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  1. Grace says

    How I am happy to come across this website.

    Today I have questioned my mentor on his beliefs (charismatic mentor, and I’m not even a charismatic!)
    I am told that I was wrong to interpret the bible that seeking the whole truth of God is what God wants from us

    It was wrong for me to interpret that the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of truth and therefore He will teach us the truth which is the Word of God in order that Jesus is glorified.

    And I was told that by keeping His commandments means I am not letting the Holy Spirit lives the perfect Christian life through me and that I have put myself under the bondage.

    I was told to look only to God’s love and it was wrong for me to think that there are more to God other than His love and He loves such as His holiness.

    When I tried to stand my ground in all this, I am told “let us (by us he meant it’s just me) humble ourselves and know that we (by we again just I) cannot interpret correctly by ourselves.

    And that was the end of it. I started to notice the pattern now. If it doesn’t come through him then it cannot be from God.

    Sign, I am currently developing a headache which if I told him he would say “you are letting your flesh controls you, you choke the Spirit!”

  2. Dianne says

    Apprec. your comment, Jane (and all on here). It is why I am so drawn towards more Anabaptist type groups lately … they live it, and encourage each other to walk worthy of the gospel. Did anyone answer my other post? I can’t seem to find it again! :o) Btw, I am not Anabaptist … just inquiring into it. But my husband is not interested so I don’t want to go ahead of him. So I just read and seek myself.

  3. Jane says

    I think the older we get and the more sanctified we get, the more we understand God’s commandments and how He meant them not for our evil (bonadage), but for our good (freedom). Then we actually wish we lived in such a place where all those commandments are gladly kept. I’m very weary of ‘the world’ and its ways and look forward to living with The Lord and all others who really love and value true righteousness.

  4. john the baptist the 2nd says

    Wow, a cartoon that expresses the truth maybe better than 10,000 words. So simple and so to the point. I wholeheartedly agree. Thanks Kevin

  5. Tom Mason says

    How can commandments that all hinge on Love God with all your heart and Love your neighbor be bondage? Is love bondage? No where in scripture are the Commandments, as given through the mediator Moses, described as bondage. God’s commandments are not bondage, they are freedom in that they free us from sin. Sin is bondage, and sin is breaking the Commandments. A form of bondage are the commandments of man, not the commandments of God. Jesus had many disputes with the Pharisee’s of His day regarding the commandments of man placing burdens hard to bare. Those who claim that God’s commandments are a burden or are legalistic when you follow them, I challenge to examine which ones are a burden. Is it a burden not to steal, murder, commit adultery, etc. Jesus kept them all perfectly and yet His burden was light…..