His Voice, or on whether or not you see any kind of outward signs. The Word says to Love God and to Know God IS to Obey all of His commandments (see 1 John 2:4, 3:2-4, 5:2-3).

      Now, either the Word is “right” …. or your teachers are “right.” With all due respect, I choose to believe the Word.

      To BUILD the Kingdom of God, it must be built on Truth, otherwise it’s not His Kingdom. And, as much as I would like to happily go through life hugging people, telling them how great they are and how much Jesus will look over their sin, the overwhelming influx of deception and lies does not afford me that luxury. A Kingdom based on lies and misdefined terms “positive and encouraging” as well is not His Kingdom.

      Thank you for the positive things that you are saying … but where you and I disagree is the definition of “positive” and/or “negative.” I’m going with what the Word says … you appear to be grasping at unity at the expense of Truth.

      As much as I LOVE the idea of reaching the Lost, I’m not going to introduce them to a compromised Gospel … which is what the majority of the “church” is teaching.


      • Understood. To each their own as they say….

      • You are mistaken. The bible does not define god the father. Your eyes could not see his image nor could your ears hear his name. The totality of existence and knowledge beyond your comprehension are but a breath to him. I don’t know if you are right about elijah list or not, but I know that you are greatly deceived on the strength of your knowledge. The bible was not created to attempt to define the father. The bible is a testimony of his love for us. We were given his son as the word and god as flesh to know. We were then given the Holy Spirit to lead and comfort us. We were never given the authority to define god or hold god accountable to a definition and this misconception is the root of much christian witchcraft. We can plea and pray, but we possess no authority over the creator of all to make him a debtor to our desires, commands or understanding. The fool says if god is all powerful why does he not stop death and sickness? God created the smith that blows the coals and the waster who lays to destroy and he does with them what he will. We don’t owe an apology or an explanation for the things our master does. We would be silly to think that we understand his full purpose in explaining his will and disrespectful to apologize for his will. We can give love and kindness to others. We are not called to have great knowledge and understanding of things, but a lust for this could be a stumbling block. We are best at loving and submitting to the father and all his glory and then loving each other.

        • You can leave God as “undefined” in your outlook …. go for it. And I side with you, to the extent that God will forever be “beyond my comprehension.” However, there is a “REASON” why He gave us His Word, and that is so we can KNOW HIM and RELATE TO HIM on this earth. If YOU want challenge that … be my guest … but I’m not going to entertain the idea. The Word may not contain everything there is to know about our Creator, but it gives us enough information that we CAN be confident in what it says about Him … that’s called Faith in His Word. And, yes, I am, and will continue to be, confident in that.

          To NOT have a foundation, or a “True North” in today’s society is a dangerous thing … that’s what the Elijah List (and the prophetic movement as a whole) are peddling. And that appears to be the mindset that you’re buying into. Do yourself a favor, friend, don’t be a victim of that.

  2. you are a fool. you completely miss the heart and call for the church. you and what you are doing are a small part of the reason people don’t want to be christians. publicly telling our family’s shortcomings is no way to get people to want to come into our family. love covers a multitude of sins. you will 100 percent regret this one day. this is not your calling. you are not the savior to save people from the church’s mistakes or a police man for jesus. this is pathetic. if you used your time ministering to people and trying to bring others into the kingdom, you would be heading toward destiny. wow man, this is one of the biggest mistakes of your life. you say, “no, i do this out of love.” doesn’t matter what you say, you will regret this. i promise you, that you will for sure, without a doubt, 100 percent wish you didn’t do this.

    • Thank you, Jesus.

    • Jeanne Theunissen says:

      Yes, God is Love, and it is His desire for all Christians to be one in Christ as Christ is one with the Father, but God is also holy and just.. When is the last time you heard a sermon calling for sinners to repent, or a sermon on hell? (By the way, Jesus talked about hell a LOT.) Most preachers these days are afraid of these topics for fear of “turning people off” or “offending” them, and therefore losing popularity.

      Here’s the analogy I always like to use; if you were standing on a highway, and saw a bridge collapse, would you run down the road trying to stop traffic so that the cars wouldn’t plunge into the river and see many people drown or die in the crash, or would you be too afraid of people getting angry at you and thinking you were a lunatic who was only trying to cause trouble and inconvenience?

      How many people today accept Christ as their saviour on the words of all these teachers because of their promises that God will solve all their problems, and make their lives all rosy in the WORLD’S terms? Probably quite a lot. But then, you don’t hear about the ones that fall away just as quickly because what they heard wasn’t the Truth; they still have financial problems, they still have relationship problems, and sometimes they get into even MORE problems because they’ve been told that if they give their money to these ministries, God will bless them. Then, when these “blessings” don’t materialise in the way they were told they would, they lose faith altogether.

      Jesus never promised that following Him would be easy; otherwise He wouldn’t have told us to “take up our cross daily.” The cross certainly is not a pleasant thing. He plainly told his disciples that the world would HATE them, because it hated HIM.. The only way you’re going to truly grow the Kingdom of God is to tell people the WHOLE truth right up front.

      Paul spent a lot of his time writing letters to churches that had allowed false teaching to creep in and correcting them. And he suffered plenty for it. He was thrown into prison, beaten, and finally executed. Are we to do any less?

      Beware of teachers whom the world loves, because if the world loves them, then they are really enemies of God.

    • Gary, are you prophecying or threatening?

  3. Thank you so much for publishing this, and for your website. I think it’s a very important ministry in this day and age. I used to subscribe to the Elijah list just to watch all the false, aberrant teachings in their “prophecies” because I know many people who have been fooled by this ministry. They eventually quit sending me their prophecies since I never bought any of the products they offered, I presume. Anyway, the lack of knowledge of scripture and theology once for all delivered to the saints is shocking. If it were not for ministries like yours to help people see error and develop discernment these false teachers would go unquestioned and that would be a tragedy. Thank again.

  4. Thank you for sharing your experience. It is sad the abuse of God’s love and holiness Only the Truth will set people free