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Keith Luker “declares” that Revival is coming to Arizona

OK folks, here’s a prophecy that sets a date for a major spiritual outpouring for the state of Arizona.

Keith Luker:
“I am going on record today to say that I believe that a mighty outpouring of the Holy Spirit is beginning in Maricopa, Arizona and will spread to the greater Phoenix area and all across Arizona by the end of this year.”


Now, in all fairness, I have to mention … it’s not supposed to be a “prophecy.” [Read More]


Scriptural Witness #9 – False Prophets Perform Miracles, Signs and Wonders (part 2)

The topic of “the supernatural (miracles, signs, wonders, etc.)” and it’s interaction in the life of a believer can be a confusing one. There are various theories, thought processes and numerous “lines in the sand” that exist. People always seem to “camp” on the verses that support their particular denominational (or non-denominational) conditioning, to the exclusion of all the other scriptures that appear to contradict their belief system.

To those few Bereans who are willing to take an honest look at the Word of God, giving equal value to all the scripture, this can create unanswered questions, or “loose ends,” in their theology.

Personally, I absolutely HATE to have “loose ends” in my theology. [Read More]

miracles signs and wonders

Scriptural Witness #9 – False Prophets Perform Miracles, Signs and Wonders (part 1)

The SAME GOD who wrote all the verses SUPPORTING supernatural interaction in the life of the believer also said that miracles, signs and wonders would be a sign of DECEPTION in the Last Days!

If God performs miracles through His servants, and yet the enemy’s servants are doing the exact same thing … how can we discern whether or not these miracles come from the Father?

It would appear that we have run into a problem. Is it God or the devil? [Read More]

Pope AntiChrist

Evangelicals are embracing the antiChrist

Forerunner777 has come up with more news from the evangelical camp.

Word of Faith preacher, Kenneth Copeland, is spearheading this deception in his evangelical circle, deceiving his followers into believing that we should all join with the “mother church.”

Ladies and gentlemen, beware of the teaching that we are to join forces with the Great Harlot. [Read More]

Pope Francis

Unity in Diversity and other lies by Pope Francis and the Charismatics

Be on the lookout for the phrase “Unity in Diversity”

This new catchphrase, allegedly created by pope Francis, is quickly becoming a rallying cry for the prophetic movement, the Word of Faith movement as well as other “streams” of the protestant church that are being sucked into the “One World – One Religion” web of deceit. [Read More]

Pope Meeting

Why is the Prophetic Movement Pandering to Pope Francis?

Because they can’t reconcile the scriptural, soon-coming Jewish Messiah/King with their man-made religious dogma (picture the blue eyed, buddy-Jesus with sheep under his arm), and because their own prophets and pastors have failed so miserably, they are grasping at at straws … desperately seeking anyone and anything that will bolster their failing paradigm. Such a people are ripe for deception. Enter Jesuit-Pope “Francis” – Jorge Mario Bergoglio. [Read More]

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Elijah List Supports Kim Clement’s “Pope Francis” Prophecy

The Elijah List’s endorsement of false prophet Kim Clement’s latest “word” about Pope Francis is crossing a HUGE line that ~ barring a miracle of God ~ they will not be able to turn back from. Once you become an advocate of someone who could very well be “The False Prophet” of Revelation (and by this, I mean the pope, not Kim Clement), you don’t have a leg to stand on, come Judgement Day. And it’s for this reason that I pray for Steve and Co. [Read More]

Kim Clement

Kim Clement says Pope Francis is God’s Chosen

OK, I need to interrupt the “Ten Distinguishing Marks of a False Prophet” series because this news is just too huge to ignore.

Initially, I was going to address an article from the Elijah List that was going to promote another “utterance” from Kim Clement. They do that quite frequently because, hey, Kim is probably the “hottest thing around” when it comes to modern day prophets. [Read More]

false prophet - wolf

Ten Distinguishing Marks of a False Prophet

The Bible says that false prophets would abound in the Last Days. But how can you tell the difference between True/False prophets? The Word gives the answer! [Read More]

Kenneth Copeland

Kenneth Copeland Caves to the Harlot Church

Many of you may not know, but I “cut my teeth” on listening to Kenneth Copeland and the other “Word of Faith” preachers. Wrong or right, they were the preachers and teachers who caused me to have a ravenous hunger for the Word of God. Ironically, it was that “ravenous hunger” FOR the Word of God that led me to spend a lot of time IN the Word of God, where I quickly found out that Kenneth Copeland and his ilk were absolute charlatans. [Read More]


Scriptural Proof that Bethel Church Is Harmful to You

There is quite a buzz on Facebook about a recent video clip from Eric Johnson, speaking at Bethel Church (ministry of false prophet Bill Johnson), where he preaches about embracing a doctrine straight out of the New Age handbook. [Read More]

Elijah List

Working for the Elijah List – My Testimony

Elijah List – A Hub of Deception Between the years 2001-2008, Kevin Kleint was the web master for the Elijah List, the largest distributor of false “prophecy” for the Prophetic Movement. During this time, he learned some very difficult, yet beneficial, lessons about God, the “prophetic movement” and life in general. What’s more, he witnessed […]