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Ten Distinguishing Marks of a False Prophet – Closing Thoughts

When you take scripturally incorrect definitions of terms like “prophet,” “prophecy,” and “prophesy” … mix them together with dispensational thinking, lies and demonically-inspired “supernatural encounters” … and present them to sincere people who desire an intimate relationship with God (albeit on their terms), you have a great recipe for a movement that will lead millions off the Paths of Righteousness. [Read More]


Scriptural Witness #10 – False prophets produce bad fruit (part 2)

In the prior post, we discussed the fruit of a True Prophet … restoration and blessing (grapes) as well as repentance and evidence of righteousness (figs). This is the “fruit” that should nourish those who seek out the ministry of a prophet.

Today, we will be discussing the bad fruit that people receive when they interact with a false prophet. This goes way beyond the “surface-level” idolatry, sexual immorality and greed that you see in today’s charismatic circles.

Like the grapes and figs, thorns and thistles have a much deeper meaning. [Read More]

Kim Clement

Kim Clement and the shame of Russia

OK, so a little over a year ago, Kim Clement prophesied that Russia would be brought to shame “…for I shall pull her pants down and reveal her nakedness and her weakness,” says the Lord.

“I have prepared the noose for Syria. There is a noose, and you know what I have said. Now is the time, and I will let a light shine on Israel and America and certain nations that have been weak, and Russia shall be brought to shame, for I shall pull her pants down and reveal her nakedness and her weakness,” says the Lord. (Date 09.09.2013) [Read More]


Scriptural Witness #10 – False prophets produce bad fruit (part 1)

For this last scriptural witness, I would like to dig deeper into a characteristic that I introduced in a post a couple of years ago ["False Prophets, Fruit and the Unwitting Wolf"].

Producing bad fruit may seem like a cut-and-dry concept to grasp. For one does not need to look very far to see the sexual immorality, error and greed that is rampant in the “Word of Faith” and “Prophetic” movements.

But there is WAY MORE to the concept of “bad fruit” than meets the eye. [Read More]


Keith Luker “declares” that Revival is coming to Arizona