Leaving Babylon – Bert, Ernie and the Fragrance of Death


I know that the citizens of Babylon love to pervert things like marriage and kid shows, so I really wasn't surprised when I saw the latest cover of "The New Yorker." Still, I grew up watching Sesame Street, so I couldn't help but be a little ticked off. After an hour of my flesh succumbing to my never-ending inner monologue, God started talking to me. A Second Exodus? I … [Read more...]

Hell – Is It Your Destiny?


Hell - nobody thinks they'll end up there, and few want to even talk about it. But Hell is an Eternal Reality. I came upon this video a year and a half ago, and I think that it is even MORE valuable today than it was when I first saw it. After all, we're that much closer to the End. Listen to a true message from the Heart of the Father. I'll guarantee that you will … [Read more...]

Rodney Howard-Browne Pulls the “Blasphemy” Card


Rodney Howard-Browne wants to scare you into keeping your comments to yourself. According to the self-proclaimed "Holy Ghost Bartender", if you dare to challenge, or criticize, what is happening in his meetings (or other revivals), you automatically fall into a group of nonspiritual people who completely write off the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and "are in grave danger of … [Read more...]

Chastening and Brokenness – What If It’s God’s Fault?


When we go through the "low points" in our lives, we are often encouraged by our brothers and sisters to bind the devil, take authority over principalities and powers, and start naming and claiming the promises. These all have their time and place ... but have you ever thought that perhaps GOD might be behind these "seasons"? If hard times come (and they will), perhaps … [Read more...]

TheForeRunner777 – CNN Calls the Truth Evil!

Hey all! These videos are a wake up call for all of us! The closer that we get to the End, the possibility for persecution is going to grow. Count the Cost. Come Out from among them. Honor the King! … [Read more...]

Chinese Christians – A Lesson in Reverence


We North American christians really have no idea what it means to suffer for the Gospel. If we receive a dirty look from a co-worker, or are called derogatory names, or even if someone leaves a negative comment on our blog (pointing the finger at myself here) .... we believe we're being "persecuted." What a joke! You know, it's so easy to proclaim your undying … [Read more...]

Harlem Shake – Does It Belong in the Church?


I think that this was a really good video that showed both the roots of the "Harlem Shake" as well as the decline of the apostate church. But I am absolutely OPPOSED to the narrator's little plug for "catholic faith" and his "Holy Trinity" church. So, watch the video and glean what you can, it's worth your time. But make no mistake about it .. the Catholic church, and all of … [Read more...]

The Joel Osteen Hoax – How “True” Is It?


When one works in the area of web design and IT for over a decade, one can develop a bit of "overconfidence" when it comes to your run-of-the-mill internet scams and hoaxes. Well, yesterday's failure knocked me off my high horse when I sent out an email requesting insight into the latest hoax that stated that Joel Osteen had renounced his christian faith and was walking away … [Read more...]

The Leaven of Heaven vs. the Leaven of the Pharisees


Tonight, many people are celebrating Passover and purging their houses of leaven. But what is "leaven" symbolic of? The following video will more than likely challenge some of your doctrine, but you owe it to yourself to re-examine the what you have been taught ... especially if it is in opposition to Jesus' own Words. … [Read more...]

Super Bowl 2013 – Let the Idol Worship Commence!


Since today is Super Bowl 2013, I thought it would be good to re-release this post. Many people think I'm against sporting events, but that's simply not the case. I just think we have better things to do. Additionally, if we (the Church) prepared our hearts to worship and serve God in the same way we prepare our hearts for the Super Bowl .... perhaps the world would be a better … [Read more...]