My Last Defense – There is No Grudge!

Elijah List – My Defense

Kevin KleintI think I’m going to write this in a post, just one more time, and then refer people to it whenever I get accusations that I am holding a grudge against Steve Shultz and the Elijah List.

For the record:

I do not hold a grudge against Steve Shultz and the Elijah List.

In my 20’s, I used to write constantly. Blogging was pretty much non-existent in the 90s (to my knowledge), but I kept a pretty full journal. Soon after I started working for the Elijah List, I literally “froze up” (from a writing standpoint). My understanding of the scriptures was in a fog and I could not “put pen to paper” to save my life.

I believe it was God who allowed this to happen.

After I quit the Elijah List, it took 3 full years of healing of occur before God re-introduced my ability to write. It was actually quite miraculous. I believe that I reached a point where I put the bitterness and unforgiveness behind me. Once that happened, I sat down and wrote out the “My 7 Years Working for the Elijah List” series in a total of about 5 or 6 hours.

It just poured out of me.

What People Are Saying

The responses that I’ve receive usually fall into 2 categories:

  1. From the “Discernment” types:  They applaud my “bravery” and feel that I should have exposed more of what went on at the Elijah List. In fact, I got a couple emails accusing me of siding WITH them because I wouldn’t EXPOSE them more. Although I could have done so, I felt that I should exercise restraint and just stick with my personal experience. My Life in Christ consists of much more than just exposing error and, believe it or not, I would rather spend time discovering the things that draw me closer to Him.
  2. From the “Prophetic” types: They feel that I was too harsh and judgmental. To these types, I should have made every effort to just “show the ‘Love of God'”, even at the expense of the Truth. Basically, when it comes down to it, they are telling me “don’t challenge what makes me feel good”. What they don’t realize is the Love of God NEVER makes people feel good at the expense of His Truth.

I Love These People

You see, I genuinely love Steve Shultz and the people in the prophetic movement, but when deception is occurring, I cannot stay silent. If my writing comes off as sarcastic or hateful to anyone, it’s usually those who are neck-deep in this deception.

My Goal

The “Goal” of writing these types of posts is to push you, the reader, to DECIDE. I do this by showing you what the bible says and then compare it to what is going on in the prophetic movement. And, no … it is NOT in agreement.

My question to you is: “Will you follow the Word of God? Or will you follow what you are TOLD by those whom MAN has put in authority?”

The error of this movement begins with their basic definition of “prophecy”. This is the “Seed” of this deception. Prophecy was not meant to be “encouraging” in the sense that it is supposed to make your flesh feel good. Prophecy was meant to “encourage” and “exhort” you to repent and return to God! This definition is consistent THROUGHOUT Scripture, the Old Testament and the New Testament.

See the following articles for clarification:

From this defiled seed, you have a defiled tree …. and it’s defiled fruit is painfully evident. One need look no further than John Crowder, Todd Bentley and the other “offspring” of this movement to see this.

In Closing

So let me say it one more time:  I do not hold a grudge against Steve Shultz and the Elijah List. Nor am I trying to put Elijah List out of business. In fact, as long as people love to have their flesh stroked, I know that the Elijah List will remain a viable “ministry”/business entity.

At the same time, as long as the Elijah List (and other “prophetic” ministries) continue to put out deceptive and unscriptural “prophecies”, I will continue to address these errors (as I have time – there are just so many).

What I would rather have happen is that Steve (and the other “prophets”) repent of leading this generation astray, re-think their entire definition of “prophecy” and what it means to be a prophet of God, and walk in unity with the Word of God.

Believe me, nothing would make me happier than to see this happen.

For the Truth,

Kevin Kleint

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