Halloween is from Hell – Here’s Why

I know that we live in America and the “societal norm” is to participate in Halloween and Christmas holidays. Should you participate in these holidays? Watch the videos below and make your decision. Remember, just because they were considered “harmless little holidays” when we were growing up doesn’t mean God said it was “OK”. [Read More]


Leaving Babylon – Bert, Ernie and the Fragrance of Death

I know that the citizens of Babylon love to pervert things like marriage and kid shows, so I really wasn’t surprised when I saw the latest cover of “The New Yorker.” Still, I grew up watching Sesame Street, so I couldn’t help but be a little ticked off. After an hour of my flesh succumbing to my never-ending inner monologue, God started talking to me. [Read More]


The Joel Osteen Hoax – How “True” Is It?

When one works in the area of web design and IT for over a decade, one can develop a bit of “overconfidence” when it comes to your run-of-the-mill internet scams and hoaxes. Well, yesterday’s failure knocked me off my high horse when I sent out an email requesting insight into the latest hoax that stated that Joel Osteen had renounced his christian faith and was walking away from the ministry. [Read More]


Video: Sunburned Part 2 – More Truth About Christmas, Easter and “the Church”

If you count yourself to be a Seeker of Truth (a Hearer and DOer of the Word), you will have to ask yourself many times (almost daily), “Could I Be Wrong? Are there certain aspects of my Walk with God that are out of line with His Word? Do I adhere to certain practices that may be popular with the church, but grieve the heart of God?” [Read More]


Video: Sunburned – Was Christ Ever In Christmas?

I know that many of you disagree with my views on the holidays. Hey … I get it, celebrating Christmas and Easter is a touchy subject. But, in Truth, it really doesn’t matter what either one of us think, it matters what God thinks …. Always. The lukewarm viewpoints and rationale of the modern church will NEVER trump the Absolute Truth of His Word. [Read More]

Daniel Hoskins

Daniel Hoskins – The Calibration Block

Soon after I left the Elijah List, God sent an old acquaintance across my path to help re-build my foundation in the Word. Daniel Paul Hoskins spoke the Word of God faithfully to me for a number of years, and my life has never been the same. As my mind was renewed to the Solid Truth of the Word of God, I soon realized just how deep the deception ran in those caught up in the Elijah List (and the “prophetic movement” in general). [Read More]