Kenneth Copeland Caves to the Harlot Church

Kenneth Copeland

Many of you may not know, but I “cut my teeth” on listening to Kenneth Copeland and the other “Word of Faith” preachers. Wrong or right, they were the preachers and teachers who caused me to have a ravenous hunger for the Word of God. Ironically, it was that “ravenous hunger” FOR the Word of God that led me to spend a lot of time IN the Word of God, where I quickly found out that Kenneth Copeland and his ilk were absolute charlatans. [Read More]

Christian Celebrities Gone Bad – What Happened to Katy Perry?


Just like everything else that Hollywood is churning out these days, the 2014 Grammy Awards proved to be a repugnant display of hedonism and occultism. Promoted by the show-biz moguls and shamelessly executed by their puppets (the performers), this celebration of decadence achieved it’s not-so-veiled goal of reaching new “lows” with each passing year …. further blinding the minds of it’s viewers to the Truth. [Read More]

Phil Robertson’s “Anti-Gay” Comments Lead to Fallout with A&E


Well, “Duck Dynasty” fans, it was good while it lasted. It finally happened … the only series on TV that I consider worth watching, has fallen victim to pagan elite of the Hollywood industry and the voices of the special interest groups that influence them.

In an interview with GQ magazine, Phil Robertson made some controversial comments (that I personally found hilarious) regarding homosexuality and is now suspended “indefinitely” from the show. [Read More]