Challenging Status Quo Christianity

Over the past few weeks, the following verse has stood out to me more than any other verse in the Bible. It is one of the last verses of Revelation and should cause us to pause and take a good, long look at our lives … that is, if you truly want to make it to Heaven.

Revelation 22:14-15
“Blessed are those who do His commandments, that they may have the right to the tree of life, and may enter through the gates into the city. But outside are dogs and sorcerers and sexually immoral and murderers and idolaters, and whoever loves and practices a lie.”

It appears that there are a few things that will keep you out of heaven:

  • dogs
  • sorcerers
  • sexually immoral
  • murderers
  • idolators
  • whoever loves and practices a lie

I could write a sermon on each of the points above, but today I want to pay special attention to is the last point … whoever loves and practices a lie.

Do You Live a Lie?

If you look at the various translations of the bible, this is more than just the sin of “lying.” This part of verse 15 refers to those who both lie, practice a lie and love to have it that way. As we consider what it means to both lie, live a lie, and love a lie, we should be gripped by the Fear of God. How do we live? Are we transparent, or do we need to fool everyone?

Even more important than living transparently, what do we accept as Truth? Everything our pastor said? Everything we were taught growing up? Everything we were taught in church? Or do we deeply search His Word for ourselves?

Spoon Fed “Traces” of Truth

Many of us were taught “traces” of the Truth by good-hearted people who meant well, others were taught by those who trusted in their seminary degrees (don’t get me started). All of us, at one time or another, have probably incorporated somebody else’s “slant” on the scripture into our theology … it’s human nature to take the path of least resistance.

But friends, it is OUR responsibility to diligently search the scripture to find Truth for ourselves. We can no longer just accept what we have been taught by our parents, our churches and our leaders “at face value.” God will not accept “Well, my pastor said …” or “Well, my momma said …” when we stand before Him on that Day.

Additionally, God will look at those of us who have hidden behind the “well, it bore witness with my spirit” excuse and send us to hell as well (if our “witness” went against His Word). All eternity will know if we have lived and loved a lie … but by then it will be too late.

Questioning Status Quo “Christianity”

I’m writing all of this to you because, as of the last few months, I have studied some things out that have shaken my foundations. Not my fundamental belief in Jesus as the Messiah and the core values of what is commonly known as “christianity,” but my viewpoints as to how a believer’s life is to be lived out before God and the world. Trust me, because I live in the Last Days, the last thing I want to do is to be deceived into living a lie. What’s more, I feel a responsibility to “bring you along” on my journey.

I strongly feel that God has instructed me to write this blog, primarily to teach the Word, but also to do some research on church history, current belief systems within christian circles and to prove if they line up with the Word, or if they do not. No, this is not going to turn into another “heresy hunter” site, there are plenty of good (and bad) sites out there for that. But I am probably going to end up going after some pet doctrines that have been part of the western church for years, view them in light of church history and other data (translations, etc), and see if it all “adds up.”

This may cast me in a bad light to some people. It may even irritate and/or challenge you, depending on where you stand. But if we’re all ready to put aside our personal biases and opinions (of which I have PLENTY) and search out His Truth, perhaps we can gain some ground and move forward.

Isn’t it time for His Church to move forward?

The Need for Truth

This responsibility weighs very heavily on me and I cherish your prayers for me and my family. Things are going to get “kicked up a notch” in the world, and the need for Truth is greater than ever before. That said, I do not want to be guilty of adding to or taking away from His Word.

Revelation 22:18-19
“For I testify to everyone who hears the words of the prophecy of this book: If anyone adds to these things, God will add to him the plagues that are written in this book; and if anyone takes away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part from the Book of Life, from the holy city, and [from] the things which are written in this book.”

For more information on the purpose of this web site, you can read the “About Honor of Kings” page.

Additionally, if you know anyone who is tired of status quo “christianity” and may need to know that they are not alone, tell them about “Honor of Kings!”

When He returns, may we all be found in His Truth.

For the Truth,

Kevin Kleint

De-bunking a Salvation Myth – Killing Religious Cows

I want to kill a religious cow today and I hope you all like red meat (spiritually speaking, of course). These steaks tend to slide down nice and easy with a tall glass of Milk from the Word. But I also know that some of you may be turned off, content to stay in the comfortable, mediocre dream that we in North America like to call “christianity.”

Before we look at this cow, let’s ask ourselves some questions:

  • How many Americans claim to be “christians” and have absolutely no biblical morals at all?
  • When it comes to divorce, pornography, abortion and other “do nots,” why does the church find itself statistically equal to the world?
  • How many people who come forward in our “revival meetings” and say “the sinner’s prayer” actually stick around become mature, fruit-producing believers?
  • How many of them go right back into the world with absolutely no change whatsoever?

Are they truly saved?

Crying Myself to Sleep

When I was 5 years old, I said the sinner’s prayer for the first time and asked Jesus into my heart. I didn’t quite understand what I was doing, but hell didn’t seem like a fun place to spend eternity, so I picked the most obvious choice. At 12 years old, I was baptized in the Holy Spirit and spoke with other tongues. Things should have been “golden” from there on out, right? … Wrong.

From 15 to 21, I lived like a complete heathen from hell. Drinking, doing drugs, listening to heavy metal, being promiscuous … doing everything I could to gorge this flesh. You would think that I was happy, but I was actually quite miserable. I would party until the wee hours of the morning, then I would come home and listen to Keith Green, and just cry myself to sleep. Paul claimed to be the Worst of Sinners … I claim that I was the most pathetic of sinners.

That was over 20 years ago, but during that time … was I still “saved?”

A Moment in Time

Most christians narrow their “salvation experience” down to a certain event. It could have been an emotionally-fueled church service where they answered an altar call, walked down the aisle, got on their knees, said the “sinner’s prayer” and asked Jesus into their heart. Maybe it was a desperate situation where their life was in danger and they looked to heaven and said “Help!” It’s also possible that they could have simply prayed with someone and asked Jesus into their heart. However it came to pass, we can usually remember a specific time when we were “converted.”

While the words “convert” and “converted” are used in the Word, Jesus never talked about making converts, He talked about making “disciples.”

Matthew 28:19
“Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit”

Conversion implies a change of heart, and that’s a good thing, but if that was all that was needed to become part of the Kingdom, Jesus would have said, “Go make converts.” Jesus was talking to His disciples … men who left everything (jobs, businesses, even family) to follow and learn from Him. When He told them to “go make disciples,” do you think they were thinking “converts?”

Good Bye Cow

OK, let’s look at the cow. We’ve been raised to believe that, if we say “the sinner’s prayer” and “ask Jesus into our hearts,” then we are saved. This is not true.

No where in the Bible do you find the disciples praying with someone to ask Jesus into their hearts.

No where do you find someone saying “the sinner’s prayer,” filling out a “salvation card” and putting it in the offering pan to show that they are saved.

No where in the Bible is it recommended that you go to church on Sunday morning to be saved.

These man-made “techniques” will not save you. I’m not taking away from Jesus being the Way, the Truth and the Light. I’m not discrediting your salvation if you said the sinner’s prayer (I did too). What I’m saying is that saying a “magic mantra” or faithfully going to a building every Sunday is not a “free pass” into the Kingdom.

How then Shall I be Saved?

It’s really quite simple … Repent and follow Him.

To repent not only means to feel sorry for your sin, it also means to turn away from it and have nothing more to do with it. Not only does it mean to forsake your old sins and change how you act, to repent also means to change how you THINK and RELATE to the world around you! We accomplish this facet of repentance by renewing our mind according to His Word.

Romans 12:2
“And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.”

As your mind is being transformed (a process that will continue until you die), you will be faced with choices, changes and challenges that will, in essence, cause you to fulfill the second part of salvation … you will be following Him.

At any point during this process, it is your choice whether to walk away from your discipleship, or to obey.

Unfortunately, people walk away every day – many of them will walk away right after they say the sinner’s prayer. Both Judas and Peter walked away. Peter returned and became one of the greatest apostles ever known. Judas … well, let’s just say that He learned the Truth about “eternal security” the hard way.

I Wasn’t Saved

The hard Truth of the matter is that, if I would have died in my teenage years, I probably would have went to hell. I had great intentions, some might have said that I had a “heart for God,” but when the rubber met the road, I was an idolater and an addict who was moved by a beautiful song, but had no real intention of forsaking my idols.

Thank you Lord for your mercy. You see, He continues to call us … all of us. Right in the middle of our sin, He calls … and will continue to call. But there will come a time when He returns that the calling will stop, and we will be judged where we stand. In Romans 2:6, it says that He “will render to each one according to his deeds.”

Are we His disciples? Have we forsook all to follow Him?

It is where you stand on that Day, and in that Hour that will determine if you’re Saved.

For the Truth,

Kevin Kleint